Shion – Sequel Review

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Basic Story Premise: One day, your father informs you that you will be in charge of a Princess Summit with princesses from your ally countries in attendance.  It’s only been a couple of months since you’ve started your princess training; you can’t help but wonder if you’re for such a big responsibility.  During the summit, you meet 4 other princesses, and you realize that you still have a long way to go in order to match their level.  As the summit progresses, you notice that one of the princesses seems to go out of her way to be rude to you.  And… she also seems determined to steal Shion away from you as well.

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Ken – Sequel Review

2013-09-10 20.46.24(What a generous offer.  Especially considering the fact that you’ve misplaced your own clothes.  Hmm…)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been a few months since you’ve arrived at the castle, and you are trying to settle into your role as the Princess.  However, you start to doubt yourself when you hear rumors that there are citizens of Rapier who do not approve of you being the princess.  To help you take your mind off of your worries, Ken suggests that the two of you run off for a few days. While disguised as normal citizens, you and Ken become recruited into the Rapier Defense Force.  The current mission? To discover whether or not the princess of Rapier is actually an imposter.  Who hired the Defense Force to investigate you? And will you and Ken be able to hide your identities long enough to get to the bottom of things?

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Lute – Sequel Review


Basic Story Premise: You are now settled into the castle as the Princess of Rapier.  However, you very quickly realize that life as a princess is quite demanding.  You attend your very first Senate meeting with the intent of doing good for your country… but are not taken seriously by the members of the Senate.  What will it take for the Senate to respect you as the Princess?  Or will you choose to simply step down from your position…

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Shion – Main Story Review

Image(Hey, there’s nothing wrong with looking!)

Basic Story Premise: You choose Shion to be your reluctant protector.  As you journey to the capital with the other knights, you find out that your father has actually been kidnapped.  No one knows where he is or who is responsible.  As the only living heir, you are also a target for the kidnappers, but Gaia is determined to lead you to safety with the assistance of the other knights.  You progress through your story, dragging your reluctant knight with you.  However, Shion experiences a shock when he meets an old enemy.  Who is this villain, and what does he have to do with Shion’s past?  Is Shion doomed to repeat his tragic history?  And why is he running around in what looks like my grandmother’s nightgown? 😉Image

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Gaia – Main Story Review

Image(Meet Gaia. The strictest gym teacher knight commander ever.)

Basic Story Premise: When asked to choose a knight, you decide to just go with the strongest of the group, Knight Commander Gaia. As you set off on the journey to the castle, you are surprised by how serious and cold Gaia is. However, you realize that he is a very capable knight and, as the trust between the two of you grows, the stiff formalities that separate the two of you start to dissipate. However, as your crew approaches the capital, you are troubled by talk about uprisings and rebellion from the townspeople. Why do the citizens of Rapier want to overthrow your father, the king? Who is the mysterious man who leads the rebels? And does he have something to do with Gaia’s traitorous father?

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Haku – Main Story Review

ImageEhh…?  Suddenly, an image of Haku wearing a Jigglypuff outfit is skipping across my mind.

Basic Story Premise: You and your harem of men head over to the castle.  However, the enemy is somehow able to anticipate your movements and keep showing up along the way to cause trouble.  How do they know which route you and your men keep taking?  Is there a spy working against you?  Will Haku drop his flirtacious facade and show you his real self? And will Shion ever stop making his smart-ass comments?

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