Otome Experience at the Anime Expo 2015

2015-07-05 14.26.31Anime Expo 2015 has just wrapped! Did you make it out this year? Continue past the jump to check out my experience and look at some pictures of the booths for NTT Solmare and Voltage!

So I’ve safely made it home from my journey to the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.  I loved checking out all the cosplay and merchandise… but I was more specifically on the hunt for anything that was Otome related.  I was hoping that there would be more booths than last year, but unfortunately I think there was actually less.  Last year, I was able to locate Voltage, NTT Solmare, and D3publisher.  This year D3publisher was nowhere to be found.  And other companies (like Arithmetic and Koyonplete) still have not chosen to be present.

However.  The two companies that were present have really upped their game this year.  Let’s check them out!


2015-07-05 14.31.56Voltage once again wins for creativity this year.  This time they chose My Forged Wedding to be their booth theme.  They set up a walk-in archway where you can line up to take photos with 3 gentleman dressed as… uhm… *squints at picture* … I think the one in the middle is supposed to be Kuni? And possibly Yamato on the left and Saeki on the right?  Or is that Ren on the right?

Okay, let’s play “guess that My Forged Wedding character with one more close up, un-filted photo! FullSizeRenderI still think the guy in the middle is Kuni because his hair is long and pulled back.  But maybe that’s supposed to be Takao on the left? and Yuta on the right?  I thought I knew my My Forged Wedding characters, but I’m feeling kind of confused.  What do you guys think???

Anyway, you were able to take photos with these guys, and Voltage had cute tables set up around the booth that looked like wedding reception tables.  There was also a section on the wall where you can take a Kabe-don photo with Saeki (a life sized cut out of Saeki, not a person dressed up as Saeki).  Voltage was also selling merchandise…2015-07-05 13.50.04Merchandise included a life-sized tapestry of a few of their characters for a whopping $90 dollars (and people complain about spending $4 on their stories!).

NTT Solmare

Right across from the Voltage booth, Solmare had their booth in their usual spot.  However, they got more creative with their booth than last year (otherwise Voltage would just make them look bad).  2015-07-05 14.35.04 They utilized their token life-sized character cut outs scattered throughout the booth, but they also jazzed up some of their photospots to be a little more special.  They also had this fun board where people can place heart stickers over their favorite characters.  2015-07-05 13.57.55I think Spade, Yukiya, Skeletiano, and Soji win.

Overall, another fun year at the Anime Expo.  Did anyone else make it out there?  What did you think?


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