Kiyoto Makimura – Sequel Review

2013-09-26 23.47.36(I hope you are not describing a new painting that you’re working on, Kiyoto…)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been one year since you’ve gotten divorced from Koichi.  You and Kyoto are doing well together, but you can’t help but wonder about what the future holds for the two of you (especially since everyone around you — coworkers, friends, parents, clients — seems to be talking about marriage for some reason).  Is Kyoto someone you see yourself with in the future? Or should you just focus on enjoying the time you spend with him now and not worry about tying yourself to him through marriage? And how will the relationship fare when you are suddenly faced with two obstacles: the sudden appearance of Risa, his first love, and your disapproving parents who will do everything they can to keep the two of you apart?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the one CG after the jump.  Walkthrough can be found by clicking here.   Continue reading


Kiyoto Makimura – Sequel Walkthrough

2013-09-27 00.09.45

(Am I the only one who finds this statement from Kiyoto ironic?  Especially considering his affinity for older women?)

Happy to say that Voltage has updated a story for the In Your Arms Tonight series.  Here is one way to reach the Super Happy Ending for Kiyoto’s sequel.   Continue reading