Ichigo Sato – Main Story Review

2013-11-13 21.31.25(Well, that’s definitely not one I hear every day.  And why does everyone from Dreamy Days keep comparing MC to a pig? Refer to Haruki’s post here for another example.)

Basic Story Premise: As you adjust to life back in your hometown, you find yourself spending a lot of time at the Ichigo residence… especially after your room above the Cafe unexpectedly becomes uninhabitable, and Ichigo lets you stay with his family instead.  It doesn’t take long for you to notice the strained relationship Ichy has with his family.  He also seems dissatisfied with himself, his family’s shop, and your hometown.  What is the real reason behind Ichy’s unhappiness?  Will you be able to help bring some more laughter into his life?  As the two of you spend more and more time together, your relationship becomes unclear.  Will Ichigo ever be honest about how he feels about you?  Or will someone else swoop in and steal you from him…?

My review with screenshots, some spoilers, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through since both endings are available to read when you finish reading through the story once.  

Ichigo: Ichy tells you exactly what’s up the moment you step into his Main Story.  Refer to this gif for more info.  output_rSiGWQ

Ichigo is the “bad-ass rebel” of the group.  He occasionally skips school.  He’s popular with the girls.  He regularly tries to skip out on his duties for his parents’ shop.  He challenges the Vice Principal.

But (as we all predicted) he is actually a big softie on the inside who has difficulty being honest with his emotions.

Luckily, you are a stubborn MC who was never bothered by Ichy’s rude exterior.  Even as a little girl.  Here’s another gif for you. output_qFBcRQ(Ah yes.  His cake…)

And even though Ichigo is always surrounded by girls while at school, apparently you are quite popular with the ladies as well. 2013-11-13 20.10.14

My Opinion: I enjoyed this story because Ichigo is a cute hero.  Especially when he tries to deny having feelings for you. 2013-11-13 20.33.34(Yeah, seriously.  What was I thinking.)

This is a drama where the MC helps Ichigo rebuild his relationship with his father and become comfortable enough to reveal his love and skill for baking.  If you are looking for danger or action, you will be disappointed because the scariest thing Ichigo rescues you from his a hole in the floor.  There are funny moments because of the banter between characters, but I would not categorize this story as a comedy.  And if you are looking for a lot of hot and heavy romance, you may also be disappointed here because Voltage spends more time developing Ichigo’s character and story and less time on seductive romance between you and Ichy.

The plot does have a couple hiccups.  For example, imagine this situation: the floor in your upstairs bedroom is old, and there is a gaping hole where a bunch of heavy boxes used to be.  You try to walk carefully over to the doorway to get to a safe zone but hear a dangerous squeak when you shift your weight.  Johji and Ichigo are standing safely in the hallway, and they tell you not to move.

Now, what’s the logical next step and solution to this quandary?  I will give you a few seconds to think about it.

… … …

Ok.  Was your answer…to have Ichigo walk into your room (let me remind you, on unstable flooring), scoop you up, and take you into safety?

No?  Well, neither was mine.  (If the floor isn’t going to hold one person’s weight, how in the world is it going to hold two?)

Overall: As long as you are a fan of Ichigo’s and you are interested in knowing his backstory, you should enjoy this story.  It’s not perfect, but it is not as flawed as some other Voltage stories that I have read.

I did have a good time reading about all the references to Ichigo’s “cake”.  All the characters are obsessed with talking about the cake. 2013-11-13 20.54.08(Haha.  Sorry.  Inappropriate adult humor.  What can I say.  I find humor in my own chosen places if I have to.)

Oh wait.  Can’t help myself.  One more about his cake. 2013-11-13 21.22.00(I will stop now.)

The Endings: 2 are available, Super Happy and Happy.  Both endings start the exact same way and then branch off for about the last 30% of each of the chapters.  In the Super Happy, Ichigo shows up at the playground while you take shelter inside the Octopus slide.  You explain the misunderstanding, and the two of you reconcile just in time to see that the weather has cleared up enough for you to enjoy the meteor shower.  Underneath a shower of shooting stars, the two of you make new promises to one another.  In the Happy Ending, Ichigo shows up at the playground while you take shelter inside the Octopus slide.  Unfortunately, you’ve caught a fever from standing in the rain for too long, and Ichigo takes you home and nurses you back to health. Since you missed the meteor shower, he takes you on a date to Tokyo Tower where you can look out on the city lights.

And the CG’s:2013-11-13 21.58.53 2013-11-13 21.59.06 2013-11-13 21.59.20 2013-11-13 21.59.37 2013-11-13 21.59.57.


11 thoughts on “Ichigo Sato – Main Story Review

  1. Gaah, honestly I hate it. I mean the fact that he’s so straightforward in Haruka’s route and.. not so straightforward in his own. I was looking forward to his route because I hoped that finally there will be at least one guy who loves you and who’s not afraid to say that to your face. Like Sasuke from Ninja Love. I wish there were more characters like him. Because basically one of the reasons I’m playing these games is lack of romance IRL. I’m kind of tired of this thing – having to conquer the guy myself. Why can’t a guy be after the MC? It’s just my opinion, though. So, thanks for the review 🙂

    • You make a very good point. Ichy is MUCH more honest and upfront about his feelings in Haruki’s Main Story. Voltage likes to set up their stories so that the “great reveal” of the heroes feelings are always at the end. What do you think of Voltage sequels, which continue the story after the hero has declared their love?


      • BTW, Ichy kinda proposed to the MC in their childhood, so it’s a little strange to see him react the way he does. Show some love already -_-

        Don’t really know what to think of sequels. I’d like to see more romance, so to say. The heroes had already told each other their feelings, yet sequels are often about some major problems standing in the way. While I’d like to read something about their life together spiced with more romantic interactions. It shouldn’t necessarily be sex. I’m just talking about the quantity of sweet moments. In this way I’m looking forward to Satoru’s.. continuation of sequel. The sequel again was 70% about some major problems and 30% about love triangle. But I’d love to see what these 30% will lead to. It’s actually interesting. And I found simple Happy end more exciting. The MC stays obligated to that angel, and he implies that he will return. Anyway, I just want to read about romantic stuff and not to solve the problems on the way. It’s just me though.

  2. I don’t know. I had been waiting for Ichigo’s route and now it’s like I wasn’t even thinking right! The reason I wanted Ichigo’s route was because
    1) he (obviously) pretty cute
    2) I like a guy who’s straightforward

    In this route, I feel like Voltage completely changed his character.

  3. There voltage goes again, makes me fall for fake charaters :3 stuck in my own little world while staring at pictures of ichigo 😦 my life is a failure

      • you are right but I cant help my self to love and read them over and over again even I already finished it and I know they are not real but I cant help myself falling for them

  4. ….has anyone noticed how weird their hands are in certain voltage CG’s? Like, they’re abnormally long sometimes. I dunno, maybe it’s me

  5. *sigh* I don’t mean to complain but I think Ichy’s feelings were kind of obvious. I mean when they were on the boat and the MC asked him if he liked somebody he started rocking the boat to distract her and I was like “Wow could it be more obvious?’ The mc can be so dense sometimes.

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