The Boys of Be My Princess 2


Have you checked out Be My Princess 2 yet?  Continue reading for a general review of what is happening in the story and a brief description of each guy to help you choose which stories you want to read!  As I read and put up reviews for each of the individual stories, I will link them to this post.  And let’s get started! 

Note: Information in this post is based on knowledge gained from reading the Prologue and Kuon’s Main Story.  I will update the information here as I check out the other stories.

General Background: The events of Be My Princess 2 occur 50 years after the original Be My Princess. You are a young woman who is an apprentice pastry chef living in a small apartment on your own in the city.  One day your boss informs you that you must deliver an emergency batch of flour to Nobel Michel.  Because you are an MC of a Voltage app, you stumble through a series of oh-so-random events that leads you to personally meet each of the 6 princes who have come to Nobel Michel.  During the wedding party, each of the princes throw a bouqet out into the crowd of woman as a pretty random way of choosing their first dance partner.  You, of course, get nailed right in the head with a bouquet as you try to sneak out of the party hall.

And let’s meet the men! 

  • Hayden Spencer: grandchild of Prince Wilfred.  He’s kind, gentle, and takes his job as prince very seriously.  But his role as the “Perfect Prince” seems to be wearing on him, and he appears lonely.
  • Kuon Casiraghi: arrogant, uninterested, hard to read.  He kind of has a sullen, jaded personality very similar to his grandfather, Prince Glenn.  Review for Kuon’s main story completed; click here!
  • Sieg Lieben: very arrogant about being a prince. He acts like he’s doing MC a favor by letting her breathe the same air, ride in the same car, etc.  Very similar to Prince Joshua when it comes to his attitude about commoners.  MC refers to him as “King of Jerks”
  • Oliver Button: very friendly, laid back, and flirtatious (does this remind you of anyone? Yep, you guessed it.  Related to Prince Roberto.  Refers to the MC as the “pastry cutie”
  • Ivan Chernenkov: appears to be rather cold, intimidating, and serious.  He is not afraid to be brutally.  But apparently he is a good dance instructor.
  • Aslan Mafdir: doesn’t seem all that excited to be a ruler.  Has a rather sweet, innocent personality.
  • Zain III: mysteriously, he looks exactly like the original Zain.  Which means he’s gorgeous.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I hope they write us some butler stories again!

And that’s the cast!  Overall, I’m surprised that Voltage made the personalities of the grandchildren resemble their grandparents from the original BMP app so closely.  Have you read Kuon’s or Hayden’s stories yet?  What did you think?  Or are you waiting for someone else?  How do you feel about the latest app in the Be My Princess universe?


7 thoughts on “The Boys of Be My Princess 2

  1. I just finished Hayden (though i prefer Henry in the jap versions) earlier. And I got to say, he is much cuter than Wilfred, and he can tease the mc. Really excited about Seig’s route after finishing Hayden’s and of course baby Aslan (he is the youngest 26 I think) XD

    Anyway, really love your reviews and how you describe the stories/characters, keep up the good work 😀

  2. Yesterday, I bought Hayden’s route first and I dropped at chapter 10 -____- Then I bought Kuon’s main story and finished it before turning back to Big H :))
    The reason I bought the stories should be MAINLY the BGMs ;A; I just squee over the BGMs and the BGs (I actually hummed along the main BGMs in yesterday’s boring lecture! @@) Well, because the 1st season’s daily life BGM ALWAYS wear me out…
    (And the eye candy… Gosh they must have a bunch of hot guys on one screen, this is bad for my poor heart.. Why even BUTLERS need to be ALL hot?)
    Firstly, it’s about the prologue. I got super baffled about the bouquet tossing thing 😐 I mean Zain III did say that when a woman caught (or got nailed in the head…with) a bouquet, it meant the prince had chosen her as a potential bride (and only one woman each prince in that party…)
    Well, WHAT IF he missed the shot of throwing the bouquet at her (or many princes chose her at once then who was she gonna dance with :)))??? I did try to think that is just a random thing but in Hayden’s route, he said he chose her because she seemed to be running away, which means it should not be a random thing, should be on purpose! A bouquet was dropped onto her head in a jostling crowd of ladies (who, unlike the MC, are extremely excited to get the bouquet and desired it at any price) and voila~ you were the one specially chosen out by me – a prince.
    About the cast, you should mention the hottie butlers too. In the routes available, butlers are… EVERYWHERE (sorry Big Hay I fell for Lloyd harder than you…) including Zain III! Lloyd shows his interest in the MC quite obviously (especially at the end)… and she’s quite close to Kent, who formally asked her to be a reconciling bridge between the two royal members.
    Another thing, why the hell does Zain III look exactly like… Zain I, even his hairstyle, and even the NAME? :)) This should be a traditional thing for stewards… There was no Wilfred I, II and III =))
    Mostly of the routes’ events happen in Nobel Michel… This place is a loveyland…
    I actually wait for Seig, Oliver, Ivan, Aslan and KEITH’S grandson Kevin (OMG I am a Keithfan I even love the MC there she’s so cool~), well basically anyone remaining especially those who are twisted…
    And the game is buggy… I reinstalled twice for completing Kuon’s route…
    Whoopsie, sorry for the lengthy comment 😀

  3. I have just finished Hayden main story. Purchased it at 3.99 and thought it was worth the money. More lovely backgrounds. Sound effects are better now with music matching the scene mood. Episodes are longer with MC having more options. Storyline is good with many more detailed interactions between characters. Few to none errors in encoding. I absolutely love Sieg’s scene in this story!! Oh the MC being pastry chef, just love it!! Will definitely try Koun’s. Ah!! I cant wait til they release Ivan and Aslan also…

  4. Am I the only one who thinks this games is SO much like the original? I mean, the personalities of the princes are ALMOST the same, and Prince Sieg is the grandson of Prince Joshua and they look SO MUCH ALIKE , Wilfred and Hayden too. I think Voltage could do a better job, or al least they can switch their personalities. I don´t know, I only think that if a buy one route I would be playing the same one as the original, only with different names.

    Although I do like VERY MUCH the music in this game it really suits the scene of the game.

    Well this is just my opinion, see you later 🙂

    • To be honest Hayden and Wilfred looked so much alike it confused me. The resemblance was too much. But I found the story lines different.

  5. I played Hayden first and thought there couldnt be a better choice, and how neat it would be if Sieg and Olivia Wise hooked up, Then I read a review concerning Sieg, and thought about how much I loved when he showed up with Oliver (who I may add is EXACTLY like his grandfather which I adore,) and I have to say I am fangirl-ed over Sieg.

  6. Hello, I was reading the review and I was thinkig Kevin, prince Keith’s grandson and Maxmillan, prince Edward’s son are missing! Thanks for the effort anyways. As well as they released Ivan’s grandfather story. If u want to read it, it is avaible on be my princess 1. Am looking forward for Aslan’s grandfather and more characters to be released but it’s been ages since I have been waitin ☹️

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