The Boys of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

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(Post Updated: 2/21/14) Voltage has just released their latest app, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder! Continue reading for a general review of what is happening in the story and a brief description of each guy to help you choose which stories you want to read!  As I read and put up reviews for each of the individual stories, I will link them to this post.  And let’s get started! (Portions in green are updates after reading Soryu’s Main Story.  Read my review for it here.)

General Background: You are a hard-working maid at a well-off hotel.  It’s an important time at the hotel: a bunch of VIPs are wandering around drinking and partying (well, Voltage states it in a much nicer way, but that’s the basic gist).  Because you are an MC of a Voltage story, you are incredibly clumsy and not always the smartest girl in Japan.  As a result, you break an expensive piece of art and find yourself suddenly being auctioned off to a bunch of people who wandered away from a masquerade party in masks.  Gentlemen of high caliber bid on you.  IMG_7876Okay, not every wealthy guy can be drop dead gorgeous, right?

Anywhoo, lucky for you someone outbids the sketchy fellow from the above screenshot.  And it turns out that the mysterious bidder is actually a group of 5 men.  All the men are young, extremely wealthy, and good looking.  Oh and, don’t forget, they are conveniently single.  And you are told to choose the person who will own/boss/supervise/err… what’s the correct terminology for this sort of thing?  I mean, you are already a maid.  Now that you’ve been auctioned off, are you officially a slave?  Indentured servant? And why do you get to choose who gets to own you?  And how long do they get to own you? And–

Okay, I know that this is just for the sake of the story.  But the premise is a bit sketchy.  And confusing.  Maybe I should just stop thinking about it.

My Personal Take: Since these stories take place with a bunch of a rich guys in a hotel, it definitely reminded me of Voltage’s app Seduced in the Sleepless City.  However, they’ve added a more of a actiony/crime feel to it because the male cast is built a little differently.

And let’s meet the cast! (Descriptions garnered from the Prologue and Eisuke’s story.)

  • Eisuke Ichinomiya: Arrogant.  Bossy.  Rude.  Cold.  Cruel.  Reminded me of Eduardo from Pirates and a bit of Kakeru from the Devil series. Review completed; check it out by clicking here!
  • Soryu Oh: Member of the mob.  Appears to be quite the badass.  Quiet.  But observant.  Close friends with Eisuke. Is described as a “woman hater” by the other boys in his own Main Story.  Check out my review for his story by clicking here.  
  • Mitsunari Baba: The flirt.  Funny and personable.  A thief.  (When you choose Baba during the prologue, one of the other guys asks if you are drunk.  Haha.) Works at the convenient store at the hotel part-time.  He’s “35, single, and ready to mingle.”
  • Ota Kisaki: I believe Ota is supposed to be the Voltage hero who is younger than the MC.  Is also a well known artist.
  • Mamoru Kishi: Chain smoker.  A reluctant cop.  He and Soryu tend to butt heads.  

I think I am looking forward to Kishi and Soryu.  I thought I would like Eisuke, but I didn’t care too much for him or his story.  I like bad boys, but I don’t also need them to be cruel.

Who are you most excited for?


8 thoughts on “The Boys of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

  1. hello. can you please tell me what parts in the story, epilogue or sequel did eisuke send mail/s to the mc? i forgot them. thank you. ^^

  2. Aha, I absolutly adore your reviews 😀 I can say I was (still am since I didn’t play it yet ) more excited for Soryu Oh route. I liked the way the artist drew him because, if you look closely, you’ll see his eyes, for instance, make him look more ”chinese” (just my humble opinion, tho).
    The MC is starting to bother me in this game, aswell as in the other games. She’s always so stupid, no ofense to anyone, clumsy and dense, oh my lord, so freacking dense. I get it, she’s the typical Mary Sue but at least give us a reason for her to act like that (in Class Trip Crush it was a bit more aceptable since she was on a all-girls school and not that used to be around people of the opposite sex)! I’m roothing for a Voltage game that has a MC with a strong personality and not a plain dumb one. But who am I to decide on that? XD
    Other than that, I liked the setting of the story aswell but I need to agree with you, it is confusing, especially at the begining since there are so many questions do debate on. If they ‘wanted’ her (I didn’t really realize why they chose her) and if Eisuke was the owner of the hotel why did she even had to go to auction? Again, if the MC is almost useless to them, why pay so much money? I dunno, it’s a bit confusing, but overall, if you look at other game plots you’ll find a lot of “confusing” points on it.
    Anyway, sorry for the long comment X3
    Greetings from Portugal (and my apologies if there are any grammar mistakes, I’m only 13 and not fluent in english o_O’ )

  3. haha i finally got back into playing otome games just this recently as i have a job now that can have me afford these game plays. XD
    anyways, KBTBB is my first otome game that i actually purchased the main story after reading the prologue and i chose Soryu Oh. lol
    honestly… i wasn’t sure why, but i think i was drawn to the fact that he was a HKer. XD and… the way he was drawn. 😀
    i actually quite enjoyed his route and i even ended up with a “happy ending” and i was pretty shock and all embarrassed when i ended up with that route as how they ended up and what not. lol
    i’m still debating if i wanna buy the rest of his stories since he was the only one i paid for and i’m really glad i chose his to buy for the main story. haha
    anyways, the other boys seem good, but i’m not sure if i wanna play them, as honestly, i kinda got bored going through the story as the MC is… bleh, and the storyline was a little lame near the end, but not sure that’s me.
    i’m actually quite interested in doing Ota Kisaki’s route, but you don’t have a review for that so i’m not sure if i wanna continue or not. lol
    anyawys, thanks for sharing!! =]

  4. ive read kishi’s one and damnnnnnnnnnnn it was so cute! it’s so far my most fav!

    the season three–the proposal one–is out and since i dont wanna buy it anymore, can you do a review on it? :3

  5. Souryu of course. I do agree with your review about Eisuke. He speak too many rude words to the MC and it makes you feel worthless to be his partner. It is very different with Souryu, you will feel save and protected even if he’s a mobster. He treasure you and loyal, without being romanticly overatted. I really enjoy his story and can’t wait for the new seasson.

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