Takao Maruyama – Season 1 Sequel

2014-02-19 22.50.36(Hmm.  Yes.  Takao, welcome to your breakfast buffet.  Where the only thing on the menu is– me.)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been a year since you’ve started living with Takao.  Things are going well for the two of you, and both of you are happy.  One day, Takao informs you that he has been promoted.  He has started a new case, and he will be working on it on his own.  You are extremely proud of Takao and his success.  Unfortunately, the happy mood is dampened when you start receiving mysterious calls while you are home alone.  You even think you notice someone following you one afternoon.  Have you suddenly acquired a random stalker?  Or is something more sinister going on…?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Takao: Since you’re reading his sequel, you’ve most likely already read his Main Story.  And if you’ve already read his Main Story, you already know what Takao is like.

This sequel allows you to take a look into his background.  Takao has always been an older brother, but there was a time when he actually had someone else that he looked to as an older brother/mentor for himself.  2014-02-19 22.47.38This “older brother” figure makes an appearance in this story.  2014-02-20 19.41.55

My Opinion: If you’re a fan of Takao, I see no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy the continuation of his story.  He continues to be super thoughtful and sweet as he tries to protect you from the so-called-stalker.  This story is kind of a who-dun-it mystery story where Takao has to figure out who is behind the threatening phone calls.

I did have a few issues with the story, however.  For example…

  • Voltage creates small sparks of drama by throwing around some underwear:2014-02-22 15.55.26Oh, no!  Not… underwear! (Dun DUN DUN!!!) Come on.  MC and Takao have been living together for a year.  A pair of (hopefully clean) underwear shouldn’t fluster anyone.
  • Voltage includes a random, unecessary scene where Takao smokes a cigarette. 2014-02-22 16.09.41Maybe I’m bias because I’m not a fan of cigarettes, and I don’t really think they are capable of making anyone look cool (or cooler).  But really, Voltage?  This scene does nothing to add to the story other than create a “OMG, Takao is so cool; let me drool for a second” moment from the MC.
  • The resolution to the plot comes waaaaay too easy and way too fast.  I won’t give it away here, but really.  I see no reason why the villain (who is very corrupt, disillusioned, and has no problems resorting to violence) would suddenly turn himself in.  (Yes, Voltage “guesses” at the reason why the villain decides to do so, but it’s weak.)

Voltage lays down the groundwork for a potentially good story (phone calls, stalker, mystery involving Takao’s new case, the appearance of an old mentor, etc), but disappoints because of the way they chose to follow through with the story.  Instead of taking up time with random moments like the ones I mentioned, they could have been further developing their plot.

Overall: Takao continues to be as cute and sweet as ever (he’s gonna give me cavities), which makes this sequel an enjoyable read.  However, I wish Voltage had spent more effort developing a good plot.  

The Endings: Both Super Happy and Happy endings are pretty different (but they are also pretty short, IMO).

During the Super Happy Ending, you are standing in the middle of the street, waiting for Takao.  While you wait, you watch the jumbotron and learn that the villain of the story has turned himself in to law enforcement.  Once Takao shows up, he takes you to a jewelry store and buys you a diamond ring.  Once you get home, he officially proposes.

During the Happy Ending, everyone is together at the bar watching the news report about the villain turning himself in.  Uncle asks you to grab some things for his bar from the grocery store, and Takao tags along.  The two of you talk about how the stalker issue has resolved itself.

And here are his CGs!2014-02-24 19.31.28 2014-02-24 19.31.40 2014-02-24 19.31.54 2014-02-24 19.32.06


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