Gaia – Main Story Review

Image(Meet Gaia. The strictest gym teacher knight commander ever.)

Basic Story Premise: When asked to choose a knight, you decide to just go with the strongest of the group, Knight Commander Gaia. As you set off on the journey to the castle, you are surprised by how serious and cold Gaia is. However, you realize that he is a very capable knight and, as the trust between the two of you grows, the stiff formalities that separate the two of you start to dissipate. However, as your crew approaches the capital, you are troubled by talk about uprisings and rebellion from the townspeople. Why do the citizens of Rapier want to overthrow your father, the king? Who is the mysterious man who leads the rebels? And does he have something to do with Gaia’s traitorous father?

Review with some spoilers and more screenshots available after the jump.

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