Masaomi Hibiya – Main Story Review

2014-03-06 19.30.06

Basic Story Premise: The knock on your door reveals your new neighbor, Masaomi, who is more commonly known as OMI, an extremely popular musician.  When you attempt to help him find a nearby store, you realize that he is rather directionally challenged.  Over the next couple days, you do your best to help him navigate through the neighborhood.  When you realize that he never cooks and lives off of nutrition bars and beer, you end up cooking him some food.  As time passes, the two of you bond as you share the joy of food and cooking with Masaomi.  What happens when you realize that you are falling in love with your neighbor? Should you try to pursue him? Or is it better to leave it alone because he is a celebrity who lives in a world that is totally different from your own?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Masaomi: Omi is Voltage’s token “cool” character.  He isn’t super talkative, and he doesn’t smile very often.  However, Voltage made Masaomi different from their other “cool” characters by …making him a little ditzy.  He is directionally challenged and can’t read maps even if his life depended on it (but as a celebrity, he can probably afford a chauffeur, right?)  His daily diet (before he meets MC) consists of nutritional supplement bars: 2014-03-06 19.36.04When he starts cooking on his own, he almost washes his rice with soap (but I guess you can’t blame him since he’s never cooked before).

So… yeah.  He’s doesn’t always have common sense/street smarts.  But that doesn’t mean he’s a total moron.  Check out his reaction when MC says that she is surprised that he knows her name. 2014-03-06 20.16.09(Oh… err… yeah.  That is what I thought.  But… uhmmmm… –oh look!  A puppy!)

He does have a few emotional issues.  He comes from a family of musicians, and people have accused him of relying on his father for success instead of his own skill.  2014-03-06 19.55.59

unresolved about the PR, why OMI agrees to do the song,

My Opinion: I found it hard to finish this story.  I just couldn’t get interested in it.  The sections about MC and her struggle/progress with her job… I found it mostly dull.  The parts with Masaomi revolved around MC cooking for him.  And… I still couldn’t get into it.  It was just “food this” and “food that.”  Don’t get me wrong, I love food.  But after the 4th conversation about it, I was just… done.

I also wanted to like Masaomi more… but I couldn’t.  His character is not well developed.  There are definitely some loose strings that Voltage should have tied up or cut off at the source.  Clearly, Masaomi has issues with his father.  But once the problems are mentioned, they are never discussed again.  MC never talks about it; Masaomi never talks about it.

In the end, Masaomi is able to get over his issues with his dad/music/hiatus/who-knows-I’m-not-really-sure and returns to his music.  Voltage implies that MC is the one who inspires him to return to his music: somehow her struggle with her new position (working with things that she is not necessarily passionate about) is similar to him and his struggle with his new position deciding to go on hiatus because he does not want to rely just on his father for future musical endeavors…?

Actually, no.  I don’t see how those 2 situations are similar at all.  But somehow, MC inspires him to accept the job that was manipulated by his father to continue making the music that he loves.


And why does a celebrity musician (who I assume is extremely wealthy) want to live in a random apartment complex that even a humble office worker can afford? 2014-03-06 19.59.46

Oh, it was because he was interested in living in the apartment complex that existed in the same place as the current one before it was destroyed.  Interesting.  Voltage is going to explain and further develop this random plot point, right?


And the ending?  The ending is one whole loose string.  (Are they going to keep their relationship a secret forever? What does his manager think? I thought MC wanted to stay away from him for his own good? What does this mean for his career? How come no one has figured out where a major celebrity like Omi lives? How come no paparazzi have managed to take a picture of MC and Masaomi being affectionate on their balconies? How come…)

Okay, that’s enough complaining in one review.  So let’s take a look at this silly MC moment during the story.  Masaomi and MC are at the store picking up ingredients for… (yes, you guessed it) more food.  At one point, a man from Masaomi’s past recognizes and confronts him.  (He had been fired by Masaomi and still holds a grudge, apparently.) Check out this gif I put together for you: output_HBAnAS

Wooh!  That’s right!  MC got sassy and decided to throw some wine at some random guy…

No.  Wait.  She threw wine. On. Herself.  (Seriously, who does that?) Just think about it: You see some random stranger pick a fight with your man in a store, and then you proceed to throw wine… on yourself?

