Soryu Oh – Main Story Review

2014-02-20 20.27.59(Ooookay.  And if they don’t go smoothly?  What then?)2014-02-20 20.28.09

Basic Story Premise: Soryu informs you that you will be working to make up the 20 million dollars he paid to buy you at the auction.  How?  Well, he wants you to stand in as a decoy for Mei Ling, the daughter of a mafia boss from Hong Kong who is currently staying with him.  Hmm… pretend to be a mafia princess?  Can’t be too bad, right?  Except for the fact that some unknown mobsters from a different faction are trying to kidnap Mei-Ling.  And you are taking Mei Ling’s place at her meetings where she is supposed to check out potential future husbands with Scary Face Soryu as your escort.  You reluctantly agree to the plan.  As the days pass, you start to wonder… Does Soryu protect you just because he has to? (Can’t catch the kidnappers if the decoy is dead.) Or does he protect you because he has genuine feelings for you?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Soryu: Soryu comes from a family of mobsters.  His father was also a mobster, and his grandfather was a mob boss.  He is cold and doesn’t smile much at all.  At the beginning of the story, MC believes Soryu is down right crazy.  Maybe because he keeps waving his gun around.  Especially when the other boys start teasing him.  2014-02-20 19.58.50

As you can see from the first two screenshots in this review, Soryu does not seem to care much about the MC’s wellbeing at the beginning of his story.  The other boys refer to the MC as “Soryu’s toy.”

2014-02-20 20.39.06

And Soryu simply calls you “Woman” throughout half the story.  2014-02-20 20.15.49

However, as you spend more time with Soryu, you realize that he isn’t so scary, crazy, and evil after all.  2014-02-20 20.58.29Soryu is actually just a bad guy who is a not-so-bad-guy pretending to be an even badder bad guy.  (Wait…. what? I think I’m confusing myself.)

My Opinion: I enjoyed Soryu’s story.  There’s a good amount of action.  (Soryu comes blazing in with guns drawn to save you.  Repeatedly.)  And there’s a good amount of comedy.  (Provided by Baba, Ota, and even Eisuke.)  Here’s a gif of a cute encounter between the boys and one of Soryu’s mobsters:output_eCjlIq

I also like how the romance is developed.  Soryu loses his cool as he develops feelings for you and becomes a bit more shy and awkward.  (Which the boys very quickly pick up on and start teasing him about.  To which Soryu will pull out his gun.) 2014-02-20 21.54.40There are a two noticeably weak points of the story, however.  The first occurs after an overzealous potential suitor tries to grab you and follow you home after one of your meetings where you pretend to be Mei Ling.  Soryu’s solution is: 2014-02-20 20.47.16What?  We just came back from an “arranged marriage meeting” with the guy to see if he and the MC (pretending to be Mei Ling) were compatible for marriage.  The MC just went from “single and looking for future husband” to suddenly being Soryu’s woman?  That just doesn’t seem like a solid plan.  And Mei Ling is basically a mafia princess.  I don’t think her father would appreciate Soryu messing with her reputation.

(And one more thing.)  Soryu didn’t even do anything that could convince anyone that MC is his woman after he says this.  All he did was take her to his house.  (If he had grabbed her and started kissing her while they stood in the window for outsiders to see, that may be more convincing.  In my opinion, at least.)

The second weak point in the story involves how the major conflict is resolved at the end of the story.  I’m not sure how to elaborate on why it is weak without giving too much of the story away, but I will try.

  • Mei Ling’s father (mob boss from Hong Kong) orders Soryu’s execution.  Mei Ling’s father is a leader of a “moderate” mob faction (that’s how Voltage describes it).  I would assume that means they are not as crazy or extreme as other mob factions.  And yet he is ordering executions.  Of the guy who is responsible for catching the men who were trying to kidnap his daughter.
  • The boys are able to negotiate with Mei Ling’s father and get the execution canceled.  The terms of the negotiation are … weak.  I won’t get into details because I don’t want this post to be insanely long.
  • After letting Soryu go, Mei Ling’s father asks if he and Soryu can continue working together as allies.  And Soryu agrees.  (Hello, he just tried to execute you like 1 minute ago.)

Overall: Despite the two hiccups with the story writing on Voltage’s part, I did enjoy Soryu’s story.  (What can I say, I’m partial to cool heroes whose icy exteriors start cracking once they get to know the MC.)  Soryu is a well-developed character: you get to learn his background and see how growing up within a mobster family has affected his outlook on life.  He is not as affectionate as some of Voltage’s other heroes, but once he admits he cares about the MC, the romance is scorching hot.  If you’re looking for an action-y romance where the gallant hero protects you from villains who wear black sunglasses and hats even though it’s the middle of the night (refer to CG #1), you’ve come to the right place.  

(I even liked Eisuke more in Soryu’s story than his own Main Story.  May be because the cocky, arrogant statements aren’t always directed at the MC?)

The Endings: The Good and Happy Ending start off the same way: everyone is returning back to Japan except for Soryu who has to report to his boss.  He promises to return to the you as soon as he is done. From here the endings branch off.

Happy Ending: When he returns to the hotel, he embraces you in front of everyone (he is in the main lobby of the hotel, not the penthouse) and tells you how he feels about you.  Afterwards, he takes you back to his condo and makes you cook an omelette for him.  Later, he carries you to the bedroom.

Good Ending: You and Soryu head up to the penthouse once he is back.  He tells you that he loves you, and you spend the night together.  In the morning, the boys see you and Soryu leaving his room together and tease him.  But only until he pulls out his gun.  🙂

And here are his CGs!

2014-02-20 21.55.37 2014-02-20 21.55.48 2014-02-20 21.56.01 2014-02-20 22.05.51


13 thoughts on “Soryu Oh – Main Story Review

  1. That last CG *dies*

    Is it just me or the new games (OTBS and this one) are way more prettier -in terms of quality and drawings- than the last ones? I mean, the stories were already pretty good, but the new CGs are so asdfghjkl lol ~ (Kaoru from OTBS almost killed me with his oh so smexy CGs).

    About Soryu…
    Gee, I thing I’m in love with his style. Marry me, Soryu. Now.

    I’m reeeeally looking forward to Ota, though. He is omg so cute.

    Thx for the review, Diora!

  2. Hello! Thank you for the review! I was kind of worried about how Soryu’s story would turn out, but it looks pretty good!
    Who’s story are you looking (or were looking) forward to? I’m just kinda curious 🙂

  3. Eisuke really look handsome on CGs but I think Soryu looks amazing in his bed scenes (Ehem), haha! I wanted to try out this game but I read the reviews on Eisuke and think that he’s really not my type so I’ll probably try out Soryu’s route, he looks cute in a way (badass gun raising mobster when he’s teased), LOL! Thanks for the review. I’ll try to find walkthrough for his route.

  4. Seriously if Soryu ever said to me. “Relax then you’ll be dead and you won’t care.” I would be like “excuse me” and then I’d either go cry inta a pillow or I’d scream into a pillow.

  5. The basic premise of his story had so much potential, but the ‘hiccoughs’ you mentioned totally ruined the experience for me (and made me regret purchasing the story, even if it was on sale!). I can forgive mashing up clichés, but it was done so clumsily here (IMHO) that it was difficult to suspend my disbelief and the whole thing was just a painful read for me 😡

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