Prince Keith Alford – Princess Sequel Review

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(HAHAHA.  “Conceiving vacation”? Oh, Voltage, your desire to make your games PG and your resulting word choice can always make me laugh.)  

Basic Story Premise: Now that you and Prince Keith are married, the two of you try to settle in to life as newlyweds.  You struggle with things that normal couple have problems with: visiting the in-laws and debates over when to start having children.  You would love to have a family with Keith, but you can’t help but be a little wary because you have seen what happens to children when they are abandoned by their unprepared parents at the orphanage.  On top of those typical problems, the two of you must deal with problems that most other couples would never encounter: why is there a mysterious ship floating about in the ocean by Liberty? Do its inhabitants mean the country harm?  And why are there rumors about your involvement with the ship…?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump. walk-through is available over here.  

Keith: Your husband is as imperious and (unintentionally… most of the time at least) rude as ever.  Here is something he says to your mother while the two of you visit your parents. 2013-09-17 21.33.01But he’s also still got his sweet side as well.  After your rough visit with your parents, you spot some of his reading material…2013-09-17 21.46.07

My Opinion: The main themes of this Princess Sequel are children and family.  2013-09-17 23.27.35And since this story is about children, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to you that the Orphanage and Mike are back.  So hopefully you still remember the events of Keith’s Sequel and Second Sequel.  (Or at least have a vague memory of it.)2013-09-17 23.17.46Overall, I thought this Princess Sequel was… okay.  Not terrible, but definitely not one of my personal favorites.  And it didn’t really make me excited to read more Princess Sequels.  (And to offer you some context, I am a Keith fan.  So I would normally be biased positively in his favor.)  I even found myself tapping through several screens in a row without reading any text… before I realized I didn’t know what was going on and had to start the chapter over.  What was your opinion of this story?  Did you enjoy it more than I personally did?

There were a few moments of the story that made me blink dubiously.  Like when Keith says this to the MC…2013-09-17 23.08.49Excuuuse me?  Isn’t that what you wanted to do in your sequel?  And wasn’t the MC the one who said you shouldn’t be doing it?  Now you suddenly say that to me?  (Such inconsistent story writing!  Voltage should be ashamed!)

And then this moment:

2013-09-17 23.29.04There’s a couple of things wrong with this.  First, the fact that MC is even arguing with Keith about whether or not to have children.  Seriously?  He’s a Prince.  OF COURSE you will have to bear him children.  Why waste time arguing that point?  And second, the MC and Keith have switched roles here.  Instead of Keith losing his temper, flying off the handle, and saying ridiculous comments, MC is now doing it.  More inconsistency.  (Of course, people lose their tempers and act out every once in a while, even the levelheaded MC, but between the combination of both previously mentioned issues… This moment is just no good.)

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Happy and Good.  The Happy ending has an epilogue immediately afterwards.  Two endings are the same for about 65% of the chapters before they branch off.  During the Happy Ending, you get to see how the pirate ship issue is resolved with a big press conference and a visit to the orphanage.  (And the epilogue that follows is a very sweet, romantic chapter.)  During the Good Ending, the MC shares that it’s been several weeks since the pirate ship incident was resolved.  And the other princes come by to check up on you and Keith.

And there are 3 CGs total.  The third is embedded in the epilogue you read after reaching the happy ending. 2013-09-18 14.23.35 2013-09-18 14.23.39 2013-09-18 14.25.20


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