About Me

Hi, there! Thank you for checking out my blog.

I actually hate talking about myself. (Those icebreakers that teachers always make you participate in on the first day of school? Those were the bane of my existence.) But since this is my blog, I guess it would be kind of awkward to have a totally blank “about me” page.

(Although, the thought is tempting.)

Okay, someone’s gotta suck it up and be the grown up around here, so I guess that’s going to have to be me.

My name is Diora Leigh. I…
…am from the US
…can tuck myself away with my favorite books and stay like that all day
…can listen to the same song on repeat
…enjoy people watching
…judge too quickly
…am my own worst critic
…like pretty things
…spend too much money on frivolous things that felt like such a great idea at the time
…can hold grudges for a long time
…want everything to be organized but hate cleaning
…am running out of things to write

That’s it for now.
❀ Diora Leigh


45 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi, Lizzy!

      I started a blog because I like writing about things that I enjoy doing. I also wanted to provide Voltage game fans more information about each of their games/stories so that they will be more informed about what they may be buying.


  1. Hi Diora xD

    Nice to meet you (via the internet though). You inspire me to create a blog because I’m the same as you. I like Voltage Romance Sims (I’m head over heels for LLFTX xD). what games from Voltage do you like the most? anyway, I really like your blog themes. it’s simple yet pretty πŸ˜€

    • Hi, Renette!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment!

      I would have to say that my fave Voltage games are IYAT and the Thief series. But it’s hard to pick since each of the apps have guys that I really like reading about!

      Good luck with your blog! It can take up a lot of your time but it can also be a lot of fun.


  2. Hi Diora!

    I love your blog so much. I think you are adorable and ridiculously funny. I want to play these games but I’m stuck between which one should be my first. I’ve been reading your blog for half the day and I just want to know which game you think is the absolute best and which love interest is your favourite out of all the games. I’m sorry, I hate being frugal!

    • Hi, Anita! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog! I’m glad you find it entertaining. πŸ™‚

      I think my 2 favorite Voltage games are the Thief series and In Your Arms Tonight (and both are very different!). And it is hard to narrow down which one of the guys is my absolute favorite, but my top list would probably include: Tatsuro (Thief), Kenshi (Thief), Genji (IYAT), and Yamato (Wedding).

      I can try to recommend a story for you, but you would have to answer a few questions for me like: Do you prefer action, comedy, or a romantic drama? Do you want a story with a well put-together plot? What type of personality do you want in a guy? Basic voltage traits include: tsundere, girly/cross dresser, older man, younger guy, best friend who has always loved you from afar, tough guy.


      • Argh! This is gonna be hard. Okay. I’m stuck between comedy and romantic drama, a well put together plot is a must (it’s not all about how hot the guy is) and I’m fine with either tsundere, tough guy, best friend or older man. I’m not sure if I’ve narrowed down anything but I look forward to your answer πŸ™‚

      • Yikes, I didn’t realize how tough it would be to recommend some stories for you! (Trying to be un-bias about my own preferences is so difficult!)

        Here’s a few I would encourage you to check out: Haruhito from the Devil series (silly hero, funny story), Shohei from IYAT (awkward but earnest hero), Tatsuro from the Thief series, Yamato (bossy, arrogant hero, and unfortunately I don’t remember the quality of his storyline. But his was the first Voltage story I read, and if it was terrible, I don’t think I would have become continued to buy others and start my blog! πŸ™‚

        If you have the time to spare, you can check out youtube. Some users post the screenshots of the entire chapter/story and post them there. You can check out a chapter (if you have the patience because some of those vids are super long) and see which ones interest you.

        Let me know what your final decision ends up being! (I won’t be offended if you decide to buy a story other than the ones I recommended; no worries!)

  3. I really love your reviews!! They can give us the piece of information that we need and at the same time be very enjoyable (because of your side/personal notes), making me think that reading your blog was another well spent day until death comes to get me πŸ™‚ ahaha, that thing about “taquito” really made me laugh xD. So, i wanted to ask you what character would you recommend me. I enjoy characters like – shiki and takuto; – eduardo and satoru; – russel and kakeru …. well, you get the ideia. I’m not a big fan of sweet guys, and i would perfer comedy or action but drama is ok. Also, would you recommend me to buy haku, shion, taketo and wilfred route’s? Sorry if i cause you any trouble! P.S- English isn’t my first language so…yeah, this reply can have some grammar errors..

