Kiyoto Makimura – Sequel Review

2013-09-26 23.47.36(I hope you are not describing a new painting that you’re working on, Kiyoto…)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been one year since you’ve gotten divorced from Koichi.  You and Kyoto are doing well together, but you can’t help but wonder about what the future holds for the two of you (especially since everyone around you — coworkers, friends, parents, clients — seems to be talking about marriage for some reason).  Is Kyoto someone you see yourself with in the future? Or should you just focus on enjoying the time you spend with him now and not worry about tying yourself to him through marriage? And how will the relationship fare when you are suddenly faced with two obstacles: the sudden appearance of Risa, his first love, and your disapproving parents who will do everything they can to keep the two of you apart?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the one CG after the jump.  Walkthrough can be found by clicking here.  

Kiyoto: Kiyoto is now the ripe, old age of 21.  Sometimes he reminds me of Genji because they are both somewhat immature.  (Although, Kiyoto has a better excuse for being immature since he is 10 years younger than Genji.)  But what Kiyoto lacks in maturity, he makes up in stamina.  (In and out of the bedroom.)  2013-09-27 00.03.27(Kiyoto, I think you are turned on by just about everything.)

My Opinion: Like stated in the premise, this sequel resolves a couple of issues that are touched upon during Kiyoto’s Main Story.  First, his emotional attachment to his first love. And second, the confrontation with MC’s parents about their relationship.

Let me introduce you to your rival: 2013-09-26 23.22.06This is Risa Lisa Risa Lisa Risa.  Or is it Lisa.  Seriously, I’m confused about this lady’s name.  Voltage also seems to be confused because they can’t make up their mind about what to call her.  (Does it cost that much to find a proofreader to catch these little mistakes, Voltage?  I mean, an occasional typo I can deal with.  But name inconsistencies throughout the story?)

Anyway.  Risa is back in town to stir up Kiyoto’s emotions and to give you some bad advice about love and marriage.  And she’s not afraid to say some awkward stuff.  Refer to this gif. output_9CnZOu

On top of having to deal with Risa, you also have your father going around creating some drama.  2013-09-26 23.30.04I believe the phrase you are looking for is “boy toy.”  “Toy boy” just makes me think of Pinnochio.  And that line of thought can get creepy very quickly.

2013-09-26 23.30.49(Ah, yes.  That’s right.  Dishonor on your whole family.  Dishonor on you.  Dishonor on your cow.)

Okay, so humor and Disney references put aside, your father gets suffocatingly overprotective on you during this story.  I mean… he enforces an 8 pm curfew.  Let me remind you, you are 31 years old.  And he takes away your cell phone.

Overall, I did enjoy this sequel.  Maybe because there is a lot going on with the dual points of conflict.  There are some things that bothered me (like the inconsistency of Risa’s name and the unnecessarily dramatic reaction of MC’s father), but that’s okay.  It was interesting to see how Kiyoto evolved into a (slightly) more mature man who is determined to show others that his relationship with MC is serious and not just a momentary fling.  He does a few little things along the way that show you how much he values the relationship.  One example: during the Happy Ending, MC and Kiyoto look at rings in a jewelry store.  And apparently he already knows MC’s ring size, which hints at how long he has been thinking of proposing to MC.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Happy and Super Happy.  They are mostly similar and start with the art exhibit where Kiyoto is displaying two of his pieces.  Your parents show up to the exhibit just moments before it is supposed to close and, after viewing his pieces, realize that the two of you really do care for one another.  Kiyoto even informs your parents that he is determined to marry you and be able to provide for you as a proper husband.  During the Super Happy Ending, you and Kiyoto spend some time alone after the exhibit.  He paints you an engagement ring on your finger, and the two of you enjoy a busy night together.  In the morning, you wake up with a real ring on your finger.  During the Happy Ending, you ask Kiyoto if he meant what he said to your parents about marriage once the exhibit is over.  He responds by taking you to a jewelry store and buying you a ring on the spot.  Later, you go to the bar with Shohei and Akiko when Akiko realizes you are wearing a ring.  After some entertaining conversation (especially between Kiyoto who is working at the bar that night and Shohei, who looks a little disappointed that you are engaged), the four of you celebrate your new engagemement.

And here is the one CG of the story.  You’re wearing the painted ring from the Super Happy Ending.  2013-09-27 00.14.39


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