Taketo Kanzaki – Season 1 Main Story Review

2013-11-20 21.47.22(Sorry, Taketo.  We may be at a petting zoo, but I’m not part of the exhibit.  At least not today.)

Basic Story Premise: You decide to sit next to Taketo on the bus.  Much to your embarrassment, Taketo flirts with you shamelessly from the very start of your school trip.  As you get to know him better, you start to notice that the cocky soccer star is actually a sensitive guy who may feel insecure when compared to his twin brother.  As your group continues on your school trip, Taketo manages to monopolize all your free time… and you don’t seem to mind.  What happens when you unintentionally capture the attention of his twin brother? Why is Taketo suddenly avoiding you?  Maybe the attraction that you thought was mutual between the two of you was not mutual after all…

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Taketo: Okay.  So before I jump into a description of Taketo.  I have to say that every time I read the name “Taketo” during the story, I kept thinking about Taquitos.  Yes, I know they aren’t pronounced the same way.  They don’t even originate from the same culture.  “Taketo” and taquitos really don’t have that much in common.  But when I read “Taketo” in my head, I keep wanting to say taquitos.  And then I feel kind of hungry.

Okay, time to get back on track.

Taquito Taketo is a confident jock who is also a bit of a playboy.  He likes to be the center of attention, and he has little regard for the rules that Mr. Shindo sets for your group during your trip.  After you sit next to him on the bus, he turns on the full power of his charm: he chases rabbits for you, he gives you souvenirs that other girls give him, he covers for you so that you don’t get in trouble, and he calls you stupid he pulls you away from the rest of the group for a random rendezvous.

But.  He has brother issues.

2013-11-20 22.20.19When Yasuto starts to notice you, Taketo backs off like a wounded puppy.  So much for Mr. Confident who goes after what he wants.

My Opinion: I definitely have mixed feelings about this Main Story.  And because I’m in a good mood, I will compile my complaints into a list for you.  (If you read my blog, you know how much I like to use lists!)

  1. There are many bugs/glitches/technical issues: Chapter 1 ends really abruptly after you give Taketo your handkerchief.  And there are times where parts of the story feel like they are totally missing (for those of you who have already read the story: what about the text messages that you and Taketo apparently were sending to each other one night? The chapter made it sound like you sent one and then went to bed.  During the next chapter, Taketo talks about the text conversation that kept him up at night.)  And one conversation toward the end of the story was not placed in the correct order (imagine listening to a play where the actors just read random lines whenever they want versus reading in the order of the script).  And then there are confusing moments like in this GIF.  output_MvGHMH
    In case you did not catch it because you don’t understand the context of the situation… Taketo never said anything (unless he literally said, “Exclamation mark! Exclamation mark!”).  So what the hell is the MC so happy about???
  2. The MC is dense.  One example: she runs off from the rest of the group because she wants to chase a rabbit at the petting zoo.  And then she suddenly finds herself in the Wild Animal Zone where wild lions roams free and humans are supposed to be in cars where they observe the animals safely.  WTH.  (I’m not sure if I want to categorize this issue as a “MC is being really stupid” or “Voltage is writing a really bad plot point.”)
  3. The MC is dense.  Again.  Mere hours after Taquito Taketo opens up his heart and explains that he is insecure when it comes to his brother, the MC finds herself in situations where she is spending personal time with Yasuto.  One time is forgivable.  But multiple instances?  Even after one of your good friends points out that you might be giving people the wrong idea because of how much fun you seem to be having with Yasuto? (Once again, is this “MC= stupid” or is this “Voltage writing=stupid”?)
  4. The looooong journey to love: In the Super Happy Ending, the MC confesses that she has loved Taketo “for so long now.” Hmm… let me check my calendar here really quickly. Ah, found it.  Let me take a look…  2013-11-21 23.56.16It’s been a whole 5 days.  On Day 1 we were complete strangers, but 4 days later sure can feel like an absolute eternity.

Overall: This story is a romantic high school drama.  You get to sneak out of your hotel room and into the boys’ room to play spin the bottle card games.  You get to pet rabbits.  You get to hang out with two of your girlfriends who have crushes on other guys from the group.  

This story reminded me a lot of Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, so if you like the stories from that app, you will most likely like this new app as well.  If you are a reader who prefers a slightly more mature MC perspective, you may find stories from this app to be rather juvenile.

Even though I do have my list of complaints, I can’t say that I hate this story.  (Although, I can’t say I love it either.)  I will say that I liked Taketo better in the first several chapters of the story than in the later chapters when he becomes less confident and more distant.  And I do wish that Voltage had cleaned up some of their technical errors because they definitely did take away from the flow of the story.

The Endings: 2 are available: Super Happy and Happy.  One very good thing about this Main Story is that both endings are completely different (Voltage does not create different endings very often).  During the Super Happy Ending, the students are given free time until midnight.  Taketo asks to speak with you, and the two of you sneak out of the hotel and go to a mountaintop with a gorgeous view.  Once you arrive, he asks you about what is going on between you and his brother and confesses his feelings for you.  During the Happy Ending, you suffer through an awkward dinner because Taketo and Yasuto are in the middle of a fight.  You try to talk to Taketo about your feelings, but he initially brushes you off before coming back to own up to his own feelings.

And here are his CGs!

2013-11-20 23.25.02 2013-11-20 23.25.15 2013-11-20 23.25.302013-11-20 23.25.44 2013-11-20 23.36.00


8 thoughts on “Taketo Kanzaki – Season 1 Main Story Review

  1. Haha I just finished playing this (and the sequel) and I have to pretty much agree with everything you said on the review, but to clear you up on the text message situation: At the start of the game you are given the option to enter your email address so that the characters (mainly your prime love interest) can send you messages. If you entered yours, you would get an email from the character random times throughout the story (nothing really important though). It was one of those emails taketo was referring to, where he had written “We’re gonna get hype tonight!” Or something along those lines. Sorry if that took so long to explain, just wanted to clear that up 🙂

    • Oh, I see! I always forget to check my email since I just want to play the story through without having to bounce back and forth between my email and the game. I should get better about checking the emails though. Some of them are super cute and funny.

  2. You should make a review for Homare! I love the way you speak out and the comedy skit you add to your reviews hahahaha. This one about Taquitos.. ehem! I mean Taketo, sure had me going hahaha.

  3. I start the game just now …. but we must necessarily pay to continue after the first chapter ..?. Because I love history especially Taketo but my parents never pay for me to continue ….
    I eagerly await your response!

    • Yes, unfortunately. voltage is running a business and if you want more of their stories, you have to pay. 4 dollars does seem steep, but if you can negotiate with your parents, there are times when Voltage has sales on their stories. Watch the announcements on their Facebook page. And they do have free versions of a few of their games: Gree be my princess, gree celebrity darling, and gree… I forget what the exact title is but the bodyguard stories. Hope you find this info helpful!

  4. Hey Diora

    I just finished this story and I just want to comment about what you said about “exclamation mark! Exclamation mark!” from Taketo. Basically what MC was happy about wasn’t because Taketo went “!!”, it’s because she was happy about what he said before that, where he told Yasuto that he can’t give MC to him.

    Just letting you know, but the GIF you put up there was pretty funny.. 🙂

  5. I played Taketo and Kanji storylines, and I think there is absolutely no better choice for the MC than Taketo. I wish theyd given us Shindy in the US version.

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