Kiyoto Makimura – Sequel Walkthrough

2013-09-27 00.09.45

(Am I the only one who finds this statement from Kiyoto ironic?  Especially considering his affinity for older women?)

Happy to say that Voltage has updated a story for the In Your Arms Tonight series.  Here is one way to reach the Super Happy Ending for Kiyoto’s sequel.  

Chapter 1

  • I’m too busy with work.
  • Well, maybe, but…

Chapter 2

  • Is it OK to just throw it away?
  • I can work.

Chapter 3

  • I was talking about that with my friend.
  • Not particularly…

Chapter 4

  • Yes.
  • Thank you.

Chapter 5

  • No, I’m not.
  • Forget about it.

Chapter 6

  • I won’t be struggling.
  • No, not really.

Chapter 7

  • I just get that feeling.
  • But the owner doesn’t know what to do?

Chapter 8

  • Because I know how she feels.
  • I didn’t want to worry them.

Chapter 9

  • I’m sorry about last time.
  • You think…?

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