Oh, MC.  Sometimes, you drive me crazy.

Overall: I’m sure you’ve already figured out that this isn’t my favorite Voltage story.  For my personal preferences, I found Masaomi’s character mostly dull (although he does get more interesting at the very end).  And the weakness of the story writing made it hard for me to get into the plot.  However, I can’t say that I hated Masaomi or his story either.  It just …wasn’t my cup of tea.  For most of the story, I found myself tapping the screen and wishing I could get to the ending faster.  

This is a romantic drama about a humble office worker and a celebrity musician.  If you enjoy “celebrity dramas” (stories about glamorous celebrities and their lifestyles, tabloids, gossip, jealous female fans who are mean to the MC), this story has some of those elements.  But there are other Voltage stories that have more of that type of juicy drama (the celebrity drama in this story is present, but it is lukewarm.)

And even though this is a romance story, a surprising chunk of it focuses on the MC’s day-to-day life at work in the office.  I found most of these moments dull (although her coworkers are amusing), but if you like reading about the MC working on catalogs and reports and going to meetings, then  you may not find those moments in the story as boring as I did.

The Endings: There are 2 endings available, Good and Happy.  I did like both of the endings that Voltage wrote for us, and I do like sexy-Masaomi a lot more than I like cool-Masaomi-who-just-wants-food.

During the Good Ending, everyone at the apartment building is on the roof having another “full moon” party.  When asked to perform his new comeback song (which will be released to the public in 1 month), Masaomi agrees to preview it for his apartment companions.  The song is a hit, and everyone continues to enjoy the party.  At one point, the only other female who lives in the building asks about the gift she gave the MC earlier on in the story (a purple thong).  The MC becomes bright red, and the other residents immediately start teasing her and asking about the gift.  Later on, Masaomi and MC return to MC’s apartment.

During the Happy Ending, Masaomi refuses to play his song when asked.  He and the MC retire from the party early, and when they are back in MC’s apartment, he plays his song for her (he wanted her to be the first to hear it).  Afterwards, the couple has some romantic time.  When MC akes up a few hours later, Masaomi playfully asks MC to wear her purple thong for him tomorrow.

What did you guys think?  Am I the only one who thought this story was a bit slow?  What did you enjoy about Masaomi and/or his story?  I know he’s got some redeeming qualities; my tired brain is just having a hard time putting together a decent list of them.

And here are his CGs!

2014-03-06 22.03.03 2014-03-06 22.03.12 2014-03-06 22.03.23 2014-03-06 22.03.33


16 thoughts on “Masaomi Hibiya – Main Story Review

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your page and wow! I was impressed at how you write about these games.. The choice of words are extremely powerful and they describe the whole story perfectly! 😀 I couldn’t stop reading and laughing! I enjoyed it so much, how the characters progressed along the story and the sense of humour… Omg!! Hahaha!!! *I’m sorry, still couldn’t stop laughing… XD. BTW, Do you only play voltage games ?

    • Hi, Amanda! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for the compliments.

      I have checked out some of the “Shall we date” otome games by Solmare, but I haven’t paid for any of those yet. I’m still debating over a few of those.

      I haven’t really checked out otomes other than Voltage and Solmare. Do you have any recommendations for me?

      • There is this game, I’m not sure what is it called but the title is Contract Marriage. Do you play it? I can’t really continue these Voltage games because its costly to complete every route, and for every game? I feel kinda guilty if I spend money just for these games… 😦 though I badly want to see what happens next. I just know a tiny bit of the story and then voila! You summarized the whole story 🙂 I won’t know much but at least I get the rough idea about the story.

      • Hello I was wondering if you do videos on you tube? It would be great because I am in love with voltage ( love kissed by the baddest bidder) but since it’s newish I can’t watch it cos not many people have it yet and I really want to finish soryu..can’t wait for ota can you maybe start a YouTube voltage?

