Haruki Tanemura – Main Story Review

2013-10-11 00.21.05(Say what now? You sure have a way with words.)

Basic Story Premise:  You’ve returned to your hometown after moving away 10 years ago.  You find yourself drawn to Haruki, the sweet boy from your childhood.  He helps you adjust to your new high school and even protects you from a few bullies.  (Although, the fact that you are being bullied is totally his fault because you end up being bullied by jealous girls who are his fans — think of Lute from the Knights series.)  You start falling in love with Haruki but feel conflicted because you do not want to ruin your friendship if he does not feel the same way about you.  And to make things more complicated, you start to notice that Ichigo, Haruki’s best friend, might like you.  Will you finally get the courage to tell Haru how you feel?  And what will you do about Ichigo?  Does Haru even reciprocate your feelings? All this and more in next week’s episode— Hold on.  This isn’t a tv show (although, this story definitely felt like an asian melodrama).

My review (with screenshots, some spoilers, and CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.

Haruki: Haru is the sweet, super smart boy from your past who always puts the needs of others before his own.

He’s also popular.  Really popular. 2013-10-10 23.30.50He is so popular that even his teachers fight over him… 2013-10-11 00.56.46Even animals love him. 2013-10-11 00.23.18…Now he’s starting to sound like a Disney Princess.  I would have thought that someone who is considered the “town’s idol” would have a more flashy personality, but I guess not in this case.

Overall, Haru is very likeable, especially because he is your typical “sweet, gentle, selfless” Voltage hero type.  However, if you prefer someone more Tsundere or mysterious, you may find him a little boring.

My Opinion: This is obviously the first story from Dreamy Days I have read (because it is the first and only story released thus far).  (If you want a general profile of the MC and each of the boys, go here.)  I liked the general idea of the story, and I like Haru (Who can dislike someone who is just that nice??).  I also like how Voltage shows memories of the MC and the boys when they were children in a few of separate chapters.


I had some issues with the story.  (And when I say story, I’m not talking about the characters.  I’m talking about the plot.  And the sloppy way it was put together by Voltage.)

The story utilizes major cliché plot points.  And brings up issues without resolving them.  Let’s take a closer look:

1. The Case of the Random Molester.  2013-10-11 08.48.37During the middle of the story, a molester decides to show up in town.  And yes, of course the MC is harassed by the molester when she just happens to be by herself.  In one of the specific areas of town where she was told the molester likes to creep around.  And yes, Haru comes just in the nick of time to rescue her.  And then the molester disappears for the rest of the story.  Vanished.  Gone.  (Sorry molester, we don’t need you around for the plot anymore; you’ve been fired.)

2. Throughout the first 10 or so chapters of the story, MC is emotionally bogged down by a career survey her advisor at school wants her to fill out.  She just doesn’t know what she wants to do after graduation, so she can’t fill it out.  Haru notices that she seems bothered about it.  The other boys seem bothered about it because they are worried about her.  Her advisor is bothered at school about it (so much that he gives her another copy of the survey and reminds her to fill it out.)  But then suddenly– any talk and pondering of the survey comes to a complete stop.  No more mention of said survey from the MC, the boys, or the advisor.  (Maybe the molester took it with him when he jumped town??  Since he was fired as a molester, maybe he was considering new career possibilities.)

3. Where are your parents?  While I’m reading this story, I’m scratching my head wondering why a high school student is living by herself above some random cafe.  There is no mention of her parents at all until one of the very last chapters, where Haru asks MC a question, and she quickly says they moved overseas so that’s why she moved back.  Really, Voltage?  It’s like they wrote the story, suddenly remembered that MC needs some parents, and then threw in a random situation at the end where Haru asks MC to tell him something about herself, and she randomly tells him that her parents are overseas.  The whole moment is finished in about 3 screens.  Also, it’s all very convenient that MC doesn’t have any parents around in this story.  If this MC was a 20-something year old, fine.  She doesn’t need to think or talk about her parents.  But she’s not.  She’s still a teenager.  Teenagers should have parents.  (Compare and contrast this no-parent-around situation to the MC’s situation in the In Your Arms Tonight series.  In that case, she’s a 30 year old woman with parents who give her a curfew.)

4. Cliché cliché cliché. Voltage utilizes the amnesia storyline to help move along their love story. 2013-10-11 09.01.17Yes, how convenient is that.  And it happens right after he tells MC that he likes her.  Come on, Voltage.  You can be more creative than that.  Especially since you’ve already used this tactic in some of your other stories.

Okay, there were a few other things, but I should probably stop my rant there.  /rant.

OverallThis is a romantic drama.  There are a couple moments of laughs.  But they are provided by the other boys.  Like in this gif.  output_7RXtyf
But I would not call this a comedy or an action-packed story.  I like the new set of boys that Voltage has released, but I think the plot for Haruki’s Main Story is lazily put together.

Endings: There are 2 available: Super Happy and Happy.  They are mostly the same: You are able to help Haru regain his memories.  You return to the cafe where everyone celebrates.  The main difference between the two endings is Ichigo.  During the Super Happy Ending, Ichigo gives you and Haru his blessing.  During the Happy Ending, Ichigo is not as ready to back down from the fight for your affection.  He leans over and steals a kiss on the cheek from you, and he and Haru start squabbling.

The CGs: 2013-10-11 09.21.09 2013-10-11 09.21.24 2013-10-11 09.21.40 2013-10-11 09.21.53 2013-10-11 09.22.11


9 thoughts on “Haruki Tanemura – Main Story Review

  1. Voltage has given me a really hopeless romantic life… And books.
    For, example, I have just finished Divergent a few days ago and this is me when I want to get my way:
    Me: Hi!
    Me: Wait no! Don’t go away!

    Yeah, but that’s just books.
    Me after finishing Voltage is another story:
    Friend: woah. Look at the new guy! He’s so hot!
    Me: not as hot as Kanji. Or Taketo. Or Takuto. Or Yamato. Or… Wait! Where are you going!

    Well. My life is basically BUILT up on Voltage games… But, it also gives me perspective on when someone likes who… They get all MC-ish. And believe me. It.Is.Annoying.

  2. Another thing that doesn’t make sense is in the prologue is when she is buying cakes for her landlord’s ‘children’. In the prologue she can’t remember how many children her landlord has and she mentions that five or six cakes will be enough. So, when she meets her landlord he’s a single man who owns a ‘cafe’ with no children… um yes that makes perfect sense! Considering after that there is no mention WHAT SO EVER after that.. seriously, they could of thought of a better reason for her to go into the cake shop.

    But anyway I really do like this app,

    Thanks Voltage and thanks Diora Leigh for your reviews, they are very helpful 🙂 x 😀

  3. MC lives where she lives because Johji is and old friend of her parents. And she all called him JJ when she was young. And her parents are in UK. Hope that clears some misunderstanding for why she lives above Black Ship!

  4. Your comment re the MC’s parents here reminded me of how the MC’s and Akiyoshi’s step/parents stop figuring in the story after the Prologue — the couple are only concerned about the people in the office finding out about their relationship. Although I’ve only read the Main Story and Epilogue.

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