Oda Nobunaga – Budding Hearts Main Story Review

2015-06-04 23.05.20(Oh…uhm… Thanks for your generosity?  I guess I won’t have to worry about every being fired as a servant with people like you around.)

Basic Story Premise: Your old life as a simple farm girl becomes uprooted when Lord Nobunaga suggests that you become a servant at his grand castle.  Working at the castle is a new adventure, and you adapt to your new role while also finding time to become acquainted with Lord Nobunaga.  However, not everyone approves of your potential relationship with Nobunaga, and you find yourself victim to petty pranks and jealous rumors.  You can’t help but believe you are overstepping your role; after all, you are a mere peasant while Nobunaga is the ruler of the country.  Maybe the others are right: you are merely a hindrance to Nobunaga who is striving hard to unify the country.  Will you choose to stick by Nobunaga?  Or is that just selfishness?  Perhaps the best choice is to just let him go…

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.

Nobunaga: Nobunaga is the first in line to lead the Oda Clan/country.  He has a castle.  And leads an army.  And has a bunch of vassals.  And, yet, he still has enough time to keep randomly popping up in the MC’s village just in time to rescue her from her inappropriate cousin.

2015-06-04 16.27.28But I guess he eventually becomes tired of commuting over to her village to see her because he suggests that she just be a servant at his castle.

Nobunaga is labeled as the arrogant, bossy hero for this Voltage App.  When Voltage labels a hero as “confident” and “arrogant” I usually envision characters like Riki (Love letter from a Thief), Kakeru (10 days), or Subaru (Bodyguard).  But Nobunaga is not like them.   Check out this screenshot: 2015-06-04 22.48.55Can you imagine Kakeru or Eisuke (Baddest Bidder) ever looking “dumbfounded” enough that his jaw is hanging open? And the MC has the ability to strike Nobunaga speechless dumbfounded a few times throughout the story.

I mean, sure, he’s a bit arrogant.  But, hello, he is the leader of a clan.  Of course he’s somewhat arrogant.  But that was not his distinguishing characteristic. Instead, I would describe him as cocky, silly, thoughtful, and somewhat childish.  And just generally… cute.  And his personality led to a lot of “cute” moments throughout his story.  2015-06-04 23.08.45 2015-06-04 23.08.53As you can see, he spends a lot of time teasing the MC.  And refer to this gif for another cute, comedic moment between Nobunaga and the MC: output_gfFwlb

My Opinion: This is a cute story between a cute hero and an MC who seems spirited at the beginning of the story but then becomes mired down in so much self-doubt that she made me want to slap her a few times.  I did feel somewhat misled because I was expecting a bossy-er, more arrogant hero instead of this cute one, but I got over it.  I was not a huge fan of the style of the artwork for this new Voltage App, but it’s still better than I can draw so I find it hard to criticize that aspect.

I think the story could have been written stronger if it was cut down by at least 25%.  It felt like Voltage was desperately reaching for different plot points to weave them into a story that was long enough to achieve 18 episodes.  If you want a point of reference, here’s a few: Nobunaga already acts like he cares about the MC by episode 6.  He tells her he loves her by episode 12.  One of the aspects I liked about this app was that I noticed that the Main Story had more episodes than some of Voltage’s other apps.  However, the writer(s) of this story seemed to struggle to pull together a streamlined story and threw in a bunch of nonsense filler to make it longer.  And nonsense filler only creates more questions and plot holes instead of answering them, like…

  1. Did MC forget that Nobunaga was the one who rescued her when she was 13? She never mentions it or asks him about it in this story.
  2. How could Nobunaga have had his “first battle” during his Main Story when the prologue states that he previously rescued her when she was 13?  Wouldn’t that have been his “first” battle?
  3. THREE.  Oh, oops.  That wasn’t a question.  Or even a complete sentence.  Let me re-phrase.  THREE is the number of proposals the MC gets in this story.  Nope, I’m not kidding you right now.  Apparently, MC really knows how to get around in this main story.  (If I was a woman in this story, I would definitely hate the MC.  A random peasant is totally stealing all the eligible bachelors!)
  4. Nobunaga gifted the MC a kimono at the beginning of the story, but she returns it because she says she has no opportunity or need to wear a fancy kimono. He states that he will create an opportunity for her by… (drum roll please) by having her become a servant at his castle!  Genius! Except that he forgot that servants don’t wear fancy kimonos.  And then no one mentions the kimono for the rest of the story.2015-06-04 16.30.59(Oh geez, since you’re really forcing me to take this beautiful, expensive kimono, I’m left with no choice! Ugh!)
  5. Mitsuhide.  And the ending.  Just… not well done.  I still don’t really understand how and why that all went down.  It wasn’t well developed at all.  (When did Mitsuhide have enough time to fall in love with her?)2015-06-05 00.14.09

Overall: This is a romantic drama between an impetuous but thoughtful hero and clumsy MC.  The story does tend to drag at certain parts, so those of you who want a really well written story may be disappointed with this one.  And if you are expecting an arrogant, rude, bossy Voltage hero like I was, you will definitely be disappointed with Nobunaga because he is actually rather kind and sweet.  There are elements of action because Nobunaga disappears throughout the story to go war with who-knows-what-people-since-Voltage-stays-vague-about-the-whole-thing, but I would not label this an action story.  And there are moments that made me laugh, but not frequently enough for me to call it a comedy.  The most accurate word to describe this story would simply be… cute.  

Overall, this is another “somewhere in the middle” story: not terrible, not great.

The Endings: There are two endings: Happy and Good.  Interestingly enough, I believe the Happy ending is actually shorter than the Good ending.  Both endings start the same: Nobunaga’s army comes home without him.  However, he safely makes it home and seeks out the MC.

Good: Before he can kiss the MC, they are interrupted.  Nobunaga’s sister suggests a celebratory banquet.  At the banquet, he vows he will continue his efforts to unify the country.  Afterwards, MC and Nobunaga meet at the garden and vow to stand by each other.

Happy: Nobunaga confesses his feelings and informs MC that he will take a break from his campaign to unify the country to spend more time with her.

And here are his CGs!

2015-06-05 21.38.35 2015-06-05 21.38.39 2015-06-05 21.38.42 2015-06-05 21.38.44 2015-06-05 21.38.47 2015-06-05 21.38.50 2015-06-05 21.38.54 2015-06-05 21.38.57 2015-06-05 21.39.02


3 thoughts on “Oda Nobunaga – Budding Hearts Main Story Review

  1. I like your review, I have just finish Nobunaga story and after reading before Yukimura story I can say that I am dissapointed in Nobunaga story. First of all I really don’t like the fact that MC went to the castle only to be treated like in her aunt house, then the fact that just as you said Nobunaga falls in love with MC very fast, and also the fact that I felt that the images were given to fast, for example episode 12 you got an image then in episode 13 you got another image it was so strange because I thought that because there were 18 episodes the images would be better organized.

    Oh!, and about his “first battle” confussion, I was also thinking about that, and what I thought at the end was that maybe he was saying it was his first battle as head of Oda Clan, because in his story he said at age two he was Lord of Nagoya Castle, also when he saved MC in that battle his father was obviously alive so his father would had been the head of the Clan back then…

  2. thx for your reviews! As always their so well written.
    i bought oda’s route too! i really liked it but i did think the MC was annoyingly clumsy :/ he fell in love pretty quick but he was so sweet and quite funny, and i couldn’t wait to read the next chapters.
    I also bought yukimura and his was actually disappointing. it was sweet but overall terribly boring to me.I think i might get kenshin next… 🙂

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