Ren Shibasaki – Main Story Review


Hello, readers!  I apologize for my lack of recent posts!  Life has gotten busy. I haven’t been neglecting my blog or my otome games though; I’m just super behind: I have unfinished blog posts for Ryuzo (Dreamy Days), Goto (Bodyguard), Takeshi (Dreamy Days), and Megaru (Devil).  And I’m keeping an eye on the new app Voltage is releasing this month.

Anyway, enough of that!  On to my review for Ren, per reader request!

2014-01-10 02.20.05(…Woaaah.  Ren, I think you’ve been spending way too much time with Saeki.)

Basic Story Premise: You agree to live with Ren when Uncle Kuni dangles the promise of future job interviews over your head.  Just as you start to accept the idea of moving in with a stranger, Ren surprises you: not only are you to be roommates… you are to pretend to be engaged to each other.  And just as you start to accept the idea of a fake engagement, you learn that Ren isn’t just your typical gorgeous, blonde, intelligent researcher.  No, he’s actually your typical gorgeous, blonde, intelligent researcher who also happens to be a prince.  And Ren’s butler?  Well, he decides to fly to Japan and move into the room next door.  Yikes.  How long will you and Ren be able to keep up the charade, especially after his parents invite you to their country? And what happens when you eventually realize that the feelings you are pretending to have for Ren may, in fact, be real?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Ren: Well, let’s see.  What can I say about Ren?  Ren is the quiet, sweet one of the group.  At the beginning, a lot of your conversations will consist of this: 2014-01-06 00.17.15But as you get to know him, you realize that his expressions and mannerisms can tell you how he feels even if he does not use words to vocalize it.

When he does vocalize things, he seems almost childlike.  Like in the encounter in this gif: output_qQ4vdM


Ren is also a bit… different from your typical male.  When he speaks to the MC, he isn’t afraid to get right in her face, which flusters her.  And a lot of words that come out of his mouth surprise the MC.  Here’s another gif for you.  output_XhlPxf

Overall: Ren’s story is a sweet, romantic drama.  The story/plot itself isn’t super remarkable: it’s a mashup of My Forged Wedding meets Be My Princess.  However, what makes this story unique is Ren himself.  He has qualities that make him stand out from most other Voltage characters.  (As opposed to the personalities that Voltage always repeats in all of their apps: the older male or the mean, sarcastic hero or the arrogant know it all or the smooth talking womanizer, etc.)  Ren is endearingly innocent and childishly honest.  And a little quirky.  For example, he can fall asleep with his eyes open.  And while standing.  And while walking (short) distances.  

While reading, I only found one major moment in the story where I had a WTF moment.  And it was when the little boy leads MC into Ren’s castle.  2014-01-11 01.42.54Why does a random little boy (who Voltage points out as someone who is rather poor and raggedy) know a secret route to sneak into the castle?  (Clearly, Ren’s parents need to hire better security.) And how does he know which room out of the many rooms available is Ren’s?  (Ren, you may have a stalker.)

My Opinion: If you want to read a sweet romance with an adorable and kind hero, you may want to check out this story.  If you’re looking for a hero who has a louder/meaner/bossier/cockier personality, you will want to look elsewhere.  Personally, I like my males with a little more of the “bad” element in them.  But I still find Ren very likable.

Also, the story itself is a straight up drama.  If you prefer action or comedy, you may be disappointed with this plot line.

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Super Happy and Happy.  I would say that the endings are about 75% the exact same: MC is able to return to Ren’s country, give him a prototype of his drug, and confess her feelings.  After Ren’s parents forgive Ren and MC, they return to Japan.  During the Super Happy Ending, Ren and MC are able to spend some time together on the plane ride back.  Lots of cuddling and Ren-cuteness ensues.  During the Happy Ending, Ren and MC are in a car being taken to the airport.  When Ren tries to kiss MC, Daniel (the butler) keeps interrupting.

And here are his CGs!

2014-01-11 01.33.34 2014-01-11 01.33.46 2014-01-11 01.34.00 2014-01-11 01.34.11 2014-01-11 01.34.21 2014-01-11 01.34.42


2 thoughts on “Ren Shibasaki – Main Story Review

  1. I agree with the part about Ren himself making the story unique and lovable. My favourite Voltage guy to date! ❤

  2. (There are lots of “…” dialogues, there are also “……………….”, like every.time)
    I had the same WTF moment… That boy must be a stalker, or a potential spy… (but he wants to be a doctor…)
    I agree that Ren makes this story special. He is a man of few words (or nearly no words or expressions, or too-logical questions), but he shows his feelings through actions. I actually was really touched when he kissed the MC on the nape of her neck, that is the climax, when he stays at home to take care of her regardless of something else important and the Super Happy Ending. I feel 3 words “I love you” here somehow more special than many other Voltage stories (for example I feel those words in Class trip crush are very rushing and… because of that it was made nearly empty – The app that I have the feeling of those 3 words being meaningful and special is Kiss of Revenge).
    Again, I love his story the most (with Kyochi’s at the same rank) in My forged wedding 😀
    P/s: Your 2nd screenshot, yes he admitted Saeki taught him to do so, but that line he said he came up with it himself :))))

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