Kyoichi Kunishiro – Main Story Review


Basic Story Premise: It’s been 3 months since you moved into a room above Uncle Kuni’s bar.  You have been busy searching and interviewing for a job but with little success.  One day, a childhood friend of Uncle Kuni’s (and the other guys) visits the br after moving back to Japan from overseas.  By the end of his visit, he offers you a job.  Unfortunately, the job is to become his fake wife for a month.  Why did Kyoichi manipulate you into becoming his temporary wife?  Does it have something to do with his family’s inheritance? Is Kyoichi really as cold and calculating as he appears to be or is he hiding his true self? And what the heck is a bracken mochi girl?IMG_1012Read more of my review and see more screenshots after the jump!  If you just want a walkthrough, go here instead.  Warning: there will be some spoilers ahead! Continue reading


Kyoichi Kunishiro – Main Story Walkthrough

Image(Don’t hold back, Kyoichi.  Just tell me how you really feel.)

Walkthrough for the better ending available after the jump.  Review of the story with CGs, screenshots,  and my opinion can be found over hereContinue reading