Issei Sezaki – Another Story Review

2013-09-15 18.16.49

Warning: This review assumes that you have already read through Sezaki’s Main Story (or at least reached his 9th chapter).  If you have not, I suggest you stop reading here to avoid needless spoilers.  You have been warned.

Basic Story Premise: After Sezaki takes you home one day, you realize that you accidentally took his notebook (containing information of each of the patients he lost) with you.  You are torn between your desire for revenge and your feelings for Sezaki.  When Sezaki stumbles upon you at your mother’s grave, he realizes who you are and apologizes for his past mistake.  Because you are in love with him, you decide to forgive him and give up on getting revenge.  However, more difficulties lie ahead when the two of you try to pursue a relationship.  In the end, you can’t help but wonder… is Sezaki in a relationship with you because he truly cares for you?  Or is it just because he doesn’t want to hurt you since he still feels guilt over killing your mother?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the one CG after the jump.  No walk-through because there is only one ending in this story. 

Sezaki: Although he is still a very serious hero, you will be able to glimpse a slightly mellowed Sezaki in this story.  2013-09-15 18.21.10

And although he is usually careful with his emotions, you even get to see him lose control when it comes to his father. 2013-09-15 18.45.07(Glad to see you have your priorities straight, Sezaki!)

My Opinion: So were these 6 chapters worth spending $2.99 on?  Honestly… I’m not completely sure.  I did like how Voltage developed the relationship between the MC and Sezaki.  Instead of allowing them to be together and live happily ever after with superficial, fluffy problems here and there, Voltage gave them a realistic hurdle to overcome.  I also appreciated how the MC does not just try to cling to Sezaki like a weeping woman.  Instead, she examined the situation in a very mature, independent manner and made a strong choice for herself and Sezaki.

However, this is definitely not an action story or a comedy.  Similar to the main story, it is a serious story that relies on the internal, emotional dilemmas of the MC to push the story along.

So my verdict?  Well… if you like Sezaki and his main story, you will most likely enjoy this alternate story.  If you were disappointed/bored with his main story or you just thought that it was “okay”… you will probably be better off saving your money.

The Endings: There is only one, unfortunately.  And since there is only one, I really don’t want to give too many details away.  So I’m just going to leave you with this tidbit: Sezaki is able to figure out if his feelings for you are merely out of obligation or out of true love.

And here is the one CG attached to his Another Story:

2013-09-15 19.57.51


2 thoughts on “Issei Sezaki – Another Story Review

  1. Thank you for you review! Now I’m more curious about what is going to happen! Just a question~
    I think you saw the trailer of Kiss of Revenge right? Does the scene actually appear in the story or its only for the trailers?

  2. Ahh… I hate how poor I am (and how cautious I am with my money). I really want to play Issei’s route (I love angst ><). Thank you for your review!

    Otsukare sama deshita!

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