And I’m back!

Hello, lovely readers!

I’m very excited to announce that I am back.  And hopefully I will be able to stay that way for awhile.  I’ve been spending some time navigating the Voltage world again after being away for some time.  And wow!  There are some changes!  Like…

  • Main stories that are chopped in half so that they cost us $7.99 US (not really a fan of this change)
  • Movies for each app that open up and try to play every time I open the app (not sure if I’m a fan of this change)
  • Options for us to buy endings (definitely won’t be bothering with this feature!)
  • More stories/apps! (although, some are feeling strangely familiar to older apps)
  • The option to rewind (definitely a fan of this feature!  Especially for when I am trying to take screencaps!)

I’ve got my first review up and going; it will be published as soon as this update goes through.  Any recommendations on which stories/apps/characters I should spend my money and time on next?


16 thoughts on “And I’m back!

  1. Glad to see you’ve returned. If you missed their routes, I wholeheartedly recommend Metro PD’s Kimura, Kirisawa, and Nomura stories. The translation and MC are awesome, and the stories have a surprising amount of nuance and moral ambiguity without becoming nihilistic.

    • Great, I’m gonna have to check them out! I think I’ve actually already purchased Kimura’s, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and read it with a careful eye.

  2. I would most definitely recommend True Love Sweet Lies! It’s the only ever game I’ve played recently where I don’t completely feel like I’m getting suckered for cash…most of the time…try it!

    So glad you’re back, really missed you!

  3. Yea ! Main stories are now super short which cost more than they did before ? Ugh why are we paying more for less? Or well I’m still gonna buy them XD . Plus voltage is pulling through and releasing quickly, that’s not always a good sign though …

    • Star Crossed is definitely on my list to check out asap! And is Kido a late add to OTBS? I don’t recall his name in the original release. Wow, so many stories to catch up on!

      • Kido is a late add on to OTBS. He appears in Season 2 – when MC and [insert a character] moves into a renovated Love Hotel Apartment. He’s the neighbour slash co-worker.

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