Kaoru Kirishima – Main Story Review

2014-01-18 00.35.31(Aww, don’t worry.  I would never leave you, Kaoru– wait, are you talking to your cat?!)

Basic Story Premise:  Once you are transferred to the Seasonelle team, you are paired up with your new housemate, Kaoru, to investigate a string of random arsons.  Kaoru is a man of few words and incredibly difficult to read, but you are able to slowly make a place for yourself in his life as a good housemate.  After a string of misunderstandings and miscommunications, you find yourself eventually falling for your enigmatic, but very kind coworker.  Unfortunately, you are devastated to learn that an event from his past prevents Kaoru from reciprocating your feelings.  Will you be able to help Kaoru find closure and peace?  Or would it just be better for you to move out and let him live his life without your interference?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Kaoru: Kaoru is the cool, silent Voltage hero.  I believe Akiyoshi describes Kaoru’s communication skills very well in this screencap: 2014-01-18 02.56.33Kaoru is terrible at expressing himself and communicating with others.  And the MC makes several remarks from the very beginning of his story of how uninterested he is when it comes to her.

However, Kaoru also has other qualities that I should write about.  Like his habit of parading around his house half-naked. I’m just gonna go ahead and put this quality in the “things I like about Kaoru” column.  Unfortunately, the MC doesn’t appreciate this attribute as much as I do: 2014-01-18 00.17.45

Oh well.  I guess the MC just doesn’t know how to appreciate the little things in life.

Another interesting thing about our hero is this: the way to Kaoru’s heart is through his stomach err … cat.  2014-01-18 00.37.05Yes, I’m talking about you, Cat.  Looks like Voltage has brought me to a new low and has made me jealous of a cat.

Kaoru is also, surprisingly, a klutz.  Apparently, he is very tall and regularly hits head on things like doorways, lampposts, and rainbows.  Okay, maybe not lampposts and rainbows.  But definitely doorways.  2014-01-18 00.38.36

Last thing I want to mention about Kaoru is this: Yes, he is very awkward and bad at expressing himself.  But when he does occasionally let some of his thoughts/feelings slip, the things that come out of his mouth are adorable.  Like what he says when you rush off to find his lost cat but then realize that you are also lost yourself…2014-01-18 00.52.35

My Opinion: I started this story a little hesitant because I was worried that the plot would be a little slow (a quality that plagues Voltage’s app Office Secrets).  However, Voltage was able to pull together a plot line that was more interesting than I was expecting.  Since Kaoru and MC are investigating a string of arsons, the plot has a little bit more of an action-y element than your typical Office plot.  If I had to compare just the storylines from Minato’s or Kaoru’s stories, I would have to say I like Kaoru’s much better.

Similar to Minato, Kaoru is also another “damaged” hero that MC has to come in and help.  Like I stated in the premise, a tragic past event has left him scarred.  2014-01-18 01.24.03I think Kaoru is a well-developed character, and it’s fun to see how he changes from the first few chapters to the last chapters of his story.

Overall: There’s a lot of drama (since MC is constantly misinterpreting Kaoru).  There’s a little action and a little danger.  And there’s a smidge of comedy (provided by the other boys at work).  If you like the cool, silent Voltage hero, I think you will enjoy Kaoru’s story.  

The Endings: 2 are available: Happy and Good.  I would say the endings are more different than they are the same, which is always nice (I hate when Voltage makes the endings almost the exact same).  That being said, however, both endings have the same basic story backbone: MC is still confused about how Kaoru feels about her.  She decides that moving out is the best option, but when she explains that decision to Kaoru he is able to confess his feelings and win her over.  What he does in the Happy Ending to show her he cares is very cute.  And the Good Ending is a fun read because the other boys are around to tease Kaoru about how much he’s changed because of MC.

Oh, and before I jump into the CGs.  Did this outfit Kaoru is wearing during the Good Ending confuse anyone?  (Especially considering the context: MC is about to tell Kaoru that she thinks it would be best for her to move out.) 2014-01-18 02.14.06The first thing I thought his shirt said when I saw it was “LEAVE ME.”  Is Kaoru trying to send a not-so-subtle hint? Or maybe it says something else?  Anyone have any ideas?

And here are his CGs!

2014-01-18 02.07.56 2014-01-18 02.08.11 2014-01-18 02.08.27 2014-01-18 02.18.56


24 thoughts on “Kaoru Kirishima – Main Story Review

  1. Hello :3
    I’m here to say I reeeeeeeeeeeeally like your reviews x3
    Could you tell me your favorite characters/games/stories/whatever by Voltage? :3~

      • Hello again ~

        Yay, another Kenshi fan! He’s one of my favorites :3 I liked his story so much, the MC was such a badass in his route… I was surprised and pleased at the same time.

        I like Yuta, too. One does not simply resist the urge to touch his sexy ears lol Still waiting for his second season *cries* ;3;

        Ooooh, and Kiyoto ❤ I liked his character a lot, even though I didn't like his main story that much. He's still hot, I can't deny that, haha.

        Thanks for the reply, Diora. You are a sweetie indeed.

      • Aww, you are generous with your compliments!

        I haven’t checked out Yuta yet. But after your comments about him, I may have to bump him higher on my to do list.

  2. I played Kaoru’s story and after I finished it I found myself kinda disappointed. I liked Seduced in the Sleepless City, but something about Kaoru’s story just kinda…. rubbed me the wrong way I guess. Maybe I don’t like the whole office secret idea, or maybe I just don’t like feeling like a replacement. (For… uh, well I don’t want to spoil his story XD)

    Either way, I’m interested in Chiaki. I like the types who like to deceive people XD

    Thank you for your reviews! 😀

  3. Am I the only one who found it weird that Voltage never made any reference to the fact the MC and Kaoru are suppose to be like.. sister/brother? I mean isn’t it what got them living together in the first place? I felt like Voltage just took part of the prologue and threw it out the window

  4. I love your reviews. I’ve been reading them for a couple of months and they always make me laugh. I also brought up the shirt with my friends and they think it reads Leave Me Alone- which is really ironic…. Still I love Kaoru! I just love cold, cat loving characters with a cute, possessive side!

  5. I’ve only started playing voltage games, and I’ve found your character/story reviews rather amusing. And I had to do a double take when I read about Kaoru’s shirt. I think it could possibly say ‘FAVE ME’ – which would probably make a little more sense, in my opinion.

  6. Hey! Thanks for th review, and could you tell me Minato vs Kaoru which storyline is better? I wanna use the huge sale opportunity to buy it 🙂 I’ve already played Tsumugu’s, if you remember me telling you that

      • Well actually I only just read Kaoru’s and all the other characters’ story just now, I think I bought Minato’s during the sale and I regret so much that I didn’t get all the other characters and from other games too… Man I wish I bought them all back then, saves me so much money *sigh* I was banned from buying any more stories till all my exams were over hahaha

  7. Hey, can you make a review of Chiaki. 🙂 I will wait for your updates, Btw, because of the reviews, I really really want to buy it na, (+_+)

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