Tsubasa Shirai – Main Story Review

2014-05-24 22.48.54(Tsubasa sure knows how to be a gentleman.)

Basic Story Premise: You ask for 10 more days to live because you’ve been put in charge of your first official project at work, and you don’t want to let this amazing opportunity slip you by.  It doesn’t hurt that the project revolves around a super popular and good-looking model, Tsubasa.  You’re initially quite taken by the cheerful model, but you quickly become conflicted when you realize that his friendly exterior may just be a fake facade.  Who is the real Tsubasa hiding behind the angelic smile? And speaking of angelic, what will you do when you discover that he is not just a celebrity model but also an angel?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.   Continue reading