Prince Keith Alford – Princess Sequel Walkthrough

2013-09-17 23.12.40Walkthrough to reach Keith’s Happy Ending for the newly released Princess Sequel after the jump.  Review for the story can be found over here.  


  • No selections

Chapter 1

  • Are you telling the truth?
  • Keith

Chapter 2

  • A goodbye kiss?
  • This is my duty

Chapter 3

  • Accept
  • Stunned silence

Chapter 4

  • Kiss him on the lips
  • Get angry

Chapter 5

  • I’ll go with you
  • Just a little longer

Chapter 6

  • Okay, good luck with that
  • Offer to bring Luke dinner

Chapter 7

  • I can’t do that
  • Shake your head

Chapter 8

  • Observe him
  • Please, take me with you!

Chapter 9

  • I can’t agree to that
  • The princes on TV

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