Seiji Goto – Main Story 1 Review

2015-04-26 01.55.24

Basic Story Premise: You’ve made your way to an elite police academy, and you’re determined to become a good detective.  Your first few weeks prove extremely difficult: you fail miserably during most of  your academy exercises and start to doubt that you have what it takes.  Luckily, you are somehow paired with Goto and serve as his aide as you progress through your education.  Although he doesn’t say much, the few words he does share with you give you the motivation you need to struggle through.  (He also spends a lot of his time in his office without clothes on changing his shirt.  And if seeing a half-naked Goto isn’t motivating, I’m not sure what is.)  As you continue your training, you also try your best to help Goto with a difficult case he’s on.  But what happens when the bad guys kidnap the Chief, and you find yourself thrust right into the middle of a dangerous situation?  Have you learned enough skills to survive… and will Goto be able to help you before it’s too late?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  

Goto: Goto is a quiet, serious, indifferent hero.  2015-04-26 02.14.47At the beginning of the story, he could not care less about whether the MC existed or not.  He is hard to read than the typical Voltage hero, but that just adds to his sense of mystery.  His qualities also make it seem like he is a rather cold individual.  2015-04-26 03.00.28But don’t worry.  Give him some time, and he warms right up.  It also doesn’t hurt that you encounter him like this quite frequently during the beginning of the story: 2015-04-26 02.15.13

My Opinion: When I first started this story, I was worried that it would be like his Main Story in the My Sweet Bodyguard app.  Luckily it’s not.  This story is better than his previous Main Story, but I still think it is not one of Voltage’s best stories.  Let’s briefly discuss why:

  1. Goto.  Honestly, I adore Goto.  I always have, ever since he showed his face in Subaru’s Main Story from My Sweet Bodyguard.  However, his character lacks development.  We briefly learn that there is something that Goto is trying to accomplish, but then we never learn about it (Main Story 2, perhaps?).  We know very little of his past (I was wondering if his tragic past love story line from My Sweet Bodyguard would pop up in this app.  So far it has not.)  At the end of the story, MC realizes that she is in love with Goto.  But honestly, I don’t see how Goto can be in love with her (yet).  Hopefully this is further explored in Main Story 2.
  2. Why does everyone keep referring to MC as the academy’s top student?  (Why, why, why?? Tell me now, Voltage!) She appears to fail miserably at all the exercises, and yet she is the top student?  If she is the top student just from her application to the school, then Voltage has still failed to inform me why she is the top applicant among all the other elite applicants.
  3. The reason why she is chosen as the decoy at the end of the story is weak.  Because the villains will let their guard down because she is a girl?  Especially when the characters repeatedly tell her this:2015-04-26 03.10.41
  4. Could just be me, but I felt the story was a bit sexist.  This is one of the few Voltage stories where we have a strong MC who has chosen to work in a dangerous field.  When she is selected to be Goto’s aide, I was hoping she would be doing some interesting things like: organizing case files, taking notes during meetings, grading papers, etc.  Instead, what is she asked/expected to do?  Clean.  Cook.  Iron.  I don’t think the male aides would have been asked to do the same.  Perhaps the MC packed her maid costume before she left to attend the academy.

Okay, so after my list of complaints I will still say that I did enjoy reading the story.  There were things that irked me (see #4) and a few weak plot points (#1-3).  But.  Like I stated earlier, I am a Goto fan, so I am biased and more lenient toward his story.  I also liked the fact that this is one of the few apps where MC is not just a baker/cook/chef/office worker.  She is stronger than the typical MC, and she dives right into the action even if she believes the action can result in her death.

Oh, and we can’t forget this guy.  2015-04-26 02.27.55Subaru shows up periodically just to poke holes into Goto’s perfectly cool exterior which leads to cute moments like in this gif: output_6BEOJHMr. Pajamas?  Rosemary?  Intriguing.

Overall: This is a romantic action drama– Wait.  Hold on.  Sorry, I made a mistake.  This is a comedic action drama where we watch the MC fall in love with Goto.  There really isn’t any true romance in this Main Story.  (I guess we have to pay Voltage a few more dollars if we want to see the actual romance happen.  Sigh.)  This story would not rank at the top of my list, but I did enjoy reading it.  And there were several moments that made me LOL.  If you enjoy the cast of boys in this app and are a fan of Subaru’s, this may be a worthwhile investment.  Otherwise, you may want to wait until it is on sale or just skip it entirely.  

The Endings: There are two endings possible: Good and Happy.  They both begin the same: Goto is injured while protecting MC from a bullet before others come in to take control of the situation with the villain.  Goto recovers from his injuries while MC continues with her training: she ends up passing her midterm and staying at the academy.  And then the endings branch here.

Good: Soma asks MC if she wants to join him and the other instructors on a visit to Goto at the hospital which she quickly accepts.  While there, the boys tease Goto before he and MC escape for some air on the roof of the hospital.  While she tells him about her midterm results, she realizes that she is in love with him.  Later on, Soma checks on her.  She tells him the story of how she was inspired to become a police officer: 5 years ago on a stormy night a detective jumped in front of her and saved her.  After a moment, Soma recalls that Goto was out on a mission 5 years ago on a stormy night…

Happy: Soma asks MC to deliver a care package to Goto at his home.  While there, she helps clean and cook for him because he is still healing.  While they spend time together, MC realizes that she is in love with Goto.  After her visit, Soma asks her about how Goto is doing.  And, similar to the Good Ending, she ends up telling Soma about that night 5 years ago that motivated her to become a police officer.

And here are his CGs! (Did anyone watch the Steve Carell and Tina Fey movie “Date Night?” The second CG totally made me think of that movie and the scene where they meet up with some thugs. The scene is here just in case you are curious.  Sorry, random tangent! But the second CG totally made me laugh. “He turned it sideways!”)

2015-04-26 04.48.13 2015-04-26 04.48.14 2015-04-26 04.48.19


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