Takuto Hirukawa – Sequel Review

Image(An LOL moment. I could totally picture Riki standing in front of the bathroom mirror with his shirt off and clicking away with a camera.)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been about one year since you and Takuto have started dating. One day Takuto lets you read his great-grandfather’s diary. In the diary, you read about Shizuko, the woman Takuto’s great-grandfather loved before he married Takuto’s great-grandmother. He had passed away before he was able to give Shizuko a music box that he had put together just for her. You make it your mission to find the music box and give it to Shizuko. Unfortunately, you butt heads with the mafia in Italy during this mission. Good thing you’ve got Takuto to back you up because this may be your most dangerous mission yet…

Review with screenshots, spoilers, and CGs after the jump. If you just want the walkthrough, go over here instead.

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Takuto Hirukawa – Sequel Walkthrough


Voltage has been kind enough to spoil us with a lot of updates recently.  (And one of the surveys from their apps –I think the Office Secrets one– asked about what type of story we would prefer to read –> possibly a sign that they are ready to start translating a new story/app for us fans? I hope so!)

Here is Takuto’s walkthrough for the Happy Ending.  If you would prefer a review with spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs, go over here instead.  Continue reading