Mitsunari Baba – Main Story Review

2014-03-10 00.37.38(Spanking = foreplay.  Got it.)

Basic Story Premise: You select Baba as your official “buyer” because he looks like the nicest of the bunch.  You’re soon left wondering if you made the wrong decision by choosing the womanizing thief who leaves you on the first night to go out on a date with one of his many women.  You reluctantly become a thieving accomplice when Baba informs you that he will set you free once he completes a particular mission.  Unfortunately for Baba, you are the worst partner ever: if there is an alarm, you will set it off; if there are security guards, you will be captured.  Will the two of you be able to pull off Baba’s mission?  What happens when you realize that Baba is not a cruel criminal, but a thief with a heart of gold?  With enemies from both law enforcement and rival lawbreakers closing in on Baba, will you be able to help him succeed?  Or will Baba finally find himself in a trap that he cannot escape?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Baba: I’m sure you’re already aware of the fact that Baba is the official “womanizer” among the boys from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.  However, as you get to know him better, you pick up on a few other interesting character traits.  2014-03-11 20.20.56For example, Baba talks big (especially in front of the other boys).  But it’s just show.  In private, he never tries anything with you.  He’s behaves like a gentlemen even when he has the opportunity to do something sleazy.  2014-03-11 22.40.54And although he maintains the reputation of a womanizer, he never actually dumps women.  He actually states that he prefers to be dumped by women instead of dumping them and hurting them in the process.

And apparently he got really drunk while leaving Le Renard Noir after a meeting with the Black Foxes.  Because he somehow fell out of the app Love Letter from Thief X and ended up in Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.  2014-03-11 20.47.10

Overall, he’s an absolute sweetheart who merely pretends to be a careless playboy.   2014-03-11 23.11.05

My Opinion: I enjoyed this story.  Baba is a very likeable hero with a sunny disposition.  Check out this quick gif which features Baba’s happy personality against Mamoru’s sullen one.  output_ak4qth

When you take a look at the story that Voltage has written for us here, you will see that there is a lot going on. For example, when it comes to Baba’s past, he has not one, but two back stories.  The first is an almost believable story about his childhood and why he decided to become a thief.  The second is about why he is a womanizer who doesn’t like hurting women.  2014-03-11 20.13.41Unfortunately, when it comes to his second back story, Voltage discusses it very briefly.  By the end of the story, I was still wanting to know more about this mysterious woman.  (Maybe in a future Baba story?)

When it comes to the plot (Baba and MC trying to complete their mission), Voltage has provided Baba with not one, but two enemies: a goofy detective and a criminal villain.  And don’t forget the love story between Baba and MC, which is strained by all the women who seem to orbit around Baba.

So yeah.  Not a single dull moment in this Voltage story.

The writing does have a few bumpy moments, however.  How does Baba get away with being a well-known thief when he doesn’t disguise his face?  You’re telling me that security cameras have never managed to capture his pretty face?  (Come on, even the Black Foxes wore masks.)  His enemy (the law enforcement one) knows what he looks like and his name.  So why hasn’t he been captured already?  And at the end, the rest of the boys fly in on a helicopter (with Eisuke’s company’s name all over it) to rescue Baba and MC while police handle the rest of the situation.  Did nobody notice a helicopter hovering above them?  With an identifiable logo?  Which just happened to fly away with a well-known thief dangling from a rope ladder?  (Mamoru’s gonna have to work his ass off to clean up all those loose ends.)

Overall: If you’re a fan of Love Letter from Thief X, you will most likely like this one.  There’s plenty of action and opportunities for Baba to swoop in and rescue MC.  There’s comedy.  And there’s romance (of course).  If you’re a fan of Voltage heroes who are sweet as sugar (as opposed to the ones who are rude or have a bit of a cruel streak), Baba is right up your alley.  

The Endings: The Good Ending and Happy Ending are mostly different, which is always nice.

During the Good Ending, Baba takes MC to the empty auction hall where she was first sold to him.  He apologizes for putting her in danger, explains why this mission was important to him, and admits his feelings for MC.  The two return to his room and decide to get cleaned up.  MC falls asleep before Baba gets out of his shower, and he lets her sleep.  In the morning, the rest of the boys tease the couple about what they did or did not do the previous night.

During the Happy Ending, MC takes care of Baba’s injuries the moment they arrive back at the hotel.  He takes her to his special rooftop, and the two have a conversation very similar to the one they have in the good ending.  Afterward, they return to his rooms.  Baba asks MC to stay with him for the night but says that he is willing to wait to do anything physical until she is ready.

And here are his CGs!2014-03-15 20.59.10 2014-03-15 20.59.22 2014-03-15 20.59.49 2014-03-15 21.07.40


13 thoughts on “Mitsunari Baba – Main Story Review

  1. Nnnngr now I want to play his route D’:

    I don’t usually like the nice and sweet character, but I’m really tempted after reading this review… Diora, Voltage should pay you! You make me want to play all the routes you liked! Hahaha

    I wonder when Voltage will release Ota? I’m so excited for his route ~

      • Ota’s is the best story!!!!!!!! I’ve played every single voltage game and every character and he is one of my absolute favs!!!!! First story I ever bought the epilogue to and even the sequal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The love feels so genuine. In the sequal they really work though something hard together and because of the mc it’s had a chance to do something he thought he’d never do =^.^= soooooo good

  2. Oh my god. Your blog is AMAZING!!!!!! Wow. Seriously, I should have found it a lot sooner! Your writing is great. I love your language (bet you’re a native, right?). And the design is beautiful. This is a very enjoyable site! Thanks for all the great reviews. I’m bookmarking you now ;D

    Oh, by the way, allow me to ask a question. About Baba’s route, I heard that the MC is quite unique.. Actually a bit sassy. Is that true? I’m a little indecisive now since I don’t really like his look but I love romantic playboy! Lol. And I try so hard to find a route with a more tsundere MC, not a simply innocent one.

    Thank you in advance! :))

    • Wow, thank you for all the compliments on my blog!

      Well, the rumors you have heard are true. MC is a little more sassier in Baba’s story. However, I didn’t write about it because she is still not sassy enough for me to actually describe her as sassy. She just has a couple sassy moments. She is not as sassy as she is in some of the 10 Days with my devil stories (especially compared to how she is in Kakeru’s story).

      If you do end up checking out Baba’s story, drop by and let me know what you thought!

  3. Your review is tempting me, great work! Thank you so much for spend your time writing these lovely reviews~ Looking forward to spend my money on Baba, hehe~

  4. omg he is sooooo good looking and totally stole my heart form first sight , i played his story first and it was my fav of the other ones , he is a total sweet heart .!

      • Ota he like creeps me out the way he treats the poor MC like a dog. I mean I was like “do you have mental problems Ota?” But I really loved Shusei Hayakawa from Our Two Bedroom Story. I’m rather impatient for his Season 2 story to come out. I hope they have another one of those beatiful CGs like the second one in his Sequel. But what does CG stand for anyways? Character Graphics?

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