Soji Higashiyama – Main Story Review

IMG_0415(Why hello there, gorgeous!)

Basic Story Premise: Ginnosuke Oguri, the Hotel King, wants to design a Japanese Style relaxation room with a ceramic vase created by Soji Higashiyama as its centerpiece.  Soji is well respected as a ceramicist, but is known to be a difficult man to deal with.  You head over to his studio in the countryside to try to convince him to take on the project.  You and Soji both recognize and remember one another from high school.  As your story unfolds, you remember the first time you met Soji: You were a freshman in high school, and he was still in junior high.  You had just finished watching a sad, moving movie when he noticed your tears.  The two of you share a special moment.  However, the next time you meet, you have already started to date Genji Higashiyama, Soji’s older brother.

If you are looking for a spoiler-free walkthrough, go here.  If you want to read my review and see a few of my favorite screenshots (and the CGs), continue on. Continue reading


Soji Higashiyama – Main Story Walkthrough


An update for In Your Arms Tonight showed up with a new Main Story with Soji Higashiyama. It is available in the Apple Store for $3.99 (US).  If you want to read my review of the story and take a peek at some screen shots, go here.  Otherwise, the walkthrough available after the cut. Continue reading