The Boys of Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

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Because of the uniqueness of Voltage’s latest otome game, I thought I would post a general review about who the MC and the boys are to help you decide which stories (if any) you might be interested in.  Hope you find the post helpful. 

(Info Updated November 14, 2013)

The MC: You have returned to your hometown after leaving 10 years ago.  In the Main Stories, you are a sophomore in high school.  (I believe this is the youngest heroine Voltage has decided to utilize as of right now.)  I’m not sure of the exact age, but you are at least 17 years old.  (This surprised me a little because 17 year olds are usually in their 3rd or 4th year of high school in the US, not in their second year.)  You live by yourself on the second floor above Uncle Kunihiko Johji’s bar cafe.

Update: I am pretty sure MC is 17 years old and the equivalent of an 11th grader.

The rest of the MC’s personality/character?  Well, you’re already familiar with it if you’ve played any of Voltage’s other games.  You are a bit of a cry baby.  Even though you try to act tough.  You enjoy food.  You can be a bit of a klutz.  And you have a heart of gold.

Now onto the good stuff.  Let’s take a look at the men boys of Dreamy Days.

  • Haruki: The nice one who is always looking after others.  His nice personality reminds me of Shohei Aiba from In Your Arms Tonight.  But he has a lot of aggressive fans (reminds me of Lute from A Knight’s Devotion).  His tendency to put other people’s needs in front of his own needs because he wants to take care of people reminds me of Takao from My Forged Wedding.
  • Ryuzo: The one who is physically strong and a bit of a ditz.  Reminds me of Kenshi from Love Letter from Thief X.
  • Ichigo: The Tsundere.  Need I say more? Update: He is the rebellious, “badboy” of the group.
  • Takeshi: The quiet one who prefers to bury his nose in his reading or spend most of his time sleeping.  Reminds me of Shion from A Knight’s Devotion  and Shiki from 10 Days with My Devil.
  • Rihito: The artsy one (plays the piano) who is also a bit mysterious.  Sees things that other people don’t necessarily notice.  Not afraid to make random comments here and there.  Reminds me of Mirai from Seduced in the Sleepless City.  Also is the feminine one.  (MC thought he was a girl the whole time she was a child.)  Similar trait found in Sora (My Sweet Bodyguard) and Hiro (Love Letter from Thief X).
  • Johji: The older one.  Who owns a bar restaurant cafe.  Reminds me of Kunihiko (My Forged Wedding), Atsumu (Love Letter from Thief X).  I would say that he had the smallest role of all the boys in Haruki’s Main Story, so I don’t quite know his personality yet. Update: 10 years older than MC.  Loves to read books about history.

Note: These are the traits I have picked up from Haruki’s Main Story and Ichigo’s Main Story.  We will see how they choose to continue to develop each of the boys as they release more stories.  Some changes are to be expected.


10 thoughts on “The Boys of Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

  1. >>”Because of the uniqueness of Voltage’s latest otome game”

    Could you describe what is unique in the game for you? Don’t get me wrong – as of now this game is probably my favorite Voltage game of all times. I’m just wondering.

    • Hi, Emma!

      That’s a good question, because all Voltage apps are unique in their own way! (Which is a good thing because we don’t want the same stories over and over again!)

      I thought Dreamy Days was unique because the characters are the youngest ones that Voltage has created since they are just high school students. For those who are used to reading stories with older characters (IYAT, Kiss of Revenge, etc), it might be a little surprising to read from the perspective of a teenager.

      I also thought Dreamy days was unique because Voltage threw in some cute chapters that were designated just for childhood memories.


      • Oh, so that’s what you meant. Ok, thanks for your reply.
        BTW, I wanted to say thank you for your blog ^_^ I love spoilers and I’ve been looking for spoilerish reviews of the stories. I know I can view them on youtube, but it would take a lot of time. And though your blog isn’t that spoilerish, it’s still good to read your reviews to get at least an idea of what the story is about. So thank you! Keep it up 🙂

  2. The school system is a bit different in Japan is a bit different from U.S. since their high school only has 3 grade levels, so the MC is equivalent to a junior high school student in the U.S. Anyway, this game sounds really interesting!

  3. Hey I was wondering based on your experience playing this game….. What would be the best character to chose in terms of romance???
    Thanks 😉

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