    • Hi, there!

      From the 4 you listed, I would probably recommend Shion to you based on your preferences. Shion is the Knight version of Shiki and Takuto. Haku is a little like Satoru because he is also a womanizer, but he is much nicer than Satoru and Eduardo (but his story has a decent action plot). Wilfred is a sweet guy, so you may not be interested in him. And Taketo… well, I’m not sure if he would be on the top of my recommendation list.

      Hope this info is helpful! If you end up trying Shion, let me know what you think!

      • Thanks to you i’m not going to spend my money in routes that aren’t wort it ( In my case), so… Thank you!

  4. I already finish shion’s story. It was a really sad story and i must say that i’m a little embarassed to admite that the most part of his route i was jealous of a dead girl -.- oh well, what can i do… So, I liked shion’s character (he remembers me of shiki and takuto) and that the “love part” was taked slow. Those stories where three chapters after they are all “OMG I LOVE YOU!” aren’t really my thing. The only thing that bothered me was the felling that the MC was replacing someone in his love life, like she was a replacement. Overall i enjoyed this story and i’m glad i spent my money in this. One more thing: would you recommend me Kenshi, hiro, Rihito, Yasuto, Yuta, Subaro and mirai routers? (Based in what i like)? And what about shion and takuto’s sequel?
    Ahahah, sorry again if i cause you any trouble! … You must fell like yoda to all this people XD (including me, obviously)

    P.S- Again, Sorry if there is grammar errors

    • I think of all the guys you mentioned, you would like Subaru the best. He is similar to Kakeru. I haven’t tried Rihito, yuta, or Yasu yet. Kenshi is the sweet older brother type while Hiro and Mirai are young womanizers. And I didn’t love shion’s or takuto’s sequel as much as their main stories (disappointing).

      And don’t apologize for your grammar! I’m strict when voltage makes grammar mistakes but that’s because I paid money for their app and I expect them to have good quality. People who comment on my blog are allowed to be imperfect. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Diora,
    I finally mustered up the courage (woe poor me) of buying Voltage games and decided upon In Your Arms Tonight and A Kiss of Revenge. Your reviews are really helpful, especially as I don’t want to buy every route in the games. πŸ™‚ Here are two questions that I have: Which three characters would you most recommend for In Your Arms Tonight? I’d rather buy all of a single character’s stories than jump around. And top two for A Kiss of Revenge (I’ve already bought Issei’s routes since he is a pivotal character).

    • Hi, Mary!
      Before I make any recommendations, I would like to ask what type of male characters you like. (Voltage usually follows a certain basic formula: bossy male, a womanizer, funny guy, the sweet guy, etc.). What type are you usually drawn to? And what did you think of Issei?

      • Hmm, I like cool and sweet characters. I don’t mind if they’re mean at times, but I’m rather sick of tsunderes (and those who keep calling the MC a moron, idiot, etc.) at the moment. Plot wise I do like there to be some more stuff instead of just the relationship all by itself. Hope that’s not too difficult a request to ask! I’d like to try the Thief series but unfortunately I only have an iPad and playing the iPhone sized game hurts my eyes.

      • Ah, forgot to mention that I really liked Issei’s route! I liked how their relationship developed from mutual respect to love and dependency. It was very sweet, especially with Another Story. πŸ™‚

      • Okay, Mary! I wish I could know more about you and your preferences, but with what I do know from what you’ve shared, here are my recommendations!

        For IYAT: Soji (quiet, reserved, but very sweet) and/or Shohei (super sweet guy who’se loved MC for a long time – I’ve heard his Another Story is really great, and it’s on my list to check out). If you want a third option, I would say to consider Kippei as well. (He has similar traits to Issei, serious about his job, mature).

        If you want men with a little bit more sass/attitude than the above three you can consider: Ginnosuke.

        For KOR, I recommend Junpei (super sweet, loved you for a long time — similar to Shohei in IYAT) and/or Soichiro.

      • Oh, also wanted to say: I know you’ve stated that you want to stick with one character and buy out the stories/sequels related to that one instead of jumping character to character. However, I’ve noticed that I MUCH prefer Main Stories compared to sequels/epilogues. Maybe because the MC and hero haven’t fallen in love yet and the Main Story is about how they end up together. But I’m usually (90%) disappointed by epilogues/sequels. (Perhaps because the hero and MC are already in love, the story just isn’t as interesting??)

