Tsubasa Shirai – Main Story Review

2014-05-24 22.48.54(Tsubasa sure knows how to be a gentleman.)

Basic Story Premise: You ask for 10 more days to live because you’ve been put in charge of your first official project at work, and you don’t want to let this amazing opportunity slip you by.  It doesn’t hurt that the project revolves around a super popular and good-looking model, Tsubasa.  You’re initially quite taken by the cheerful model, but you quickly become conflicted when you realize that his friendly exterior may just be a fake facade.  Who is the real Tsubasa hiding behind the angelic smile? And speaking of angelic, what will you do when you discover that he is not just a celebrity model but also an angel?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

Tsubasa: Initially, Tsubasa is an absolute sweetheart.  (Sweet enough to give a girl a toothache.  Seriously.) But then you find yourself eavesdropping outside of his dressing room and hear this: 2014-05-24 21.45.50Luckily, he isn’t talking specifically about you.  Just women in general.  (That doesn’t really make it better, does it?) And his rant continues with more negative things that I won’t get into at this moment.

But after listening to these words, you (because you are an insightful, genius MC) realize that Tsubasa may not be such a sweetheart after all.  And if you weren’t completely sure about that decision yet, then we can just refer to this moment:2014-05-24 21.58.50But that doesn’t discourage you.  Instead, this knowledge only makes you further obsessed with finding out what the real Tsubasa is like.  When you ask Seiji, his “manager” about it, he has no problem informing you:

2014-05-24 22.04.55Hmm, so you say Tsubasa has built up a wall between himself and everyone else?  Well, no worries.  Miley Cyrus MC is here with a wrecking ball to obliterate it.

Steadily, Tsubasa warms up to you, and his cute side comes out to play.  2014-05-24 22.46.34

My Opinion: I was initially really excited when Tsubasa was finally released; I enjoyed seeing him in the other Main Stories.  But I was left somewhat unsatisfied by the story that Voltage has woven for us.  There were definitely a few loose strings here and there.  For example…

During the initial conversation the MC overhears while Tsubasa is in his dressing room with Seiji, she overhears him agreeing to meet with a girl later that night on what she assumes is a date.  And then later on she mentions that she is slightly disappointed about him having a girlfriend (this is before she starts falling in love with him).  But as the story develops, no one mentions this mysterious “girlfriend” ever again.  Not Tsubasa, and not MC.  She completely forgets that she assumed he was already taken.  (Unless she doesn’t mind being a relationship-wrecker?)

It is reiterated over and over how popular Tsubasa is with the public: his fans are willing to get violent to try to see him.  And yet, there are numerous instances where MC and Tsubasa are out in public (going to a convenience store, wandering home after a photoshoot, going to a bar after work).  And yet no one appears to recognize him.

On top of loose strings, I felt like Voltage got a little… lazy/stingy with the story writing.  In one example, Tsubasa is explaining why he prefers to uphold his facade and keep people from getting too close to him.  I won’t post the whole conversation because it will be too much, but here is a snippet: 2014-05-24 22.12.39This is supposed to be the “ah hah!” moment behind Tsubasa’s character; the moment when he explains why he is so aloof with people.  But honestly… I just found it vague, confusing, and anticlimactic.  (And just to give you a brief synopsis of what he says: there was a girl he idolized –not in love with, just idolized– whom he tried to help.  He broke a few rules to try to help her with her boyfriend, but she ended up getting her heart broken anyway.  Now he believes that his interference made that situation worse, leading to his decision not to get involved with people ever for the rest of his life.)  Actually, my summary of the conversation is probably better and clearer than the way he says it in the story.

But hold on.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions.  Tsubasa is trying to be purposefully vague when telling the story.  Probably because it is related to him being an angel, and he isn’t supposed to talk about angel business with humans.  Voltage is just going to wait until the end of the story to clarify the story from his past, right?

Wrong.  In the second to last chapter, someone briefly mentions that when Tsubasa breaks the rules to save you, it his actually the second time that he did so.  And while I’m desperately waiting to learn more about the significant incident from his past, no one mentions it ever again.


I’m sure Voltage will bring up his past in a future Tsubasa story.  But am I going to pay for more?  Don’t know yet.  Voltage could have easily thrown in a conversation or two between the angels and MC explaining more details during the last chapter or two.  But they chose not to do that and instead to spread his story out, leaving a loose/vague plotline within his Main Story.

In one more example of lazy writing, Voltage doesn’t really explain how Tsubasa saves MC at the end.  He just… does.  And then he is taken away.  There are very minimal details explaining the entire situation.  There are tons of unanswered questions: What does the ring have to do with anything? If Tsubasa had that power, why didn’t he just do it earlier? What happened to him in Heaven? etc.  Basically, the ending falls flat.

Overall: This is a romantic drama about how the MC cracks through the protective walls Tsubasa puts up around him.  There is no action plot like in some of the other main stories.  It’s mostly a “the MC has to work with a celebrity” story sort of like the stories from Seduced in the Sleepless City but with a Devil/Angel/Death twist.  You will interact with the demon boys and the angels Rein and Seiji.  When the demon boys are around, the interactions are usually entertaining (except when it came to Kakeru because he was strangely really nice to the MC in this Main Story), but I would not call this story a comedy.  Rein is also quite amusing when he makes an appearance: 2014-05-24 22.03.30(In case you were wondering, when Rein gets drunk, he becomes one of those “I love everyone” drunks.  Better than a belligerent drunk or a sad, crying drunk.)

