Seiji Goto – Main Story 2 Review

2015-05-27 21.23.21(What, are you sure?  I think you’d look pretty good in a cape…)

Basic Story Premise: You struggle to hide your feelings for Goto while being his aide.  However, it becomes more and more difficult when the two of you are paired to go on a real mission as a bodyguard for a political figure.  What happens when your mission takes a dangerous turn, and the gentle Goto you’ve gotten to know suddenly shuts down and turns cold?  Could it be related to his mysterious past?  Will you be able to break through to this new Goto before someone gets hurt in the line of duty?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  

Goto: Okay, this is the second half of the Main Story, so I’m going to assume you know what Goto’s character is like.  Let’s just talk about some new stuff.  If you’re a Goto fan, you will be happy to learn that Voltage takes the time to finally give him some character development.

2015-05-27 21.24.13We are introduced to Kazuki Natsuki, someone from Goto’s past.  In Goto’s Main Story in My Sweet Bodyguard, Goto is haunted by Kazuki, his first love who was a metropolitan police officer who was killed on the job.  In this app, Goto is haunted by Natsuki, his first partner who was also killed on the job.  2015-05-27 21.19.02Well, I’m sure you can infer that he was not able to protect her. Although, it wasn’t directly his fault either.

Voltage is very careful never to refer to Natsuki as Goto’s lover, but he is clearly obsessed with her and her death.  Other people in Goto’s life also tiptoe around him when it comes to talking about Natsuki, so it is difficult to figure out if he was really in love with her or not.

My Opinion: If you’ve read my previous Goto review for his Main Story Part 1, then you know I am a Goto fan.  So I really wanted to love his story.  But…


Not the worst story I’ve read.  Definitely not the best.  My biggest complaint would have to be the lack of romance in this story.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “What do you mean there is no romance?  Why am I spending money on a romance story with no romance?”

Well, Goto is such a quiet, introverted character that we don’t actually see when he starts falling in love with the MC.  Yes, he does fall in love with her by the end, but it is quite subtle.  Goto’s story is a story of inner turmoil, and it is hard to portray inner turmoil romance on a visual story.  Yes, he is gallant and constantly rescuing and protecting the MC from danger (even though she should really be capable of protecting herself at least some of the time).  However, he is a public safety officer.  Of course he should be protecting her, any officer would.  So those moments don’t really feel all that unique and romantic.

He is also constantly telling his fellow officers/bodyguards to shut up when he and/or MC are being teased.  And although these moments are cute, they don’t scream “romance” to me.

The few sparks of romance that do exist are available in the “special stories” that Voltage has separated from the Main Story as an unlockable feature (for some reason).  These special stories are included with the Main Story and unlocked as you progress through each chapter, but you have to exit the story and return to the Scene Selection screen to check them out so I (personally) feel like they are a nuisance.  Why not just leave them in the story, Voltage?

Also, the proof-reader for this story must have been drunk or on vacation when it was released.  There were noticeable typos and grammatical errors throughout the story.2015-05-27 22.43.20Natsuko??  You know there’s a problem when Voltage can’t even spell one of their character’s names right.

But, like I said, there are moments that I liked from this story.  2015-05-27 22.39.19Subaru and his smart-ass mouth are back.  Along with the rest of the Party Team.  2015-05-27 21.02.27And Kurosawa plays counterpart to Goto’s introverted, quiet self with his cute, perky personality.

Overall: This is an action drama with some comedy and sprinkles of romance thrown in.  The conversations between some of the more insulting characters (Kaga, Subaru, etc) create a few laugh out loud moments.  And at the end, we get some romance when Goto finally admits to loving the MC (although the leading up to that point is poorly done).  Unless you are a huge fan of Goto’s, I’m gonna take a guess and say that you may  be disappointed in this story.  Your money may be better spent on someone else.  

The Endings: There are two endings possible: Good and Happy.  They both begin the same: Now that the case is solved, the MC’s life has calmed down.  Goto asks you go to with him somewhere, and he takes you to Natsuki’s grave.

Good: While at the cemetery, Goto confesses his feelings to MC.  A few days later, they return to the SP room at the Prime Minister’s residence and the bodyguards propose a goodbye party for the MC (because she is done with her gig as a bodyguard).

Happy: Goto and MC are at a train station on their way back from the cemetery when a knife-wielding fanatic tries to attack.  Goto once again protects MC.  Goto and MC have a heartfelt discussion about the type of detectives they want to be (because MC was inspired to be a detective because Goto rescued her five years ago).  Goto confesses his feelings to MC and asks her to be with him.

And here are his CGs!  (And yes, that’s a view of Subaru also partly shirtless with Goto.  You get a two-for-one deal on that CG.)

2015-05-27 22.55.10 2015-05-27 22.55.12 2015-05-27 22.55.18


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