      • Sorry, Emma! I wish I can help you, but I will most likely never do videos. The process of getting a screenshot of every single page is super tedious and takes up a lot of room on my phone. Logistically, it is just difficult to do.

      • Let me know what you think of it OK? Hope to hear from you soon and I’ll keep an eye out for your latest updates. All the best!!! 🙂

  2. I laughed through this entire review, but I’m so disappointed! I’ve wanted to play Masaomi’s route ever since I saw the app in Japanese a while ago. Now I’m not so sure. I hate when Voltage refuses to elaborate on certain details (like how Minato and MC are siblings for example). The annoying part is that these details are critical aspects to the plot line! Also I agree, the MC’s hardships and Masaomi’s hardships have nothing in common. And I still want to know why someone so famous is living in such a random apartment! This review has convinced me to give Izumi a whirl. Tsundere vet in training sounds adorable.

  3. Hi, first I want to apologize for any language mistakes. I´m still learning english.
    I´ve just read Masaomi´s mainstory and I have to agree with you. I dont´t think it was dull to read about the MC´s private life but… there was way to much talk about food. Seriously, I think the MC is kind of obsessed with it.
    I think I liked Masaomi himself. He wasn´t this perfect guy, who just could do anything. He has his stupid moments (just saying soap;)) but I think that makes him a perfect match for the MC. But the way he solved his conflict with his father and his music isn´t really convincing. It would be nice to get more information about Masaomi and his family, instead of this whole food-talk. In the end I was disappointed. (and hungry)
    Maybe I´ll try try another mainstory but I hope it has more romance and drama.

    I am really gratefull for your reviews and I hope you continue to write them.

  4. Great review, Diora! I was conflicted regarding buying this – because *blushes* his character model is quite handsome – but the premise does not interest me. I am now glad I did not spend my money on this.

    Btw, read one of your earlier comments regarding “Shall We Date” games. I rather liked the Ninja Love (which I think is their most popular one) but the other games are quite unspectacular. Not to mention you get no music or sound effects….

  5. Voltage leaves a lot of loose ends because they’re elaborated on in the sequels and further seasons. Several of the things that bothered you were explained later on. -M

    • That’s a good point; thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately, I tend to judge stories from their Main Story routes, and a story that has too many loose ends just makes me feel like Voltage isn’t sure about what they want to do with their character arcs (instead of choosing one/two story lines within the main story they send out “feelers” into many different directions which makes the story feel very disorganized). And if voltage is disorganized with their Main Story, I have low expectations for their sequels/epilogues which means I will most likely not want to spend money on it.

      But that’s just my personal opinion and thought process, haha. As you’ve pointed out, maybe I should pick some of the main stories that have numerous loose ends and check out their sequels to see how voltage chooses to clean up the story. My whole thought process about loose ends might change if I’m impressed.

  6. I would like to point out that most people with a problem or two, they usually don’t talk about it with their significant other until they feel he or she is ready to talk about it. And about Masaomi kept on asking MC to cook because he doesn’t know how to do it. Keep in mind that he is a celeb that most people adore and love his music. Masaomi might have never learned how to cook as he had someone to do it for them. He had possibly live on nutrition bars and beer since he possibly moved out and went to live in the apartment building and didn’t want to cook himself as he was used to the prominent life of a celebrity.

  7. I like the fact that the “cool guy” in this story actually did have some funny little quirks, like his lack of direction and his inability to cook. I thought it was kind of adorable. I do agree, however, that the story could have elaborated on the other parts of his character, and that the MC should have some interests other than food.

  8. Hey there! Just discovered this and I love the way you review all the routes. I agree that his route was really slow…I found a lot of the story in this particular voltage game to be really slow (the MC is a bit of a spaz, too, but whatcha gonna do?). It was a shame because it really liked the premise of the story and the characters seemed so interesting.

    • Thank you for visiting my site! After Masaomi, I haven’t been super motivated to check out all the other guys in this particular app. Which ones have you read? Any that you recommend over others?

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