Kyohei Rikudoh – Main Story Review

2015-03-29 00.29.49

Basic Story Premise: You’ve relucatantly agreed to being Revance’s ghostwriter.  And to top it off, Kyohei wants you to write a “sexy” song for their upcoming 10 year anniversary.  As you trudge along trying to figure out how to put some sexy lyrics together, someone from Kyohei’s past shows up and offers to take over as Revance’s producer.  Kyohei tells him no, but what will happen when that man decides to use you to try to get what he wants?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  

Kyohei: Kyohei is our typical “alpha male” Voltage character.  He’s tough; he’s bossy; and he teases the MC mercilessly.  Check out this gif for what a typical conversation might look like. output_tVJoMc

However, (like most of Voltage’s alpha male characters who are out to take over the world) he has a tragic past that drives his need to succeed, and the MC is quick to uncover it.2015-03-29 01.19.19Once the MC cracks into Kyohei’s past, he actually turns into a softie.  And he remains that way for the rest of the story.  Compared to some of Voltage’s other “alpha male” character types, he gentles quite quickly.

My Opinion: When I first downloaded Scandal, I was hoping it would be the re-vamped version of Voltage’s Celebrity Darling Gree app (because Haru Shindo was my first official Voltage love; not ashamed to say it).  However, it’s not.  Sigh.  Oh well, gotta move on; plenty of other Voltage hunks to take up my time, right?

For my first venture back into Voltage stories, I thought Kyohei’s story was a decent one.  At the beginning, I realized what the story line was: 2015-03-29 00.28.36 and I was thinking: Seriously, Voltage?  Don’t you know your own MC?  She is clumsy, sweet, usually naive, and genuine.  She is not erotic.  MC and erotic don’t even belong in the same sentence.

But you know what?  I think Voltage (mostly) pulled it off.  I actually believed that MC was able to write a sexy song by the end of the main story.  So points for you, Voltage.

The weak point of Kyohei’s story is the villain.  2015-03-29 00.51.00His character was just… sloppy.  It felt like Voltage could not figure out what they wanted Shinya to be.  Is he a hero trying to rescue MC from Revance?  Is he a rival for her affections?  Is he a selfish competitor who only wants to use MC?

I just couldn’t figure it out, especially when he continuously stated that he was in love with MC and then trying to blackmail her for something all in the same breath.  Even his role in the dramatic ending was very confusing.

Anywho, like I stated.  I felt overall that Voltage did a decent job on Kyohei’s story.  Except for whenever Shinya came on to the screen.  Then it just became a mess until he left.

Overall: Kyohei’s story is a romantic drama.  If you’re looking for a cocky hero who gives the MC a hard time until he realizes that he is in love with her and then transforms into her gallant knight, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s not much of a comedy except for when Kota comes onto the screen like in this gif I’ve compiled for you:output_mvRiPY(If the gif is not working, just click to check it out.  #gifproblems)

The Endings: There are two endings possible: romantic time and dramatic love.

Romantic time: Kyohei, MC, and Shinja are spotted before the concert.  The rest of the band appears and covers for them so that Kyohei and MC can get away.  After viewing the concert, Kyohei takes MC home and sings her a ballad that is his response to her song that she wrote for Revance.  He confesses his feelings for MC, sweeps her off her feet, and takes her to the bedroom.

Dramtic Love: Kyohei protects MC from Shinja and calls her the girl he loves.  Before the concert, MC is given an all access pass where she gets the best view of the show.  The boys sing the song she wrote for them, and Kyohei sings a ballad about lost love that he wrote in response to her song and even pulls her up on stage.  After the concert, Kyohei confesses explains why he didn’t use his opportunity to make love to her earlier.

And here are his CGs!

2015-03-29 02.41.43 2015-03-29 02.41.47 2015-03-29 02.41.52 2015-03-29 02.41.56


3 thoughts on “Kyohei Rikudoh – Main Story Review

  1. Honestly the first time around this game didn’t really catch my attention, the ads didn’t really look that appealing. After reading your review I decided to give it a shot; and I’m so glad I did! It was a fun ride all the way through, I completely agree with you when it comes to the “villain”, and I can’t wait for Nagito’s story, the way he’s described makes me hopeful for something like Kenshi Crome LLFTX. I guess we’ll see!

    I am curious though, which ending did you like better?

    • Well I’m glad my review made you change your first impression on the app! And I would LOVE a character like Kenshi. (Gah, I adore him so much!) When it comes to the endings, I think I like the dramatic one a little bit more. not because he proclaims his love for MC to the whole world, but because he rescued her from the “villain” at the beginning, and I’m a sucker for a knight in shining armor (although I do wish the MC was stronger than the typical damsel in distress).

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