Tatsuro Togoshi – Main Story Review

Spoiler Free – Story Premise:

The Black Foxes are letting you get away without choosing one of the members to babysit you as long as you check in with them regularly and agree to help with missions. Refer to this gif.


At the same time, your childhood friend Tatsuro calls you up.  He’s returned home from America after being put on the Black Foxes case.  After an accident lands you in the hospital, you agree to stay with Ranko and Tatsuro since they have a spare room.  Unfortunately, you find it hard to juggle your life as a thief who is falling in love with the detective who is determined to capture you.  Will you be able to keep your identity as a Black Fox hidden from Tatsuro?  And will the Black Foxes outwit the Silver Dogs – a rival gang of thieves who are determined to wreak havoc during the Foxes’ missions?

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Tatsuro Togoshi – Main Story Walkthrough

ImageWhew.  MC is not afraid to get violent with the hero in this story.  Don’t worry though.  It only happens once because she is sexually frustrated.  And it turns out that MC has done this to Tasty Tatsy in the past when they were children.  Something about pretending to be wrestlers.

Walkthrough available for the Happy Ending after the cut.  If you want to find more info about the story, read my personal review on the Tatsuro’s main stor over here. Continue reading