Meguru Kamui – Main Story Review

2014-01-13 02.02.34

Basic Story Premise: You ask for 10 more days to live because your mother’s birthday celebration is coming up, and you would like one last time to be with your whole family before your death.  You choose Meguru as your demon because he seems like the nicest of the lot.  Actually, he’s just so nice that you almost forget that he is a demon.  The easy friendship the two of you have quickly develops into something deeper, and Meguru’s brother, Kakeru, is unable to prevent Meguru from breaking demon taboo and falling in love with you.  Punishment for breaking demon taboo is simple: extermination.  Will the two of you find a way to escape extermination and stay together?  And what happens when Meguru’s mother suddenly makes an appearance and tries to make a powerplay for the Demon Realm’s throne?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Meguru: Meguru is the sweet hero among the demons.  You can tell that he is different from the others with these words that he says: 2014-01-12 02.42.15

He does all the cooking at the house.  And he is excited to go shopping with you.  Actually, you get along so well that the other demons comment about how comfortable you are at the Demon House.  Check out this cute gif with Satoru and Haruhito.output_v2Addr

Wait a sec. Really sweet and considerate?  Likes to cook?  Wants to go shopping?  I think Meguru is destined to be my future BFF.

On a more serious note, Meguru has some emotional issues that we learn about.  For example, he feels inferior compared to Kakeru.  2014-01-13 02.13.25He’s also the son of the Demon King’s mistress (who just happens to be plotting to take over the Demon Realm).  2014-01-14 23.54.51And he is not very confident in himself or his abilities as a demon.2014-01-13 01.33.34

Overall: This is a romantic story where the MC helps the hero become a better man err… demon.  This story is not a long drawn out escapade that illustrates how the hero woos the MC: the two characteres fall in love very quickly (by Chapter 6 or so) and with very little effort on Meguru’s part.  Instead, this story focuses on how the MC and Meguru overcome obstacle after obstacle to be together.  As a result, if you are looking for a complicated, up-and-down drama about how two people slowly fall in love, you may be disappointed in this story.  But if you want to read a sweet story about the extent Meguru is willing to go to protect you, you may want to check this one out.  2014-01-15 00.04.19

This story also delves into the Meguru’s-mother-is-trying-to-take-over-the-Demon-Realm subplot, for those who are curious about Meguru and his side of the family.

My Opinion: I found a few loose plot points with this story, but they didn’t decrease my enjoyment of the story and don’t feel significant enough to talk about in detail.  I personally can’t say that Meggy’s story is my favorite, but that’s just because I prefer my men to be a bit more cocky than he is.  However, I have to say that the measures Meguru takes to protect MC are extremely admirable and endearing.  Compared to some of the other demons and their main stories, his efforts blow them out of the water.  

You can’t dislike a guy who puts your needs over his own (And he does it repeatedly, even if his life is at stake.)

The Endings: A Super Happy Ending and a Happy Ending are available.  They both start off the same: you go downstairs to find all the demons together.  They are coaching Meguru so that he is prepared to meet your family at your mother’s birthday celebration.  This is where things get ridiculous and comical: somehow, coaching him so that he can properly say, “My name is Meguru; it’s very nice to meet you” turns into a discussion about how Meguru should ask for your parents’ permission to marry you.  Each of the boys go around suggesting how they would do it in Meguru’s place (Shiki: “Your daughter is mine.” Kakeru: “I will take good care of your daughter’s soul.” Etc. Etc.)

The endings split off here.  During Super Happy, you and Megs go to your family’s birthday celebration.  And at the end of the day go back to the beach and share another sunset together.  During Happy, the party is actually the next day.  The boys decide to have an informal celebration at the Demon House.  After dinner, you and Meguru go up to Meguru’s room.  This ending is noticeably shorter than the Super Happy Ending.

And here are his CGs!

2014-02-18 22.43.02 2014-02-18 22.43.16 2014-02-18 22.43.40 2014-02-18 22.43.52 2014-02-18 22.44.04


2 thoughts on “Meguru Kamui – Main Story Review

  1. I really loved this review! Meguru is such a cutie and adorable, it’s hard to dislike him- he’s simply every woman’s dream! I mean a guy who loves shopping, loves cooking, etc… I think the MC win the lottery with him. House chores would be done so fast xD I liked his story though it’s not my favorite (I like cocky guys too, and like them to be more dominant and perveted lol) but I really love tht extent of him willing to protect you from dangers; even if it mean sacrificing himself and that’s what totally won me over. He’s so selfless.

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