Shion – Sequel Review

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Basic Story Premise: One day, your father informs you that you will be in charge of a Princess Summit with princesses from your ally countries in attendance.  It’s only been a couple of months since you’ve started your princess training; you can’t help but wonder if you’re for such a big responsibility.  During the summit, you meet 4 other princesses, and you realize that you still have a long way to go in order to match their level.  As the summit progresses, you notice that one of the princesses seems to go out of her way to be rude to you.  And… she also seems determined to steal Shion away from you as well.

Review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read when you finish the whole story once.  

Shion: If you are looking for the same lazy, insulting Shion from the Main Story, you may be disappointed.  Now that he is a man in love, his rude comments are less frequent.  And not as rude as they used to be.  For example, during one opportunity for an insult, this is all he has to say: 2013-09-20 09.03.15(What?  Can’t come up with an insult? Have the body snatchers taken my real Shion away? Keep in mind: Shion is referring to someone other than MC at this moment, so his love for her should not interfere with his ability to make smart-ass comments.)

Instead, the comments Shion will make in his Sequel are much more toned down.  And you will see more of his kind, tender, thoughtful side.  2013-09-20 08.59.39And as you interact with him, he will sigh.  A lot.  (I should have done a tally for Shion’s sighs in this story.  More than a dozen times, I would guestimate off the top of my head.) I guess looking after you is a full-time job.  Even if there are no more men in black trying to kill you.  (Only mean princesses who are out to steal your boyfriend.)2013-09-20 09.19.30

My Opinion: I thought this sequel was… all right.  It is definitely not my favorite and not the best sequel that Voltage has ever released.  The plot is very predictable and cliché — right down to the moment where Princess Sally offers you a wager: 2013-09-20 08.52.30(Oh, by the way.  This is Princess Sally, the villain opposing character in this story.  The other princesses aren’t important enough to get names or character sprites.)

The only moment that I could not predict was the cooking contest.  And that’s just because Voltage grasped at straws and threw in a bunch of random story elements, mixing them into one pot.  I mean…. how do you get from this suggestion:2013-09-20 10.11.31And then, two minutes later: decide to have a timed cooking competition that takes place in the forest and in the castle with the dish to be announced on the day of the contest? (I feel like I was reading a story about a cooking show.  Iron Chef, anyone?)

My other major complaint has to do with the ending.  I mean… really?  The MC waltzed up to Sally’s father (a King, let me remind you)… and basically accuses him of destroying all the agricultural land in their country.  (No seriously.  I’m not kidding or exaggerating.) 2013-09-20 10.27.03So let’s see.  I want you to pretend that you are Sally’s father.  A princess from a foreign country who has only been a princess for about 3 months decides to come to your castle and give you advice on how to run your country.  That’s like… having a toddler give you advice on how to be a good parent.  Weak story elements like this are okay in a story written for 5 year olds.  But for a story that is geared towards audiences older than 5 years and also costs $3.99?  Not acceptable.  (Even though this is yet another cliché story plot, Voltage could have gone with the “talk to the king and manipulate the conversation so that he thinks your suggestion is actually his own idea so that he goes along with it” idea instead.  That would have at least been less juvenile than the confrontation they decided to go with.)

Overall: Even though I enjoyed reading the interactions between Shion and the MC (and I am a huge Shion fan), the weak, predictable, and badly compiled plot really hurt my overall enjoyment of the story.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Happy and Good.  Both endings start with a visit to Sally’s country where you try to give her father advice on how to run his economy.  Obviously, that doesn’t go over well and you leave.  Later on at a party, you approach Sally’s father again about the issue.

In the Happy Ending: you are able to convince him this time.  And after the party, you have some romantic time with Shion.

In the Good Ending: the king his still indecisive about the matter until your own father steps in and helps convince him.  A few days later, a party is held to celebrate the stronger relationship between Sally’s country and Rapier.  At the party, you spend time with Sally and her father before slipping away to see Shion.  Unfortunately, you are interrupted by the other knights before the scene gets too romantic.

And there are 3 CGs2013-09-20 10.09.37 2013-09-20 10.09.50 2013-09-20 10.10.06


2 thoughts on “Shion – Sequel Review

  1. Thanks for the review. It will really help me determine if it’s one to add to my collection….I’m a HUGE Shion fan 🙂 His route so far has gotten the biggest emotional reaction from me thus far of all voltage games I’ve played. Still need to play Ken and Haku in this game, but so far Shion is the favorite.

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