The Boys of Serendipity Next Door

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Have you checked out Serendipity Next Door?  Continue reading for a general review of what is happening in the story and a brief description of each guy to help you choose which stories you want to read!  As I read and put up reviews for each of the individual stories, I will link them to this post.  And let’s get started! 

Note: Information in this post is based on knowledge gained from reading the Prologue and Masaomi’s Main Story.  I will update the information here as I check out the other stories.

General Background: You are a 25 year old woman who lives in a small apartment complex that appears to house a bunch of elegible bachelors.  During the day, you live the not-so-glamorous life of an office worker at a mail order company.  You love your job working with import food but find out that you’ve been transferred to the department that handles import goods.  As you settle into your new role at your company, you find yourself distracted by one of your good looking neighbors…

And let’s meet the men! 

  • Masaomi Hibiya: Cold and aloof.  Famous musician who is on hiatus to work on his music.  Goes by the name of Omi as a musician.  Thinks that wearing sunglasses at all times of day and night somehow makes him incognito.  A bit of a ditz. (Review for his Main Story should be posted within the next 24 hours.)
  • Izumi Takasaki: According to his descriptive page, he is the Tsundere character for this app.  However, I didn’t really get that impression from him during the Prologue.  College student who is planning to be a veterinarian.  Is a huge fan of Omi and isn’t ashamed to show it.
  • Shinobu Narita: The manager of the apartment complex.  Looks after everyone at the apartment building, kind of fulfilling the “watchful older brother” role.
  • Jinpachi Yushima: Buff rogue who isn’t afraid to wander around the building shirtless.  He appears to be the rude, insulting bad boy who is also a womanizer.
  • More eye candy to be added in the future!: Hmmm…. I wonder who will be added next?

And that’s the cast!  Have you read Masaomi or Izumi’s stories yet?  What did you think?  Or are you waiting for someone else?  After reading the prologue, I think I am most excited about Jinpachi.


6 thoughts on “The Boys of Serendipity Next Door

  1. Hi Diora, I reallt love this page, it’s super helpful ^^ I’m just wondering if u have tried Izumi Takasaki of Serendity Next Door yet. Because I also dont really like Masaomi, but I find Izumi quite interesting. I mean, a VET STUDENT + TSUNDERE!?! I really want to try him out, but Masaomi’s route kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, so I’m not sure yet. I really want to see your review on him if possible ^^ Most of your reviews have the same opinion as mine, so I completly trust your judgement :)) Thanks again Diora ^^

    • Hi, Stephani!

      I actually feel the exact same way you do. Omi’s story disappointed me so much that I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to the app. I can add izumi’s main story to my list, but I can’t guarantee when it will be finished since my list has several other names before his. Do you mind the wait?

      • Oh sure there is no rush or anything :)) I’m in the middle of trying some other guys myself, and I’m too obsessed with Kissed by the Baddest Bidder right now that I’m totally fine with waiting for Izumi ^^ just take ur time, looking forward to ur future reviews ^^

        P/s: Have u tried Mitsunari Baba of the KBTBBidder yet? I normally dont go for the womanizer type, but I swear he is one of the finest men that Voltage ever created!!

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