Junpei Miyashita – Another Story Review

2013-09-15 22.01.00(Junpei is as sweet as ever in his “Another Story.”)

Warning: This review assumes that you have already read through Junpei’s Main Story (or at least reached his 9th chapter).  If you have not, I suggest you stop reading here to avoid needless spoilers.  You have been warned.

Basic Story Premise: On the way home from the director’s party, Junpei confesses that he is still in love with you.  You realize that you love him too, and you can’t help but confess the real reason why you came back to town as a doctor.  Junpei takes your confession better than you expected, and he supports you when you confront the director.  Now that your quest for revenge is over, you should be relieved, right?  Wrong!  You are more confused than ever.  You try to move forward with your life and forget your vengeful past, but you’re suprised to see that you may be pushing Junpei away.  How will you start pulling your life back together?  And will you finally be able to show Junpei, the one man who has never stopped supporting and loving you, just how much he means to you?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because there is just one ending.

Junpei: Junpei continues to be sweet and kind in this alternate story.  2013-09-15 21.46.26

My Opinion: This story isn’t really about Junpei because he’s already perfect.  It’s actually about you, the MC.  You must figure out how to heal yourself from your angry past and try to come out as someone who is worthy of Junpei.  You struggle along the way, but Junpei is there to hold your hand (literally and figuratively).

Your struggle even leads to some amusing moments.  Like when you ask the other girls at the hospital for advice regarding men.  2013-09-15 21.39.31

Overall, this alternate story does make you laugh.  And Junpei will continue to charm you with his always-thoughtful and endearing ways.  It’s also nice to see the MC evolve as she becomes more friendly with her coworkers at the hospital.  2013-09-15 21.23.42 2013-09-15 21.23.47

So, is it worth spending $2.99 on?  Well, I didn’t regret my decision.  But I am a fan of Junpei.  If you are also a fan of his and don’t mind the fact that this story is mostly about the evolution of the MC, you will probably enjoy this story.

The Endings: There’s just one.  Since there is just one, I’m just going to give a small detail away.  The date you originally planned for Junpei does not happen the way that you originally planned it to.  But hey, this is Junpei we are talking about.  He doesn’t care about that as long as he gets to spend time with you.  Your date is still a success, and the two of you get to spend some extra special time together.

Which leads us straight to the one CG of the story. 2013-09-15 22.18.00


4 thoughts on “Junpei Miyashita – Another Story Review

  1. Hey.. I really love your reviews…thank you so much..i am so lazy to buy but am curious of each character’s story…arghh I love Junpei too he is adorable…anyway do you already play Metro PD? And can you do Chiaki from Our Two Bedroom Story?

    • Will add chiaki to my list! I have been meaning to play and review Metro PD, but whenever I get started I keep getting distracted and stopping partway. (The best way for me to do my reviews is to complete the stories in one shot and review it immediately after reading it. So when I stop I have to start over.). Which character should I start with for metro PD, do you think?

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