Mitsunari Baba – Main Story Review

2014-03-10 00.37.38(Spanking = foreplay.  Got it.)

Basic Story Premise: You select Baba as your official “buyer” because he looks like the nicest of the bunch.  You’re soon left wondering if you made the wrong decision by choosing the womanizing thief who leaves you on the first night to go out on a date with one of his many women.  You reluctantly become a thieving accomplice when Baba informs you that he will set you free once he completes a particular mission.  Unfortunately for Baba, you are the worst partner ever: if there is an alarm, you will set it off; if there are security guards, you will be captured.  Will the two of you be able to pull off Baba’s mission?  What happens when you realize that Baba is not a cruel criminal, but a thief with a heart of gold?  With enemies from both law enforcement and rival lawbreakers closing in on Baba, will you be able to help him succeed?  Or will Baba finally find himself in a trap that he cannot escape?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once.  

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