Prince Kuon Casiraghi – Main Story Review

Hello, lovely readers! It’s been a long time (or, at least, it feels like it to me)!  Thank you for those who left supportive messages; they were all greatly appreciated.  I finally have time to return to the world of Voltage otome, but I don’t even know where to start!  So much has happened since my hiatus, and my long list of requests just keeps getting longer.  I’m going to start with a review on Voltage’s newest app, and then jump back to my list of requests.2014-05-14 17.19.33(Thanks for the warm welcome, Kuon.  Let’s get started!)

Basic Story Premise: You’re puzzled to receive an invitation for a potential marriage interview with Kuon, especially after your awkward dance the night before.  At the informal interview/dinner, you are wooed by a charming prince who showers you with compliments and– wait, hold on.  What am I thinking; this is Prince Kuon we’re talking about.  Nevermind, Kuon is still very much uninterested in you and actually bails out of dinner before even reaching dessert.  Whatever.  You return home content to continue with your normal life.  Imagine how surprised you are when you open your eyes in the middle of the night and realize that somebody is sleeping in your bed with you.  Apparently, Kuon has run away, and he blackmails you into hiding him at your place.  How are you going to successfully hide a Prince in your tiny apartment?  What is he running away from?  And why are you willing to go through so much trouble to help him anyhow…?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Kuon: This prince is your typical arrogant, bossy Voltage hero.

2014-05-14 18.16.09He’s also been pampered, but that’s to be expected.  He is a prince, after all.

The relationship between the two of you starts off rather rocky.  Actually, whenever you have dinner with him in his Main Story, this is the result 90% of the time: 2014-05-14 20.27.33

Yep, you end up chasing him as he dashes out of the room.  High maintenance?  Yeah, maybe.

An event that occurred earlier in his life regarding his parents has left him jaded and unenthusiastic about being king.  King Glenn, his grandfather, also puts a lot of pressure on him.2014-05-14 19.04.56And because of all the pressure, he runs off.  And ends up straight in your bed.

My Opinion: Okay, before I get into my opinion, let’s go back to the part about how he mysteriously ends up in your bed with you during the middle of the night.  Here’s the MC’s response in a gif:

output_n7WIRG….Seriously?  MC has been watching too much Harry Potter. Let’s look at a gif of Kuon’s reaction: output_eiCRe5Oh, thank you, Kuon.  For a second, I thought both main characters were going to be delusional.  I’m glad you have a good head on your shoulders.

Okay, back to what I personally thought of the story.  It was… likeable.  Did I love it?  No.  Did I hate it?  Definitely not.  Do I think it’s worth $3.99? Well… maybe. I guess I feel kind of lukewarm about this Main Story.  There were parts that I really enjoyed.  Like seeing cute scary old Prince Glenn and Yu again. 2014-05-14 20.26.39And I loved all the references to Prince Glenn’s story from the original Be My Princess (the daisy chain, flower covered meadow, chasing after the limo).

But, I had a hard time getting into Kuon’s story at the beginning.  His whole “Woe is me; I’m a pampered prince who is tired of being a pampered prince so I’m going to run away and try to be a commoner” plot was kind of boring and unoriginal.  And before you Kuon fans out there try to murder me with your dagger glares, take note that I said I didn’t like his back story.  I didn’t say that I didn’t like his character/personality.  Those are 2 different things.  Kuon’s character as a person is much more likable than his back story.  And as he lightens up with the MC, he only becomes more adorable. 2014-05-14 18.40.45

(Yum,  Eye candy.)

There were also some parts of the story that were overly dramatic.  Like when the MC dramatically faints outside her apartment, leaving a concerned Kuon shouting her name as she falls.  Why did she faint?  Well, let’s see…

2014-05-14 20.00.43Say what now?  Flashing cameras made MC faint?  Really?

Another example of overly dramatic occurs towards the end of the story.  People are in the streets protesting about Kuon’s succession ceremony.  MC goes out into the streets and attempts to defend Kuon’s honor by giving a majestic speech to the unruly crowd.  (I have a hard time visualizing this.)  Anyhow, the entire crowd goes silent (struck speechless, maybe?) before they continue causing a (kind of violent) ruckus/riot in the street.  Just when you think MC is going to be trampled to death by girls who belong in Kuon’s fan club, her hero arrives to rescue her.  2014-05-14 21.04.20(And of course this is where the heroine MC should swoon and fall straight into Kuon’s arms.)

