Zain – Main Story Walkthrough – Normal Ending (Non-Gree)

IMG_0396Here is Zain’s Normal Ending Walkthrough.  I have managed to finish reading this one, and I hope to write up my review on the story soon because it is different from the other Be My Princess stories.

This walkthrough has been kindly provided by Isabella, a reader of my humble blog.  If you want to take/repost the walkthrough, please give Isabella some credit and link back to my blog. It takes a lot of effort to figure out these normal endings.  Walkthrough available after the jump.  Enjoy! 


  • Nobel Michel Castle

Chapter 1

  •  Would it be possible to stay at your castle?
  • Turn him down.

Chapter 2

  •  Work hard.
  • It isn’t Theo.

Chapter 3

  •  Embrace Zain.
  • Please don’t worry about it.

Chapter 4

  •  Don’t say anything.
  • Call Theo’s name.

Chapter 5

  •  No selections –> Theo Ending

Chapter 6

  •  Say the age I think he is.
  • Change the subject.

Chapter 7

  •  Quickly interject.
  • Ice cream.

Chapter 8

  •  About the man yesterday.
  • It’s fine.

Chapter 9

  •  Go with him.
  • A little…

Chapter 10

  •  No selections –> Theo Ending

Chapter 11

  • Will you come with me?
  • Nobody has seen them.

Chapter 12

  • Try to hug him.
  • You’re not going back?

Chapter 13

  • You won’t leave again, will you?
  • Don’t move.

Chapter 14

  •  Don’t force yourself to smile.
  • Speak for him.

Chapter 15

  • Normal Ending



4 thoughts on “Zain – Main Story Walkthrough – Normal Ending (Non-Gree)

    • All of the be my princess main stories have 3 possible endings. They vary per story and don’t necessarily mean you are with a different guy. Does that answer your question? I’m not sure if I am understanding what you are asking.

  1. hey 🙂
    will you kindly do Zain’s review someday in future? and i am just curious, why did you make a walkthrough for normal ending? is it because if you want to get closer and sweeter moment with Theo, you would choose normal ending instead? sorry for asking too much and yeah, i do agree with most of your opinions and thanks for reviewing :))

    • Hi, Ariel! Good question regarding the walkthrough, but it makes me feel old! Back in the day when BMP was first released, you had to progress through the story and have the correct (or all incorrect answers) to read each ending. (They have changed the interface of the game and now you can read all the endings just by selecting them.) The Good and Happy endings were super easy to achieve. But for some reason the Normal endings were extremely difficult. (I literally had to play some of the stories over 20 times through to try to get the right combination). That’s why I wrote the walkthrough for the Normal endings! (And some kind readers also helped me out with the answer combinations.)

      And about his review: I definitely want to review his story. I personally adore Zain. Unfortunately, his story is one of the ones that Voltage got a little sloppy (or lazy) on, so they didn’t quite give him the story he deserved. Oh well. His review is on my list; I just need to find the time to do a re-read of the story to get a refresh of what his story was like.

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