Eisuke Ichinomiya – Main Story Review

IMG_7918(Well, I see where I stand.  I’m about as important as a dirty dishrag in the kitchen.  Thanks, Eisuke.)

Basic Story Premise: When asked to choose between 5 strangers, you hesitate.  After a few moments, Eisuke becomes impatient and throws you over his shoulder, making your decision for you.  As you fret about what it means to be bought by Eisuke in an auction, he assures you that he will “think of a good use for you.”  Eventually he decides to make you his fake-girlfriend in order to escape the amorous advances of another woman.  This other woman is the daughter of an Italian mob boss who is an important business associate of Eisuke’s.  He cannot afford to offend the daughter or her father.  Eisuke says he will consider letting you go once his business deal with the mob boss is a success.  As you adjust to being at Eisuke’s beck and call, you find yourself inexplicably drawn to him even though he can be cruel.  As the deal with the Italian mob boss draws to a close, will you grasp at your chance for freedom?  Or will you find yourself wrapped even further around Eisuke’s finger?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Eisuke: Have you noticed that the first male character that Voltage releases from each of their apps is usually the bossy, arrogant one?  This app definitely follows that pattern.  Eisuke is definitely bossy.  IMG_7926And arrogant.  And cold.  He’s also got a bit of a cruel streak (reminds me of  Eduardo from Pirates, but with less name calling).  He’s also very dramatic and generous with his death threats.  IMG_7922He’s also a terrible shopping buddy.  (Unless, of course, you want your shopping buddy to make you cry.)  Check out this gif. output_nBjlWd

My Opinion: I personally found this story a bit awkward.  Okay, maybe more than just a little awkward.  IMG_7891Okay, so the MC literally took the words right out of my mouth.  During several moments of the story, I was like “What?  Oooookay then….”

The first WTF moment occurred in the first chapter.  Eisuke pushes you down on the bed.  He rips open the top few buttons on your shirt.  And then *cue climactic music here*…IMG_7884Dun Dun DUN! Do you know what happens after Eisuke ogles you for a few seconds?

Nothing.  Nothing happens at all.  He says, “I’ll think of a good use for you.” And then he walks away.

What. the. frick.

Okay, so I don’t want him to ravish the MC 2 minutes into the story (or do I??), but come on.  A guy can’t just check out a girl’s bust and then walk away.  Yes, Voltage has Eisuke explain this appalling behavior way later on in his story.  But.  The reason is pretty lame.  Or, at least, the way Voltage wrote the explanation is really dumb.  Eisuke checked out MC’s bust because he is looking for a woman with burn scars on her chest.  Come on.  You can’t tell me that he regularly goes up to strangers and rips their tops open to check them for scars.  You can’t get away with that in polite society.  Especially conservative asian society.

WTF moment #2: IMG_7890Eisuke, are you suffering from short term memory loss?  You just told me not to speak unless you gave me permission.  And even then, most of what I say just pisses you off.

Okay, I’m going to cap the WTF list at #3: IMG_7945Eisuke and MC are having a heartfelt-ish moment.  And MC is like, “Oh, no.  What does he mean by hurt again?”

You would expect the story to develop in such a way to explain what Eisuke meant in this screenshot.  Yet, it does not.  Eisuke does not mention how he was hurt in his past, and MC never asks.  Voltage, keep it together.  Don’t introduce plot elements you aren’t going to bother explaining.

Overall: This story is a romantic drama.  Honestly, I’m not sure if I would categorize this story as a romance story at all.  Yes, the MC and the hero get together at the end.  But.  Sweet words of romance? Clever flirtations? Passionate glances?  None of that really occurs.  Eisuke has been developed as such a cold character that he never really reveals his emotions to MC at all.  Yes, he rescues her when she gets kidnapped.  But then Eisuke basically ruins the moment by saying something mean or dismissive.  Even in the endings, he does not admit his feelings to MC.  He merely allows her to stay with him.  Usually Voltage balances out cold characters by having them behave in small manners that betray their real emotions (cute little actions that tell MC that they care).  Eisuke doesn’t really have enough of those cute mannerisms to balance out his cold affect.  Soryu has to come in and explain/soften Eisuke’s harsh actions throughout the story.  