Overall: Even though I did think Kuon’s back story was unoriginal and that some of Voltage’s writing was hokey, I did enjoy this story because I was able to revisit Prince Glenn’s world again from the original Be My Princess.   

This story is definitely a romantic drama, so if you are looking for action or a laugh out loud story, you will be disappointed.  But if you are a fan of the original app, I think you will enjoy this latest addition to the BMP universe.

(Side note: One definite con about this app (for the moment) is that it is still very buggy.  I was unable to access the Good Ending because it refused to load.  Other readers also complained about different chapters not loading on facebook.  Hopefully, Voltage will fix this problem very soon.)

Oh, and what’s up with this old guy your boss? 2014-05-14 18.02.07Did anyone else notice that his word choice makes him sound like a 16 year old girl?  2014-05-14 18.02.18Stop trying so hard, Yosef.

The Endings: This is where I typically discuss the two endings and how they differ.  Unfortunately, I was unable to access the Good Ending.  So that is a mystery that will have to be uncovered at a future time.  Here’s a very simplified summary of what the Happy Ending is like: The succession ceremony goes off without a hitch, and afterwards everyone attends a party to celebrate.  After the party, Kuon takes you back to a very special place in Oriens… can you guess?  The special flower covered meadow.  Here, he officially proposes to MC, and the two spend an intimate night together.

And here are his CGs!

2014-05-14 21.47.35 2014-05-14 21.47.49 2014-05-14 21.48.00 2014-05-14 21.48.11 2014-05-14 21.48.23


4 thoughts on “Prince Kuon Casiraghi – Main Story Review

  1. I played both main stories… And I like Kuon better than Hayden 🙂
    The first thing that bugged me a little is the MC and even Kent the butler (+ Zain III) never called Kuon Your Highness, or Prince Kuon. They just called him Kuon.
    Even Glenn, he was an ex-KING, but no they just called them Glenn.
    While in Hayden’s route, there is one time the MC is asked by Hayden to address himself more informally, and Lloyd does call Hayden Your Highness. Well maybe this is the translation issue.
    The thing I like about Kuon’s route is that Prince Kuon actually… seems to be a normal person :))))) He has his issues and the reason why his perspective seems irrensponsible for a prince/future king. I just don’t understand why he was 28 years old already and he just ran away in his own will regardless of any consequeces at a girl’s – who yelled at him in the marriage interview – shabby place. That’s more like too immature. Well he changed (by MC’s influence) afterwards anyway but it’s like yeah-i-changed-my-perspectives-but-no-i-dun-wanna-talk-with-my-grandpa. He.sulks.all.the.time =_________= He’s pamperred after alll.
    28 years old and he does not know how to express himself, he calls her a lowly-upbringing and low status and ordinary stuff and then no-i-dun-have-any-grudge-against-commoners-because-my-grandma-was-one…
    Yo, try to make the sentences less insulting, you did sound like Joshua/Seig to me =))
    Regardless of the events I kinda like the romance side of this and Kuon himself in some events. I can see the influence on Kuon by the MC and I understand why he falls in love with her. It’s not… just happen like in Hayden’s route. In Hay’s story, I have no idea why he was attracted to her too much.. Like Wilfred, I did think it’s a bit of love/interest at first sight (and for me? If the main male char falls in love at the beginning… nothing for me to do here anymore…) Too… princely, too good to be true and Hayden’s cold side is nowhere to be found. The MC is too plain, and suddenly one day they automatically acknowledge themselves as a couple and prince Hay: no-we-cannot-do-this-we-need-more-dramas-in-our-lives-for-me-to-realise-I-should-never-let-you-go. I think we should thank the villain(s) in Hay’s stories for ‘supporting’ their love stories…
    And please I love you my German and Italian princes Seig and Oliver just freaking release the love stories with you guys…
    Sorrry my comments always tend to be super lengthy…

  2. In the good ending after the party, instead of taking you back to his place you go back to the amusement park and go on the Ferris wheel. Then you talk a little bit and kiss.

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