The Boys of Class Trip Crush

2013-11-20 23.25.30(Image grabbed from one of Taketo’s Main Story CGs.)

Seeing as how many people enjoyed the simple review I did for The Boys of Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, I decided to put another one together for Voltage’s latest otome app, Class Trip Crush.  Continue reading for a general review of what is happening in the story, and a brief description of each guy to help you choose which stories you want to read!  As I read and put up reviews for each of the individual stories, I will link them to this post.  And let’s get started! 

General Background: You are a high school student from an all girl’s school, and it’s time for a multi-day school trip where you get to tour various sites around Japan.  You arrive at the arranged meeting place when you are surprised by the presence of boys.  Hot boys.  For some reason, the administrators decided it would be a good idea to group students from a girls’ school and a boys’ school together during an overnight trip.  (Perhaps the administrators were drunk when they made this decision.  Or maybe it’s a cultural thing.  I think most adults in the US would prefer not to group hormonal teenagers together for an overnight trip if they had a choice.) You and two of your friends are grouped together with a 5 attractive boys.  And if high school boys aren’t your thing, there’s a hot teacher who is supposed to supervise you.

One unique quality I noticed right away about Class Trip Crush is the word choice.  Voltage must have picked up a new writer to help out with the English  translation in this app.  If you have played Voltage’s other games, you may have noticed that the word choice has a different style in this app.  The words the characters use are much more Westernized.

You will encounter characters saying things like:

– “totes” (for those not as familiar with American slang, that’s a shortened version of the word “totally”)
– “Sup” (shortened, more hip version of saying “what’s up”)
– “bro”
– “no biggie”
– “sausage fest” (if you don’t know this one, you’ll have to google it on your own.  I won’t get into it here.  🙂 )

The characters in this app run on the younger end of the spectrum (high school students versus adults in their 20s), so I suppose the language isn’t totally out of character.  But it makes me laugh when the characters throw Westernized terminology around during conversation in one minute, and then pull out a handkerchief in the next minute when someone cries.  I don’t know many high school students in this part of the world who carry around handkerchiefs.

Anywhoo.  Let’s meet the cast!

The MC: She is your typical Voltage hero.  Crybaby, knows her way around the kitchen, heart of gold, etc.  In this app, I feel like the MC is a little bit more dense than usual.  But, that can be because she is a sheltered high school student who goes to an all girls school and does not get out very often.

(Oh, and quick side note.  Knowledge about the characters is based on the prologue and off the only Main Story I have read so far, Taketo Kanzaki.  I will update information here as necessary as I progress through the other characters.)

Taketo Kanzaki: The older twin brother.  He is a star soccer athlete who isn’t afraid of getting into mischief.  He is very confident and popular with the ladies.  (At this point of the description, I can be writing about Genji from In Your Arms Tonight.  Except for the twin part.)  If you select his Main Story, you learn that he is actually sensitive on the inside.  And his weak spot is his brother (yes, he has a brother complex).  (Review for his Main Story should be up in the next 24 hours or so.)

Yasuto Kanzaki: The younger twin brother.  Also a star athlete, but his sport of choice is baseball.  Apparently has fan club.  He is rather goofy and almost childlike because of his tendency to have his head in the clouds.  In the prologue, it seems like Taketo is the brother who doesn’t pay attention to things (like when he hit you with his soccer ball but didn’t even notice).  However, in Taketo’s Main Story, Yasu is definitely the one who doesn’t pay attention to details while Taketo is the one who notices things.  We’ll see how he is in the other Main Stories.

Kanji Okumiya: The class clown (reminded me of Yuta from My Forged Wedding).  And extremely flirty (reminded me of Sora from My Sweet Bodyguard).

Homare Midorikawa: The quiet, smart one.  Enjoys learning.  Uses big words in conversations which tends to flabbergast the MC.  Initially appears cold because of his disinterest in socializing, but appears to be very kind.

Nagisa Ichinose: The celebrity.  I guess even celebrities want to go on overnight school trips sometimes.  And he gets to bring his film crew with him.  Can’t say much about his personality yet because he is the most underdeveloped character of the group in the on main story I have read so far.

Hajime Shindo: Okay, I know he is not one of the available characters.  At the moment.  But come on, are we going to be surprised if Voltage adds him in a later season?  (Probably once the MC is no longer underage jailbait.)  Hajime fills the role of the older male option for the MC.  Appears to have a few awkward tendencies, but they are endearing.  (Reminds me a bit of Shohei from In You Arms Tonight.)