If you are looking for a sweet romance, you will definitely be disappointed in this one.  If you are looking for a womanizer who can charm you right out of your pants, you will be disappointed.  If you are looking for a somewhat submissive MC who doesn’t mind making coffee daily for a guy who never actually admits that he cares about her during his Main Story, you’ve come to the right place.

I definitely do not think this is one of Voltage’s strong stories.  But was it terrible?  That’s harder to say.

The Endings: 2 are available: Happy and Good.  Both endings start the same way: Takahiro (one of your supervisors from the hotel who is the complete opposite of Eisuke — nice, thoughtful, gentle) agrees to meet with you so that you can tell him whether or not you agree to pursue a relationship with him.  But Eisuke calls you at the last minute and also shows up at the meeting place.  This is where the endings branch off.

During the Happy Ending, you choose Eisuke.  Takahiro tells Eisuke to stop causing you pain (to which Eisuke says that he can’t promise anything and will continue to do whatever he wants to do.)  Eisuke makes you tell him how you feel about him, and the two of you spend the night together.

During the Good Ending, Eisuke gives you back the keycard to his penthouse and walks away from the confrontation.  You reject Takahiro and rush up to the penthouse.  The two of you share some kisses until the rest of the guys show up.

And here are his CGs! (Is it just me or are his fingers in the last one scary?  Like… E.T. the alien scary.  Yikes.)

IMG_7966 IMG_7967 IMG_7968 IMG_7969


24 thoughts on “Eisuke Ichinomiya – Main Story Review

    • No don’t avoid the game just avoid Eisuke’s story the others ( well the ones I’ve read )are reasonably good essentially Soryu’s which in my opinion is one of the nicest characters in the game if not the whole voltage series so check the others out

  1. Thank you so much for your review! I’ve been very worried about his story when my friends told me I shouldn’t buy it, but thanks, he still has some good things that I can accept. Maybe the real thing in Japanese ver isn’t that bad, I’m hoping so cuz I still want to buy his story!

  2. I personally dont think his character design is bad. It’s just that I was kind of at a lost when he fell for her. I mean, he treated her like a maid during the whole couse of the story and then BAM!…he confessed his feeling for her at the last 2 chapters. But to my surprise, his sequel is much more interesting, I enjoyed it quite a lot ^^

  3. ur right, his fingers are freaking like aliens in the last picture….hahaha.
    Thanks for the review, I will not buy this story because i am after romance and cute heartfelt feelings.

  4. he is so hot. I always go for a guy with those kind of looks. Usually since Voltage doesnt allow much background info on their character I pick the one that I think is the best looking. So in this case I chose Eiuske but I didnt like it as much as I was hoping I would I ended up liking Soryu more.

  5. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think your review is bad, but I have to say I took it as when he said he wouldn’t be hurt again that he was hurt about what she thought about him. As that is what she was apologizing for when he said that.

  6. I love Eisuke. He’s the kind of guy who changed the kind of a guy I like.
    Before Eisuke, I like guys like Soryu(the mean on the outside but nice on the inside) kinda person.
    But as I know Eisuke, I like him more than the usual guys I fall for.
    He’s irresistible.
    At first, he was so rude that I can’t even go on without any fight with him(to think the MC way of thinking is almost like mine).
    I thought he’s just some rich guys who can control everything with his money(but soon enough, I know that he works hard for it. That’s what made me fall for him)
    The Smut sections are like everytime.
    I love how he attacks the MC as he likes too(I love to have a guy like that. I’m not saying I’m a masochist!)

    The full story was confusing at first but it got to me in the next season when they’re lovers. Dang. I would love to have my own Eisuke someday. It’s like wishing to have Usui Takumi to be my man.
    Anyway, i recommend this storyline to girls who like… Well, being treated like in REAL life by that kind of person(the story looks so real, you can’t tell the difference between fake and real).
    This is my all time favorite character in Voltage Inc.

    So, yeah. You love this kind of guy(or Usui takumi), this is the one. Definitely.

    • Finally I thought I was the only one that felt like that about eisuke. At first I really hated the guy,almost broke my phone because of him but after a few reads rhe and there and getting to know him…I actually fell in love with him. I like the way he treats the mc too.He feels so real and his so cute and adorable in his actions
      I wish I can find my own eisuke one day too…that would definitely be a dream come true

  7. Yup, if you read only his main story in ss1, you will really hate him but when you read his story further, you would find him really interesting and amazing (especially in ss2 Twist of fate). He is someone who needs time to be understood and has problem in express his feeling unlike Soryu.

