Prince Roberto Button – Main Story Walkthrough – Normal Ending (Non-Gree)


Although I haven’t played through Roberto’s Main Story (yet), I decided to throw his Normal Ending walkthrough up on the blog.  The walkthrough is provided by a blog reader — Isabella.

If you want to take/repost the walkthrough, please give Isabella some credit and link back to my blog. It takes a lot of effort to figure out these normal endings.  Walkthrough available after the jump.  Enjoy! 

Chapter 1

  • If it pleases Your Highness
  • Why did you come to my house?

Chapter 2

  • But why?
  • Don’t asnwer

Chapter 3

  • I like him, but…
  • Be more aware that you’re a prince

Chapter 4

  • You really do have friends, don’t you?
  • Laugh it off

Chapter 5

  • Leave the area
  • You get along with plenty of people

Chapter 6

  • Pretend not to notice
  • Look at Prince Edward

Chapter 7

  • I already read it
  • Walk away

Chapter 8

  • You have to be responsible
  • Head back into the crowd

Chapter 9

  • Look at Alberto
  • I’m sure you will make her very happy

Chapter 10

  • Deny
  • Stay there and watch the match

Chapter 11

  • Pretend to sleep
  • Stay silent

Chapter 12

  • Leave the room
  • I didn’t think you were that kind of person

Chapter 13

  • Will your Majesty be attending as well?
  • Try to sit up

Chapter 14

  • Put the book down
  • Shall we run away together then?

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