And that’s the cast!  What do you think?  Have you already read some of the stories?  Which ones did you go with?


10 thoughts on “The Boys of Class Trip Crush

    • Rihito’s hot in Season 2 :3. I just think it’s stupid how the MC thought he was initially a girl XD She must’ve been blind to think that.

  1. I really hope Shindo does eventually make it as an option. He’s so cute! I couldn’t stop giggling at how awkward and adorable he was even while I played the other stories!

  2. I want to play shindo so bad! I hope they add him soon! I mean they have Johji for Dreamy Days so the age dofference shouldn’t be that much of a difference! And I must admit playing the teacher route would be so damn fun haha

  3. I played all of the available ones so far and I really loved Homare. I’m eagerly anticipating his sequel release. In the meantime I’m playing Kanji’s sequel. All the characters are interesting, though in my opinion there are some things where I’ve rolled my eyes. Such as in Homare’s storyline in the beginning when he is cold to the MC she thinks “He’s so mean, but he is so hot” to that effect. As if being attractive were a redeeming quality in someone who was rude and mean.

    Though I do like that he is a sweetheart. Not crazy about his serious problem with jealousy. But personally, I think Homare is the most interesting and endearing… though the MC being portrayed as kind of ditzy compared to him annoyed me. However, I found myself laughing a lot with Homare’s storyline and how he often teased the MC. There were times my jaw dropped with a smile at some of the things he said.

    Yasuto was another favorite of mine. He is incredibly sweet, though the constant focus on baseball kind of bored me. Especially since there is a huge focus on it in the sequel… I felt more like I was getting a sports lesson than actually romancing Yasuto. Though he is a major sweetie. I look forward to reading his story in future seasons.

    Kanji I didn’t like at first when I played his main story. I thought he was suspicious, even though I like the funny guys. Things he did irritated me. But by the end I thought he was actually nice. I have actually really been enjoying his sequel story thus far. Its kept me interested and wanting to read more. In fact, as I write this from my work computer I am eagerly anticipating the moment I can get wifi again so I can play it.

  4. I love Class Trip Crush, Dreamy Days in West Tokyo and Our Two Bedroom Story, but I have taken a preference for CTC and DDIWT just because they’re closer to my age. Taketo and Ichigo’s resemblance is unbelievable but I have to say Taketo and Yasuto don’t look like twins at all. I understand they need variety, but could they at least have the same hair color :P? Ichigo and Taketo should be twins instead 😛 The baker and the athlete XD. Homare totally reminds me of Kaoru and Takeshi too, but he’s the least favorable of the three. I love Kaoru and Takeshi :3. Kaoru’s so adorable! Omg sorry I love all of these and it’s hard to find a place where I can talk about all of the characters.

  5. Oops. Forgot to say my thoughts on each of them. Okay, so I did all of the main stories for all five characters. I loved Taketo’s. He’s not like Minato, who does tease a lot like Taketo, but you can tell Taketo has a soft side. Minato’s just a big meanie in general 😛 . I also love dat smile ❤ As for Yasuto, I think he's a total sweetheart!! He's so cute but the stories put way too much emphasis on baseball. I love Yasuto so much but the baseball thing is kind of upsetting me. As for Homare, the stories could be better. I did expect he'd get romantic at some point, but when the romantic part came when he confessed his feelings, it didn't stick with me. It wasn't as good as I was expecting. Homare's just kind of boring. His sarcasm is amusing at first, but it gradually wears thin, especially considering he's a stuck-up snob 😛 Anyways, for Nagisa, I always thought he was cute and sweet to start with. Mysterious doesn't describe him well. I got a hippie sort of vibe from him how he's all down to earth and loves animals like people. Poor guy. He was sweet, but better as a friend. Finally, for Kanji, I thought he was adorable and fun at first, then I got sick of his playboy act, then I thought he was cute again, but not as much as I initially did. Kanji's one of those people whose super fun, but they're just a jokester when it comes to relationships. He's constantly flirting, so you can't really tell when he's being earnest. It doesn't stick. Only Yasuto's and Homare's have to deal with storyline issues, but the others are just personal preference. I really want a Shindo choice for the US!! I don't speak no Japanese 😛 He's so cute when he gets burned XD

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