Minato Okouchi – Main Story Review

2014-01-17 15.14.17(Ooohkay.  Thanks for the warm welcome.)

Basic Story Premise: When you find yourself living together with Minato, you aren’t sure what to think.  He’s very good looking, but he’s also very arrogant and bossy.  And he teases you mercilessly.  The day after you move in to your new home, you receive startling news at work: you’ve been transferred from your current department to the Seasonelle team… the same department that Minato works in.  You can barely handle living with this guy… and now you’ve got to work with him too? What sparks will fly when the two of you are assigned to work on an article together and the boss suggests the two of you pretend to date in order to write a good article? As you start to see some of his good qualities, you can’t help but fall for him.  But are the feelings mutual?  Or will you just be the butt of another of Minato’s jokes?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Minato: Minato fills the role of the arrogant, bossy Voltage hero.  2014-01-17 14.54.23Be prepared to be called a dope, idiot, and freak throughout his story.  He’s definitely not a sweet-talker.

He also loves teasing you.  During one encounter, he comes out of the bathroom shirtless and presses you up against the wall.  Check out this short gif to see what happens after.  output_MRurIj

But he does start to warm up to you when he sees how useful you are around the house: 2014-01-17 15.25.45Looks like Minato has really low standards for female superheroes: be able to cook rice balls and turn on a washing machine.  (The “thing” he is referring to is a washing machine.)

Minato and his rude sarcasm aside, the MC is able to crack past his tough exterior by mid-story.  Oh, and it also helps that Shusei is around to explain some of Minato’s behavior.  2014-01-17 15.51.28(Shusei, that may be the understatement of the year.)

My Opinion: I found myself enjoying this story more than I thought I would.  I’m a sucker for the cocky, bossy hero, so I rather like Minato.  However, I do wish the MC had been sassier than the way Voltage chose to portray her.  I think Minato would have done really well with an MC who wasn’t afraid to talk and tease him right back.

This app is a combination of Office Secrets (which is not one of my favorite Voltage apps) and Seduced in the Sleepless City: romance is occurring at the workplace while the plot involves MC writing stories/articles for her magazine.  Similar to Office Secrets, I found some of the plot elements a little slow.    Also similar to the heroes from Office Secrets, Minato does not originally want to get involved with a coworker.

Although I did find parts of the story a little dull (but still not as bad as Office Secrets), the redeeming quality in this story is Minato.  His rude, cockiness did make me laugh at times, and he is one of Voltage’s better developed heroes.  He has a back story and a reason for why he behaves the way he does.  He isn’t perfect: he’s what I would categorize as a “damaged hero.”  The MC has to come in and help put some of his pieces together.  And if you need a nicer hero to balance out Minato’s mean comments, Shusei is around.  And he’s definitely going to be one of Voltage’s typical sweet, gentle heroes in this app.  2014-01-17 15.05.09

Also noteworthy is how well edited this story was.  If there were typos, I did not notice any during my casual reading of the story.  I did not notice any weird bugs or glitches.  There were no weird grammatical translational errors.  I did notice one grammar error (and I only noticed it because Voltage made the same error several times), but it didn’t really take away from the enjoyment of the story.  It’s also a common English grammar error (using “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less”), so I’m not gonna go grammar police on Voltage for it.  Voltage stories usually have several noticeable errors/typos/bugs/glitches/mistakes.  So I have to congratulate Voltage on making such a clean app this time around. (Here’s your gold star, Voltage. *)

Overall: If you hated Office Secrets, you may want to be careful with this app.  Elements from this story definitely reminded me of Office Secrets, so just be frugal and only buy the hero that you think you are really interested in.  Otherwise, you may be disappointed.  

I categorize this story as your straight-up office romance drama.  It’s not funny enough to label it as a comedy, and it’s definitely not an action story.  If those are plot stories that you prefer, you may want to pass on this story.

The Endings: Two are available: Happy and Good.  They start off the same for about 65% of the chapter: the latest edition of Seasonelle is a great success.  The MC is uncertain about the status of her and Minato’s relationship.  When she asks Minato, he mentions that they no longer need to pretend to be dating because the article is finished.  From here, the endings branch off.  In the Happy Ending, MC agrees to go with the rest of the team to a nearby bar to celebrate their success because she hears Minato will not show up until later.  When he ends up showing up earlier than expected, she makes a very awkward and hasty run for it — but Minato catches up to her to clear the air and confess his feelings.  In the Good Ending, the MC goes right home after work.  Minato is surprised when MC shows up at home and yells at her.  She runs off, but he chases after her, explains there was a reason for his reaction, and convinces her to come home.  He shows her a surprise he has set up at home and asks her to continue living with him as his girlfriend.

And here are his CGs!

2014-01-17 19.31.47 2014-01-17 19.31.58 2014-01-17 19.32.10 2014-01-17 19.32.22


9 thoughts on “Minato Okouchi – Main Story Review

  1. Just browsing Google for reviews on Minato, and your page came up. Clicked it. First line that caught my eye:
    ‘I’ll make you cry like a little girl’
    (Oookay. Thanks for the warm welcome)”
    I knew I had found reviews I could count on!
    Thank you!!

  2. HI! May I know which of these main stories do you prefer most? Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi & Tsumugu Kido, 10 Days with my Devil: Kakeru Kamui? I want to buy one route but I can’t quite decide! I like the story to be interesting, has funny and cute parts too. Which would you recommend most?

    • Hi, there! I haven’t checked out Kido’s story yet so I can’t say anything about his story. Between Minato and Kakeru… Let me ask you a few questions to try to help you.

      1. Would you prefer an action/adventure romance or an office/work romance?
      2. Do you prefer the cast of boys more from 10 days or from OTBS?
      3. Kakeru’s story is funnier, if that is important to you. (Sorry, that didn’t end up being a question.).

      I personally, preferred Kakeru’s story more. However, don’t let my preferences sway you. Make your choices based off the answers from the 3 questions above.

      Hope this response is (somewhat) helpful!

      • Wah omg but I like them both from question 1 & 2 *cries*… Thanks for your response! I actually bought Kido’s story as I couldn’t wait any longer and now deciding between Minato and Kakeru… from your response I think I’m gonna try Kakeru’s first since I like funny ones, thank you very much!! I love your reviews, please keep it up, I LOVE YOU! Oh and do you have any other social media like twitter/tumblr? I don’t get notification on here

      • Thank you for your kind words! They made my day. Let me know how you like Kido’s story.

        I’ve been considering checking out tumblr/twitter. I just haven’t done anything yet. What do you think?

      • I liked Kido’s story as he is quite a mysterious character. His two-way lifestyle and the way he speaks, his accent, and his really not funny puns makes you totally fall for him (well at least it did for me) and the MC was sassy which made it a lot funnier. I did tear up a little towards the end though, there wasn’t much romance in it until towards the last episode but when he has expressed his feelings he’s such a cutie argh! I love it when the Voltage guys finds it difficult with expressing their feelings it makes them sooooo cute hehehe. I think maybe you should make a Twitter? Since wordpress is pretty much like a Tumblr already, tweeting seems a lot simpler…

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