Soichiro Irie – Another Story Review

2013-10-24 22.55.51

Warning: This review assumes that you have already read through Irie’s Main Story (or at least reached his 9th chapter).  If you have not, I suggest you stop reading here to avoid needless spoilers.  You have been warned.

Basic Story Premise: When you are attacked at the party, Irie comes in and rescues you.  He apologizes for setting you up and explains that his desire to protect you is stronger than his original desire to use you for his own benefit.  After he confesses to having feelings for you, you realize that Irie is more important to you than your revenge.  The two of you start to date, but your brief moment of happiness is disturbed when you notice Irie starting to act strangely.  Then your coworkers share some hospital gossip with you: some people suspect that Irie has a secret wife or girlfriend.  No one knows for certain since he keeps his personal life hidden.  Could the gossip be right? Could Irie just be manipulating you again?  What secrets is Irie hiding from you?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the one CG after the jump. No walk-through because there is only one ending in this story.  

Irie: Irie explains that he originally wanted to move towards a position of power so that he could make positive changes for individuals in rural communities (like the small island where he was born).  However, over time he lost sight of his mission.2013-10-24 23.02.53

Luckily, he has you around to put him back in his place.

The Irie in this story is more romantic and affectionate than in his Main Story.  For example, in one scene the two of you are at work, sitting at your desks (which are right next to each other).  And you are working hard hardly working. 2013-10-24 23.12.20

Yep, you read that right.  You are sitting next to each other and bouncing emails back and forth.  Emails like this:
2013-10-24 23.12.29

That’s right.  Irie just said “Lol”.

(Am I the only one who has a hard time imagining the word, “lol” coming from Irie?)

My Opinion: This is an amusing addition to Irie’s storyline which allows you to see his softer side.  But there were definitely a few moments which made me pause and think, “Huh?”

2013-10-24 23.38.05

Like… why is the Director trying to arrange a marriage for Irie?  If I had a boss and he tried to arrange a marriage for me… well, I don’t even know how I’d react.  It’s just… bizarre.  This may be a cultural thing that I don’t quite understand.

And then there’s this moment where the MC is littering dramatically ending her quest for revenge by dumping her bottle of poison that she was going to use on the director. 2013-10-24 23.08.10(Wait, MC! Why are you trying to poison the ocean? What did those fish do to you?)

Oh, and sorry.  But one more “Huh” moment.  2013-10-24 23.31.48

After what felt like a successful date, Irie basically pushes you into a taxi and then waves as you are driven away.  You might be thinking, “So, what’s wrong with that?”

Well, if Irie was reading your body language correctly, he should have noticed that you were practically wearing a sign that screamed, “Invite me to your apartment so we can continue the date in your bedroom.”

But if you are hoping for a hot scene in the bedroom, you’re gonna have to wait.  Because Irie doesn’t let you into his bedroom until Chapter 6.

Overall: So were these 6 chapters worth spending $2.99 on?  This is another “I don’t know” decision.  If you like Irie and you want to see him being more affectionate, then maybe it would be work the money.  Be aware that the story is much more… light and superficial than the other Kiss of Revenge stories.  Both Issei and Junpei have Another Stories that are more serious and deal with heavy issues.  But Irie’s Another Story quickly wraps up the revenge storyline and then gives you a short, un-complicated issue to overcome.  Kind of like the simple, quick storylines that Voltage usually puts together for the Epilogues of their various stories.

The Endings: There’s only one, so I don’t want to give all the details away.  But basically you discover why Irie has been acting strangely (and the reason is kind of goofy, which matches the rest of the light-hearted storyline in his Another Story).  And then you finally get to spend the night in his apartment like you’ve wanted to all along.

And here’s his CG2013-10-24 23.51.47


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