Haruka Utsunomiya – Main Story Review

Image(Oh, okay.  Wait… what?? …I think my dog can make up a better excuse than that.)

Basic Story Premise: You’ve been staying in a room above Uncle Kuni’s bar while helping him part-time.  You are still searching for a job because Haruka, a famous ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) artist, mistakenly drags you away and distracts you just long enough to miss your latest interview.  However, the two of you are fated to randomly meet a few days later, when you walk in on him while he is changing get a temporary job as a housekeeper at his parent’s house but get lost on your first day.  After you clumsily break an expensive vase within the home, he suggests you pay him back by pretending to be his fiancée for 10 days.  Who is this guy, and why is he manipulating you into being his fiancée?  And even though he is usually perfectly composed and smiling, why do you catch him looking so sad when he thinks no one is looking?

A more in-depth description of Haruka, my review (with some spoilers and screenshots), and CGs after the jump.  If you just want a walkthrough, head over here instead.   Continue reading


Haruka Utsunomiya – Main Story Walkthrough

Image(You’ll have to try a lot harder to discourage me, Haruka.  Luckily, I don’t get dissuaded that easily.)

Haruka’s Main Story has just been added to My Forged Wedding.  Here is one way to reach his Super Happy Ending.   Continue reading