Rein Isaka – Main Story Review

2013-10-11 12.06.13(Unfortunately for you, Rein is talking about Iori, your BFF, not you.)

Basic Story Premise: You ask for 10 more days to live because your best friend is getting soon, and the two of you promised to attend each other’s wedding ceremonies.  The demons bring you back to their house and explain that they will do their best to keep up their end of the bargain.  They also warn you to be careful of angels who may try to toast you before your 10 days are up.  While going out to lunch with Iori one day, a stranger, Rein, approaches you to ask you for about finding a good restaurant.  As you try to live your last few days as normally as you can, you find yourself running into Rein again and again.  Are these run-ins just a bunch of coincidences?  What happens when he figures out that you are actually a toastee?  And how will you handle the knowledge that he is an angel?  Is it wise for you to fall in love with an angel when you just have a few more days to live?

My review (with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs) after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once. 

Rein: If you’ve read the other Main Stories, you have a basic understanding of Rein’s character.  Sort of.  Well, actually, maybe not.  I feel like he is portrayed differently in some of his main stories.  For example, in Kakeru’s Main Story, he’s the villainous angel who is trying to toast you until he is won over by your love story.  And he has the ability to smell toastees.  In his own Main Story, Rein does not have that power.  In Haruhito’s Main Story, he is trying to look out for Haruhito and tries to manipulate you.

Because of all this prior knowledge of Rein, I was looking forward to see what Rein would be like in his own story.  But… I think I’m somewhat disappointed.  He’s not manipulative.  He doesn’t have a high-powered sniffing ability.  He is an angel on a mission, but he forgets about his mission very quickly once he starts feeling conflicted over the MC.  He is quirky, but not quirky enough to be funny on a consistent basis like Haruhito is.  He doesn’t say mean or rude things like Shiki or Satoru.  He isn’t bossy like Kakeru.  He is nice, but he’s not over the top nice.  His personality is just so… in the middle.  Nice, but not too nice.  Weird, but not too weird.  Nothing really stands out.  He might have been more memorable if Voltage had given him at least one trait that… just gave him more personality.  Something.  Anything.

2013-10-11 12.32.45(Rein even thinks similarly to Haruhito.  While Haruhito says fate is unchangeable, Rein is caught up with the nature being unchangeable.)

My Opinion: I can’t say that I hated this story.  But among all the 10 Days with my Devil Main Stories, it is probably my least favorite.  I had a hard time getting attached to Rein, which made it difficult for me to really get into the story.  Also, I felt like the plotline was too similar to Haruhito’s: the MC is Haruhito’s 10,000th soul– the last one he needs to become an angel again.  Both Rein and Haruhito have been looking forward to Haruhito becoming an angel again so that they can work together as partners.  2013-10-11 12.51.19If you’ve read Haruhito’s story, you are already aware of this storyline.  But instead of Haruhito now being conflicted, it is Rein.

Also, the story was not woven together as tightly as it should have been.  For example, during your 10 days with the demons, apparently all the demons become closer to you and genuinely regret having to toast you.  However, your interaction with the demons is actually very minimal.  Instead, Voltage just throws in a few screens of the MC thinking to herself “Oh, the boys were worried about me.  They really do care for me after all.”  And you, as the reader, are just supposed to assume that observation to be true.  If you are like me, you enjoy seeing and reading the actual interactions and conversations between the MC and each of the boys.  You don’t just want to have someone narrate to you “Over the past few days, you became closer to the boys.  The end.”

And the reason why the demons say that they can’t risk saving you, even though they have all come to think of you as a good friend?  Because if they make an exception once, they will have a hard time toasting future candidates.  Lame.  They’ve toasted thousands and thousands of humans.  Making an exception once will threaten their entire future of toasting?  I think not.

Two (little) things I did like from the story.

1. More angels.  2013-10-11 12.13.03Seiji and Tsubasa (from Satoru’s Main Story) make (brief) appearances.

And secondly, this is the closest that the MC gets to actually being toasted.  In all the other Main Stories, something happens to prevent the toasting process.  In Rein’s story, Kakeru has already separated the MC’s soul from her body when Rein swoops in and– Hold on.  I’ll stop there.  Don’t want to give everything away. (And if you are wondering why I like the part of the story where the MC is toasted, it’s not that I want the MC to be toasted.  It’s just that I liked to read about the process.  I’ve been curious about the whole thing ever since the first story was released.)

Overall: This is a lukewarm romantic drama.  A couple of moments made me laugh, but this story is definitely not a romantic comedy.  And it’s not action-packed either.  Here’s a gif of one of the moments that made me laugh: output_oYVNmg

The Endings: 2 are available: Super Happy and Happy.  They are the exact same for about 70% of the chapter and involve you waking up in Rein’s room where he explains that he was desperate to save you.  Before he can actually say that he loves you, Haruhito and the other angels walk in to tell you about the penalty for your failure to become toast.  In the Super Happy Ending, Haruhito is the only one who will be penalized.  The others finally leave and allow you and Rein to have some alone time to talk about your feelings and become more intimate.  In the Happy Ending, Haruhito and Rein both face a penalty.  I won’t say what it is, but don’t worry– It doesn’t involve death and it’s only temporary.  And then the others finally leave and allow you and Rein to be alone.

Here are the CGs:

2013-10-11 14.15.05 2013-10-11 14.15.15 2013-10-11 14.15.29 2013-10-11 14.15.47 2013-10-11 14.16.06


4 thoughts on “Rein Isaka – Main Story Review

  1. Ah, sorry for bothering you, but do you know if any other of the angels routes are coming out in English? I’m interested in the angels, but Rein just isn’t really my cup of tea. Again, sorry for asking!

  2. I can’t really get passed the accent either. Read a review saying how sweet are in is, but yours gave me a better idea of the story and his character so I think I’ll save my money on this. Thanks!

  3. I really like the dark brooding characters that slowly open up to you over time (but I don’t go as far as to like characters like Koichi from a night in your arms) I didn’t find much of that in 10 days with my devil I saw a little bit in kakeru but that was all do you have any characters or stories you would recommend?

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