Kenshi Inagaki – Sequel Review

2013-08-27 19.26.59(Note to self.  If I ever want to bring a huge smile to Kenshi’s face, all I need to do is go around and punch a villain or two.  Awesome.)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been a year since you’ve joined the Black Foxes.  You’ve been busy with your job during the day and missions with the other foxes at night.  One day, the director of your museum informs you that you will be in charge of a new exhibit with art from the country of Bulgania.  Unsurprisingly, it does not take long before you and the other foxes are dropped head first into an international mission involving a missing princess, stolen artwork, and a villain who wants to take over Bulgania.  Will you be able to get to the bottom of this mystery and survive this mission?  And what happens when you start to notice that the princess is acting strangely around your precious Kenshi?

Review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  Move over here if you just want a walkthrough.   Continue reading


Kenshi Inagaki – Sequel Walkthrough

Image(Aaaaall night? What a tempting offer…)

Very excited that Voltage has released Kenshi’s sequel!  He is one of my absolute favorites.  Walkthrough for his story available after the cut.  If you want a closer look at the story (review, some spoilers, screenshots, CGs) check out this post instead.   Continue reading