  8. “I’m not trying to be mean or anything but I read your review”, “and at first I thought I would never read Eisuke story because you said it was horrible”. “But I did read it and I thought it was way better then you said”, “to be honest I thought it was the best!” “But you were wrong about this story, and you just have to read the whole thing to understand it”, “you kinda just judged it without giving it a chance”, “and they later explained how he was hurt” (I mean what fun would it be if they explained it right then and there?, if they did then there wouldn’t be anything later.) “And even though there wasn’t much “real” romance in first part of the story there’s is alot of romance later in the story”, (which personally I love it when they went from fake relationship to real relationship.) “so even though there wasn’t much in the beginning there is alot romance later”. “I mean he still is bossy, arrogant and a little cold but that’s what makes him so sweet”, “because he’s like that because he love you alot and he’s like that to protect you no matter what”, “whether or not you realize it but everything he does is for a reason or else he wouldn’t be that cold and even though it’s hurtful and makes you wanna cry you find out that the only reason he did that was to protect you”. “So personally i liked this story and it was wrong of you to say all those mean things about it!” “Everyone has their own opinion but telling people not to read it just because you thought it was awful and horrible and the worse thing in the world doesn’t mean they will!” “but its just mean and rude and evil that you said that

    • Hi, Katharine. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to share your opinion with me. If you take another look at my review, I never tell people not to read Eisuke’s Main Story. And you will also notice that I never called his story “awful” and “horrible”. I do say that it is not one of Voltage’s strongest stories, but (if I remember correctly), I wrote that it was still hard for me to label it as terrible.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their preferences. All I try to do is describe what the hero is like during the story, point out inconsistencies in the story writing, and describe what kind of a story the plot is (action, romance, comedy, drama?).

      I may be “mean” when I’m discussing inconsistencies in the story. However, if I’m paying Voltage several of my hard earned dollars for each story that I read, I expect a certain level of quality during each story. If a seven year old child can spin a better story than Voltage is giving me, I would say that’s a problem.

      Eisuke is an extremely popular Voltage character; I’m not afraid to acknowledge that fact. I just wish they had woven his story a little bit better.

  9. I love your reviews!

    I have recently gotten into Voltage games, and found I am addicted to them! I chose Eisuke’s route, as he seemed to be the most popular. But I have to say, he infuriates me. If that was real life, he wouldn’t last 5 minutes with me!
    Buy the sequel is better than the main story.

    I’ve fallen in love with Shiki from 10 Days, and Aki from Finally, in Love Again. I can relate to Aki’s path. But then they start dating and the Mc turns back into a shy, blushing virgin. I wish Voltage would make an mc that isn’t afraid or ashamed to be proud to be a woman. Come on, Voltage, give our women some balls!

    • Hi, Sarah! Welcome to the world of Voltage otome! (But be prepared to go broke!) I agree with you; I wish the MC had a stronger backbone, but I think it’s a cultural thing. If you check out the U.S. branch of Voltage (the speakeasy app that was discontinued and the female spy one which I can’t remember the title off the top of my head), the MC has more spunk.

      • I’ve checked the US ones out, but the guys don’t look anywhere near as cute as the Japan ones!
        I could talk about Voltage games all day, but at my age, its a little embarrassing!

        Looking forward to reading more humerus reviews 🙂

  10. I honestly like eisuke because I know he is bossy and sometimes rude but I don’t think he means it to me he’s sweet and adorable!I mean don’t hate me or anything I just think what u put in is wrong! I just love eisuke and I’m just saying u did ur best I just still love eisuke !ps I’m sorry but I’d just got mad what said to him so (FUCK OFF) sorry ?😓😫😻😏😎😍😆😅😇😖

  11. For some weird reason, I like Eisuke. Yep, he’s rude, cold, mean, cold, rude, mean ahaha! As you said, characters like him usually has a side to them that balances out their coldness/rudeness but Eisuke, out of all the games I played, he’s the only one who played it straight. XD From start to finish. I couldn’t believe how little character development there was in his main story. But I think it’s fine. Eisuke strayed from the typical bossy type who has a hidden side and remained true to his character. And this is coming from someone who loves character development a lot! 😜 But yeah, nothing can change the fact that the MC is kind of frustrating, the main story is bland and the sequels are awesome! 🤘

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