Ken – Sequel Review

2013-09-10 20.46.24(What a generous offer.  Especially considering the fact that you’ve misplaced your own clothes.  Hmm…)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been a few months since you’ve arrived at the castle, and you are trying to settle into your role as the Princess.  However, you start to doubt yourself when you hear rumors that there are citizens of Rapier who do not approve of you being the princess.  To help you take your mind off of your worries, Ken suggests that the two of you run off for a few days. While disguised as normal citizens, you and Ken become recruited into the Rapier Defense Force.  The current mission? To discover whether or not the princess of Rapier is actually an imposter.  Who hired the Defense Force to investigate you? And will you and Ken be able to hide your identities long enough to get to the bottom of things?

The rest of my review (with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs) available after the jump. No walkthrough because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  Continue reading