Soichiro Irie – Main Story Review

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Basic Story Premise: Irie becomes your mentor as you settle into your role as a surgeon at the hospital.  It doesn’t take you long to realize that Irie is a man of power at the hospital: by gaining his trust you may be able to access the director for your revenge.  However, you quickly realize that you are no match for Irie’s shrewdness.  You can’t help but wonder… are you the one playing him?  Or is he actually the one playing you?  If only you weren’t developing feelings for Irie, maybe you would be a better match for his wits.  Will you be able to carry out your plan for revenge?  Or will you just become a pawn in Irie’s larger game?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump! No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story through once.

Irie: Irie has been at the hospital for more than a decade.  And although Sezaki is technically the next successor to be director, he does a lot of the work to run the hospital day-to-day.  He is smart, calculating, ambitious, and difficult to read.  2013-10-12 04.04.56As you try to fulfill your role as a surgeon, you occasionally butt heads with Irie because he seems to care more about attending conferences and upholding the image of the hospital than his patients.  2013-10-12 04.34.54As you dig deeper, you realize start to see a side of Irie that you did not expect him to have.

2013-10-12 04.57.03

My Opinion: Although I did not have super high expectations when I started this story (because I just couldn’t get attached to him in the other Main Stories that have already been released), I found myself really enjoying it the further I progressed.  Irie is a complicated man, and Voltage did a great job developing his character and history.  I think he is the most complex hero that Voltage has created (yet) for the Revenge series.  As you progress through the story, you can see through his actions and words that he is an ambitious, cunning individual. (It’s especially obvious when he manipulates you and even puts you briefly in danger.) And yet, when he is confronted with the MC’s passion, you can catch peeks of the idealistic doctor that he may have been when he originally started to work.

I also like how he breezes in and starts to outmaneuver the MC very early in the story.  I mean… come on.  For someone who has been thinking about and planning revenge every day for the past 12 years… the MC is TERRIBLE at it.  And I mean, embarrassingly terrible at it.  In all of the Main Stories, she is constantly almost getting caught and screwing up golden opportunities that happen to fall in her lap.  MC is smart enough to become a celebrated doctor at a young age but not smart enough to actually sneak around her own workplace and put together a decent plan to kill someone.

Oh well.

Overall: I definitely enjoyed reading this story although the moments of comedy and action are few.  The love story is developed slowly (which might frustrate some of you because they do not even share a kiss until the end of the story), but it is developed very well (compared to some of the rushed love stories developed in the Devil series).  I will leave you with one adorable and funny gif with Kyosuke in it.  (Can’t wait for his story to be released!) output_gXsuF1

The Endings: There are 2 available: Happy and Good.  They are the exact same for about 80% of the chapter.  The issue with the director is resolved, and you are happy with the outcome.  Until Sezaki tells you at work the next day that Irie has resigned from his position.  In the Happy Ending, you hunt Irie down in his hometown and convince him to come back to Tokyo.  In the Good Ending, Doctor Kowatari (the doctor from his hometown who inspired Irie to become a doctor when he was a child) convinces him to go back to Tokyo.  (Remember, this is a brief synopsis of what happens in the endings!  To get all the happy details, you will have to check them out for yourself!)

And let’s take a look at the CGs!

2013-10-12 06.01.08 2013-10-12 06.01.23 2013-10-12 06.01.39 2013-10-12 06.01.52 2013-10-12 06.02.12


3 thoughts on “Soichiro Irie – Main Story Review

  1. Just wanted to say that I really love reading your reviews! I always read every one even I’m not interested in the particular guy/story, just because your writing is really enjoyable and your screenshots with remarks are so funny. I wish you continue your work, you are definitely the best otome game blogger I have seen! 🙂

    • Wow! Thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy my writing. Even though I’ve been busier lately, I have no plans to stop reviewing. I hope to have a new review up soon!


  2. I’m totally excited about Kyosuke’s story too. Although I did become a bit impatient and played Sezaki ‘s route. Thanks for your reviews! They’re really entertaining and comprehensive =)

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