        Well, I just wanted to throw that opinion out there. Just in case you want to use your money for main stories instead. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the recommendations, Diora! I’ll go with those characters first. πŸ™‚ I wish I can just buy all of the characters in all Voltage games, but that’d come to be quite a sum. Lol Hmm, the main stories are too, though I’m just so tempted by the more steamy CGs in the sequels. Lol

  6. Ah, I also wanted to ask you, which are your favorite Voltage games? There are a few that are only available in the Japanese version which I sadly can’t understand, but it seems there are a good number available in English. I just started 10 Days with my Devil and picked Kakeru and Satoru after reading your reviews. I think I’ll buy Shiki and Haru’s stories too since I really liked them in the other stories. Sigh…I’m going to get addicted to otome games at this rate.

    • Hahah, otome games are so entertaining/addicting, aren’t they?

      Did/do you like Kakeru and Satoru? I may have to readjust my recommendations for IYAT if you like cheekier characters.

      I’ve tried downloading the Japanese apps before. Not for reading purposes, but just to check out character choices, app set up, etc. I hope Voltage is able to translate them all!

      • It’s hard for me to say which types of characters I like, that I now see (Sorry for your trouble!). Kakeru was good, albeit tedious, and I’m somewhat tired of him now that I’m on his sequel. I feel that his character development was great in the main story and like you said, not much going on (that’s worth the money, at least) in his sequel. I found Satoru’s story to be really sweet, especially considering how I thought he would constantly flirt with the MC like in Kakeru’s route, but instead the theme on trust was nice. Now I’m playing Shiki’s route and really getting the sense that he’s a little kid (not wasting my money on the sequel per your review…)

        I downloaded the Japanese apps as well just to see how far the stories and characters are for each story. I hope Voltage translates them all as well. πŸ™‚ They and NTT Solmare are the best (and almost only) otome app makers, and I like Voltage more because of the music and extended stories. It’s my goal to learn Japanese one day so I can start buying otome games for the psp. Lol

        This turned out to be quite long, but thanks for replying to my requests! You’re so nice! πŸ™‚

  7. Hello there! I came across your blog because I was looking for a review on Rein from 10DWMD. I ended reading a lot of your other reviews for all the other characters. I just wanted to say thank you because it does help me decided what to play next.

    Do you have an app you gravitate towards? Like you’ve bought pretty much all the stories? Or do you tend to decide which route to buy based on the character? πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Milollita!

      I tend to spend money on the apps that are my favorites (Thief, IYAT) and then based off character if I’m not a huge fan of the app premise. My favorite boys are the bad ones who need a bit of patching up or the humorous ones.

  8. Hi Diora!
    i love your blog and reviews
    i was wondering in your opinion what the most romantic voltage route is?

    • Hi, Shamrock! Thanks for visiting my blog!

      Yikes, which is the most romantic?? That’s hard to say! (And I suppose everyone’a definition of ‘romance’ is a little different.

      I can try to choose if you narrow it down and at least have me choose from just one or two Voltage apps!

  9. I would have to say Satsuki (because he is so gentle and considerate) is the best romancer in Seduced. I haven’t tried Roberto and Edwards routes yet in Princess, but I do think Glenn’s story is quite romantic because of the history he and the MC share. Hope you find this info helpful!

  10. hey Diora πŸ™‚ i just stumbled over your blog, since iΒ΄m a big fan of otome games πŸ˜€ i really like your blog and your reviews and recommendations. It helps me a lot, in choosing my next character. πŸ˜€ keep up your good work πŸ˜‰

  11. Hi D,

    I happen to stumble across your blog on google when I was looking for the voltage games. Love the games, and I appreciate how you spend time to make those reviews! I caught myself reading most of your reviews, it gives me an insight whether I want to choose that route!!
    Keep up the good work and thanks!
    loves toraoh

  12. Hi there! I can see that you get this a lot, but I stumbled across your blog recently and I really appreciate the work you put into your reviews! I just discovered Voltage games and was immediately hooked, but I knew I’d go broke if I started buying everything! Your reviews have been a big help into deciding which stories to by, not to mention very entertaining to read! Thank you!

  13. Hi Diora,

    I just want to comment that you are amazing by creating this blog and giving us more information about these games! I enjoy reading your reviews – they are hilarious. So funny. Just want to let you know that I am supporting you even if I don’t know you in real life!!

    Keep it up!!

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