As much as I had high hopes for this one, I definitely will not be adding it to my favorites list.  I did love seeing more of Tsubasa and his character (and his CGs).  However, the story writing was on the weaker side.  This Main Story could have been much stronger and more enjoyable if Voltage had just chosen to slow down a little bit and clarify more of the details of the story to help build proper context and keep up the momentum of the plot.

Oh, and MC becomes rather obsessed with Tsubasa relatively early on in.  (So much that she can’t stop thinking about him during work or at night while she is supposed to be sleeping.)  I was almost afraid this story was going to turn in to a “the MC is a stalker” story.

Let’s end this segment with this random screenshot I took during a conversation the MC has with Kakeru towards the end.  2014-05-24 23.02.04(What gibberish are you speaking, Kakeru?  Go home; you’re drunk.)

The Endings: 2 endings are available, Super Happy and Happy.  I would say that they are very, very similar to each other (about 90-95% the exact same), which is somewhat disappointing.  Here’s a brief synopsis of what happens:

On the 11th morning, you head to work.  On the train, you see a news story about how Tsubasa is missing.  Two months pass, and Tsubasa randomly shows up.  His powers have been taken away, and his life span was shortened.  As he is explaining all this, people around you start to recognize him…

In the Super Happy Ending: Oh wait, not all of his powers have been taken away.  He can still fly, so he grabs you and the two of you fly off.  In public.  When you ask about people seeing you two fly off, he explains that he put up a barrier to hide them.  (Wait, so he also got to keep his power to make barriers too…?  –Come on, Voltage, you’re getting really sloppy.)  Anyway, he takes you to a secluded place where the two of you watch the sun set and share a romantic moment.

In the Happy Ending, he doesn’t suddenly have powers of flight and barrier conjuring.  As a result, the two of you are quickly surrounded by the public and reporters.  When questioned, he announces that he came back for you, the MC, and then the two of you quickly dash away.  (Kind of seems like an awkward scene if I try to imagine it in my mind.)

And here are his CGs!2014-05-24 23.49.49 2014-05-24 23.50.03 2014-05-24 23.50.14 2014-05-24 23.50.26 2014-05-24 23.50.38


5 thoughts on “Tsubasa Shirai – Main Story Review

  1. – About the girlfriend mentioned in the early story, I actually do not feel the fact that she never appears again bugging me, because i think she’s just… not significant enough. Well, y’know, this story’s base situation (of celebrity and a co-worker (fan) together) always involve the celeb having partners here and there until he/she finds his/her other half…
    – About whatever he does after he saves the MC, I read the first chapter of the Epilogue and I realised the details of that (and maybe about Tsubasa’s past) would be discussed there. But I’ve never spent money on Epilogues, so I have no idea.
    About his past, I think Voltage must have claimed that the readers knew about what happened already so they did not bother to explain (give the whatever ring for the toastee until the toast-time passes and the name will be erased from the database).
    – The MC, she’s a REAL FANGIRL, she squeed every time i squeed, and she didn’t hesitated to show her love to her idol, until real love came and admiration turned into obsession. The power of love.
    Well, the story is not as satisfying as Shiki’s Main Story (I cried a whole lot when reading his story), but I love Tsubasa himself more. And it felt SUPER nice to see a bunch of hottie angels (and Kakeru as a all-the-time-cockblocker)~~

    • I agree; the best part of the story is just having Tsubasa around. I think he’s adorable.

      Unfortunately, I have standards and expectations if I spend four dollars on an app. So if there are details that aren’t significant, I believe they should have been completely omitted in the first place. (The impact of the conversation would have been the same without him being on the phone with some random girl if the MC just overheard him complaining about the staff at the photoshoot.)

      And just as a personal preference, I don’t like to spend money on epilogues unless they are on sale because I don’t think they are worth the money. And when voltage leaves too many loose ends, it just makes for a disorganized disappointing story. Oh well.

      Is Shiki your favorite from the devil series?

      • I agree with your standards and expectations. Well Voltage is doing business, not telling something in the main story and we only know in the Epilogue should be one way for players to purchase the Epilogue. For instance, in Class Trip Crush, i watched Homare’s Epilogue on Youtube and after the lovey-dovey scene, the Epilogue ended like Homare having a phone call telling that his Mom was hospitalized… I was like wtf… Sometimes Voltage leaves the stories’ endings ‘open’ just like that.
        Actually Shiki’s MAIN STORY is my favorite, not Shiki himself… I feel he’s not the best type of a boyfriend… After getting together I feel the MC should become more of his Mom… I’m not into the type of cold/cool/perfect guys (e.g. all those on the May list of fav characters on Voltage Library… like Soryu, Masaomi…)
        I like the weirdness and thick-skin and teasing type like Satoru, Rein or Tsubasa. UNFORTUNATELY, none of their stories impress me… The only thing I think it’s a bit worth of my £2.50 is Satoru’s teasing, Rein’s accent and Tsubasa’s presence. There are many Voltage stories that made me satisfied although I was not into that type of guy at first, and vice versa 🙂 Do you have any? 😀

  2. Hmm… I think I might wait until this story goes on sale before I drop $5 on it. I heard somewhere that there was another angel out in Japan and he was a prince or something? Or I’m just imagining things XD

    • Hmmm I’m not sure who that may be, but in one of the other stories you do end up meeting the Angel prince. (I think it was one of haruhito’s stories.). I’m intrigued now; gotta go back and do some research!

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